Apple TV 4 top view remote

Big things are happening with the new Apple TV. Not only have numerous readers received their now shipping notifications, alluding to a Friday arrival, Apple has also made several significant necessary infrastructure changes for tomorrow’s big launch.

First and foremost, the App Store is now live for the Apple TV. Twitter is flowing with screenshots and images of the new Apple TV App Store. Although its discovery elements are still questionable, Apple is probably still in the midst of rolling out the categories section and top charts section. Remember, the actual launch isn’t until tomorrow, so anything can change between now and then.

Secondly, Apple has released the final build of its tvOS software that powers the new Apple TV. In fact, you can download tvOS 9.0 right now.

Here is developer Steve Troughton-Smith’s first look at the App Store:

Apparently, some games even support 3D!

And, of course, On Demand resources make an appearance. Prepare to see loading screens like this a lot upon first launch of a game:

  • That_Fruitarian

    Can hardly wait!!!

    • Vince Reedy

      Closest Zelda experience on iOS that I have played. I enjoyed it.

      • That_Fruitarian

        Oh wow!!!

  • Lucus Bendzsa

    Apple needs to market 3D and make it cool again!

    • George

      Completely useless when you need a 3d TV. And it was never cool to begin with.

      • Alberto Espinal

        George, do you own any Apple device?

      • George

        Yeah a macbook pro 2015

      • Alberto Espinal

        Ok, but besides that nothing else!

      • George

        No ios sucks 🙂

      • Alberto Espinal

        I understand, not everyone likes IOS and not everyone likes Android, but you do understand that by your comments on this blogs you will never change anyone here, we’ve had lots of people that try to contradict /IOS and it always going to be like that, but it’s good to have both sides stories, myself never ever being on an Android blog, why? Because I will never change people preference, that’s their choice, it’s like swimming against the current, but anyway freedom of speech, have a great day George!!

      • George

        I’m not here to change people’s mind, when have I ever told people to buy Android devices? For me personally I have owned every iPhone besides the 6s and have immediately switched back to Android because ios gives me a headache with its cartoony look and lack of costumization.

      • igorsky

        George, have you ever used a 3D TV? My experience is that the “3D tv is not cool” crowd never wanted to shell out for one.

      • George

        No I’m being genuine, I hate seeing any movies in 3D. It just gives me a headache and its just silly.

  • Anyone know who Apple is using to ship the Apple TV’s? Is it UPS or Fedex this time?

    • [RECON1]

      It’s FedEx for me, but I’ve seen some people say they’re getting it from UPS.

      • Hmm… Not seeing it on the UPS My Choice page for me. Does FedEx have a similar feature?

    • Micrones

      it is UPS for me.

    • FedEx here

  • Martin 

    Ok, what about aTV 3? Will it be updated or it is already forgotten?

  • Roto

    Same here! Hoping it’s ready for me by the time I get home tonight!!

  • Received my controller yesterday, no ATV4 though. It says it shipped but there’s no tracking information. I know i’m not getting it until Monday at the very earliest, wasn’t going to pay for next day shipping just to tinker over the weekend..

  • JaeM1llz

    Nope, haven’t ordered it and don’t plan on it. Had an Apple TV 2G, sold it after a week. I have a PC and a PS4 for gaming and I stream everything under the sun to my TV from my computer, no need for an AppleTV.