JeffBenjam Plum-O-Mete scale 3D Touch iphone 6s

A new app called allows iPhone 6s users to use the device’s 3D Touch input for providing relative weight comparisons between objects. Don’t throw out your digital scales, because this app doesn’t provide precise weights for the objects placed on the iPhone 6s’ screen, but it can be handy for comparing two or more objects at once to see which one weighs the most.

Aptly titled Plum-O-Meter, which is named after the fruit that is weighed during a demonstration video, the open source app uses the iPhone 6s’s 3D touch to display the weights of plums relative to the the phone’s maximum possible force. Of course, you don’t have to use plums, you can use apples, oranges, fingers, or any other object weighing enough that’s capable of being picked up by the capacitive touch screen.

You can sideload the Plum-O-Meter app by visiting the App’s GitHub page. From there, you can use our sideloading tutorial to deploy the app on your iPhone 6s, no jailbreak needed.

Here is what developer FlexMonkey had to say about the app:

3D Touch to the rescue! My latest app, the Plum-O-Meter, has been specifically designed to solve this problem. Simply place two delicious plums on the iPhone’s screen and the heavier of the two is highlighted in yellow so you can hand it to your beloved without fear of being thought of as a greedy-guts.

The iPhone’s multi-touch display is capable of picking up five objects at the same time, so in theory, it is possible to compare the weights of up to five objects as once. I personally tested it out, as you can see from the screenshot above, using two apples. It works as advertised. The 3D Touch display is much more sensitive to pressure than I had imagined. There’s lots of degrees of sensitivity to be found here.

It’s funny to see this type of app, as Huawei demonstrated a similar function that was actually the highlight of its Huawei Mate S’ Force Touch-inspired feature. It’s an interesting feature, but it’s not exactly the type of feature that I’d make a device’s headlining feature like Huawei did during a recent press event.

What do you think?

  • Baloney1

    that’s weigh too awesome!

  • Hak

    I don’t know if the iPad Pro has 3D Touch, but if it does I think this could be put to more use on the iPad xd

    • Don Walker II

      don’t think it does

    • It doesn’t

    • mahe

      This would cause broken screens because ppl will try to weight theirself xD

      • In before weightgate…

      • Gregg

        “scalegate”, “fatgate”, “obesegate”, “stupidgate”, “idiotgate”, “nobrainifyouputyourheadonthescalegate”

    • Rahul312

      It might have 3D touch, logically Apple Pencil wouldn’t work without 3D touch, just a guess.

      • samyg

        It doesn’t. Apple pencil works by having pressure sensors in the tip of the pencil.

    • George

      Nope it doesn’t

  • Rob

    Very neat! But completely useless lol

  • If I stand on my iphone; can I use it as a scale? I guess not….

    • George

      Try it for science and film it for 1m YouTube views.

  • Bout to try and weigh my weed on this bih

    • Picapollo


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      • rockdude094

        Nobody cares

  • George

    Lol Huawei did this with their phone at their event and everyone called them stupid, and its still stupid doing it on an iPhone.

    • Kevin Tan

      Go f*ck yourself with your android phone

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        That was uncalled for.

      • George

        I’m sorry but what the hell is the point of this? You’re a new low of isheep here.

      • Jonathan Hernandez

        It was uncalled for but the mature thing to do is not to insult back. You don’t want to get on his level. Just ignore it.

  • packerrd

    Thanks god.I will no longer have to be carrying this stupid scale.

  • Mitchell Flores

    Game changer for those who sell weed lol

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      unfortunately the weight is inaccurate, given that you’d use your phone to measure weed portions, you’d sell out fast with little profit. It would be better to buy a cheaper scale to measure out prior to selling. Haha

  • lukemul69

    Damn, requires iOS 9.1. Im not getting rid of my JB just for this.

    • It doesn’t. I did it with 9.0.2

      • lukemul69

        Xcode says that it required 9.1 to run on this device…?

      • See above.

      • lukemul69

        I got it! I just had to configure the deployment info to 9.0

      • lookHOWMADheis

        WAIT WHAT?

  • Amit

    A new app called?

    • samyg

      Plum-o-meter, and yes, they need to proofread the post before publishing.

  • Boaz van Veen

    Why the hell no weight? Also why not on cydia?

    • It can’t detect weight because that depends on the surface area in contact with the screen which apps can’t really see accurately.

      • Tim

        That’s not how weight works. If you stand with one leg on a weight scale it would still read correctly, you don’t have to sleep on it. The developer can add figures if he wanted to, he just has to calibrate pressure levels to actual weight which might be a lot of work.

      • Boaz van Veen

        yeah probaly, but using a real scale i think those numbers would be easy to add. if it can do this and give a percentage of how heavier a other object is, it can also measure weight in grams. maybe not so accurate….but it can. huawei’s phone can. i hope someone puts this on cydia soon.

      • Scales and 3D Touch operate completely differently. 3D Touch is designed for thumb-shaped soft objects and measures the physical depth the screen is pressed inwards, which makes a curve inwards like a U shape.

        Scales measure a single point of contact where the plate is pressed down, and it affects a single sensor which is calibrated with newton’s constant and earth’s gravitational constant.

        3D Touch can’t rely on gravity in its equations because it is not a single point of contact, it’s hundreds. If developers had access to the diameter of an object touching the screen, theoretically they could calculate the pressure per square cm, and from there work out the total weight, but alas they do not have access to this info, probably because Apple deemed it too inaccurate since fingers are not perfect circles.

        I hope I’m wrong so we can use this for weighing peaches.

      • FlexMonkey

        “If developers had access to the diameter of an object touching the screen” – actually, that information is available to developers too 🙂

  • Stephen Hedger

    I’ve just weighed MY plums and I’ve damaged the screen. Oh yes. Blessed is the word your looking for. Time to empty these bad boys.

    • Morgan Freeman


      • Stephen Hedger

        Oh my god its Nelson Mandela!! I loved your song and always sing it when I get into trouble dropping a log on the porcelain charriott. No better feeling when you finally release you’re Mandela!

      • Dan


  • Morgan Freeman

    I want to see someone demonstrate the weight difference between a plum resting on the screen and a brick dropped from three feet.

  • Jerry

    I wonder what’s the lightest item it could weigh

    • rock_steady

      your brain.

      • Jerry


      • iByron

        You know, you did walk right into that one.