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Here’s a piece of news that kind of flew under the radar during saurik’s update of Cydia Installer earlier today—he’s apparently working on  providing a version of Cydia Impactor for iOS 9 firmware, too.

Cydia Impactor was the groundbreaking jailbreak release that allowed iOS 8 jailbreakers to perform an erase and restore on their devices without necessitating a software update. It basically allowed you to use iOS’ Erase all Content & Settings feature in such a way that it worked with jailbroken devices.

That tool was groundbreaking, because jailbroken devices, up until that point, were never capable of using this built in iOS feature. Cydia Impactor adds significant peace of mind to jailbreakers, because if something goes wrong with a jailbroken device, it’s possible to restore on the same firmware, and re-jailbreak.

In the past, jailbroken iPhones that needed to be restored were forced to update to the latest firmware, which, more times than not, would render the device un-jailbreakable. As you might have noticed, Cydia Impactor doesn’t currently work for iOS 9, but saurik is working hard in an effort to fix that.

Here is an excerpt taken from saurik’s update notes for Cydia Installer 1.1.25:

…Meanwhile, I’ve been spending most of my time for days working on updating the Eraser feature of Cydia Impactor to support iOS 9, as Pangu is now doing something more complex that I previously was not setup to “undo”, in addition to Apple making some changes to the OTA format….

So it definitely looks as if saurik is scrambling to get this tool out as soon as possible. And it only makes sense, with Apple releasing the jailbreak-killing iOS 9.1 today, with a surefire firmware window closure for iOS 9.0.2 in the not so distant future.

If you’re still confused about the value of Cydia Impactor, then I urge you to watch this video:

In the video, I show you how to unjailbreak your iPhone using Cydia Impactor. Again, this method was never possible before this tool arrived. You can’t simply use the Settings → General → Reset → Erase all Content & Settings option on a jailbroken device; it won’t work, and what’s worse, 9 times out of 10 it will put your device into an unrecoverable boot loop.

Cydia Impactor opens up the way to restore back to a clean device, and remain on firmware that can be jailbroken. This is great if you wish to sell a device, and maintain its jailbreak-ability. It’s also a great tool for those times when you just want a clean start, and still wish to jailbreak.

We will be back with more details on Cydia Impactor for iOS 9 once it drops, which we suspect will be sooner than later. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts on this news in the comments.

  • socrates

    Forgot about this. Anyone know how it compares to tweaks such as iLEX R.A.T?

    • It’s better, hands-down. I don’t have a feature by feature breakdown, but it’s from saurik, and much more reliable from my experience.

      • socrates

        Seems legit. I’m selling my iPad Air 2 as soon as I hear word about the iPad Pro, so I’ll be using this to start fresh.

      • Pritpal Singh

        and im buying an ipad air 2!

    • Wilfred Lim

      A definite better than those pre-existed…
      I used it before send back for warranty replacement….works like charm and no trace of anything…
      the only trouble is if you have lots of stuff on your device…prepare for a long time for whole thing to complete….

      • Shingo

        very long n not useful

    • Vince Reedy

      Waaaaaaay better.

  • p0is0nX

    I had used iLEX and R.A.T, but cydia impactor is most reliable and easy to use…It always work for me for my every apple device…..Looking forward to see this amazing tweak for iOS9

  • singhay559

    Gj saurik

  • Siv Kris

    So awesome. First Tage and now Cydia Impactor! iOS 9 jb scene is starting to look good 🙂

  • Merman123

    Groundbreaking? Hmmm. That’s a bit unfair to alternatives that existed long before this. It may be the better choice but groundbreaking , not so much.

    • There were no alternatives that existed before this ur buggin. Every other possible “alternative” failed more often than it worked and were bricking people’s phones so yea CI was groundbreaking

    • Niclas

      This is not the same as ilex rat or semirestore.
      See it as a full restore vs a semi restore.

  • Lordrootman


  • JayDee917

    Anyone else having an issue of apps crashing after the jailbreak? About a third of my apps crash upon opening them. I’ve uninstalled all tweaks and still getting the problem.

  • Feivl

    Does anyone know if I can use this on iOS 7.1.2? Thanks!

    • Kyle

      No. Minimum iOS is 8.1

      • Feivl

        Damn. Thanks.

  • PA Nard

    Well, I just jailbroken my 5S and had that brilliant idea of installing non-ios9 ready tweak (eXkeyboard & TypeStatus 2) in the hope to see an update anytime soon thru Cydia… Now each time I type an App, SpringBoard crashes! Removed almost all tweak and Reinstalled : Substrate, Pangu Untheter, PreferenceLoader etc (Well those I thought it could be modified or whatever). Nothing, still crashing! Any idea before I restore?

    • PA Nard

      Just found the culprit once I’ve installed CrashReporter… It was libstatusbar.dylib. CR said in a popup that this tweak has no filter file which lead to at least 16 Springboard Crashes since this morning. Now everything looks stable!

  • Shingo

    not good, it took me more than 2 days n i canceled the process coz over heating…

    • Shadowelite123

      It is good and that’s just you. Cydia impactor works very well and much better than anything like it tbh

      • Shingo

        yea maybe just me as i have 200ish tweaks and only 6GB left from 32GB when i do it and it took dang long, it will take 10mins if i dont do anything with my iphone…

  • Gaffar Quadri

    Shall we expect #CydiaImpactor for ios 9???

    Please we all really need this…

    Thanks to @Saurik

  • Bisco Ash

    how’s this coming along? lol

  • Susie Dubois

    What is this program for? How do you know if your phone has this software installed on it?