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Following the expiration of the inaugural three-month free trial at the end of September, Apple Music has convinced approximately 6.5 million users to stay with the service as paying subscribers and currently has 8.5 million more customers on three-month trials, said Apple CEO Tim Cook at the Wall Street Journal’s WSJ.D Live conference last night in Laguna Beach, California.

“The runway here is really good,” Cook said. By comparison, the leading subscription music service Spotify currently has more than 20 million paying customers.

On the other hand, Spotify’s service has been on the market for a few years now, since 2008, so it is my personal opinion that Apple should be commended for getting a quarter of Spotify’s subscriber base in just a few short months.

The figure suggests that the company lost millions of users when the trial ended at the end of September. Following its June launch, the $9.99 per month service amassed eleven million trial members a month after launch. The figure jumped to fifteen million members in August, suggesting that nearly 60 percent of those users agreed to pay for the service after the trial period ended.

The Apple CEO has publicly confirmed at the conference that pre-sales for the new Apple TV will go live next Monday, October 26, with first shipments arriving toward the end of next week.

In addition, Cook discussed a variety of other topics at the conference, including Apple Watch, CarPlay and much more.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

  • iBanks

    I’m a proud paid subscriber.

    • mav3rick


  • ProllyWild

    Honestly I have to say I’m glad I decided to stay on the service. I still feel compelled to buy music, but the freedom of access to so much music is nice.

  • Jason B

    Finally got rid of Spotify. It’s been pretty good, but when I tried out Apple Music, and realized I could edit my playlists and add new music in “offline mode”, it convinced me to switch. Apple Music also seems to have better app persistence when using my Parrot Bluetooth car adapter, it just seemed like a logical switch for me.

    The thing I haven’t quite figured out yet is how to get the playlists on my phone to show up when I login to iTunes…

    • just enable iCloud Music Library on both your iPhone and computer running iTunes and playlists will sync

      • Jason B

        I did both multiple times, to no avail. I even turned it off on the phone, rebooted, turned it back on, rebooted and still nothing in iTunes…

      • Yeah my iTunes is screwed as well. I used to use my computer for music at home but now have to resort to my phone.

  • ridonkulous


  • Micrones

    Good figures but unreliable at most…..
    This fails to account for the people that forgot to cancel their trial subscriptions,which will be quite a lot.
    Until the platform settles which is in a month or two, the figures of 6.5M is not quite reliable yet. The platform is still buggy and confusing at most but is getting better. Apple Music has a lot of work to do if it aims to catch up with the rest.
    Personally, this is a field Apple Music cannot dominate as it is a saturated one with good players in it already, there is nothing groundbreaking or phenomenal for Apple to contribute.

    • Jackson Grong

      I don’t like the way it mixes with my library & lossless files.
      Even tho Apple has a lot of work with Apple Music, after using and listening what my carrier gives for free (Deezer), Apple Music is great, still in some ways lacks compared to Spotify(had it for 3m), but the audio quality is way better.

      • Niclas

        Way better is an overstatement. AM might be better if you where streaming it from an idevice to an AAC-enabled BT device.
        With a wire/standard BT/AirPlay, it is the same quality.

      • Jackson Grong

        You don’t have 900$ headphones I guess. You won’t notice

      • Niclas

        Nah, but I have used them on ~9000$ amp+speakers.
        You don’t know what you’re talking about ^^

      • Jackson Grong

        There is an obvious difference in quality depending on streaming and bit rate/formats that various platform/streaming providers use. And also the external or internal audio processing/chip of the the device.
        Some people can’t hear the difference but you can’t deny it, as it is personal taste and also depends on your ears ability to hear it.
        But with the fact that you insist on being right it doesn’t matter what you say so do’t bother replaying.

      • Niclas

        And some people are deaf (you should do a check up).

        We are talking AAC vs OGG here. Nothing else.
        So… 256 AAC vs 320 OGG. Which is best?
        OGG, hands down. End of story.
        Cheers. ✌️

        http ://soundexpert. org /encoders-256-kbps

  • That_Fruitarian

    I ditched the service. The last thing I needed was another subscription.

  • Franklin Richards

    I stayed. But I wish they made the music download process on iOS better. It currently works haphazardly. More often than not I have to either redownload songs or manually download songs one by one.

  • iByron

    I was a Beats Music subscriber, so they had me already. The integration with iTunes was gravy. Spotify had lost me (to Rdio) long ago — before Beats even debuted — due to an account screw up, so they didn’t even figure into this decision.

  • Valinor

    My 1 year Spotify subscription ended in August so I tried Apple Music. Thought 3 months of money saving.
    Within 2 weeks I had ditched Apple Music and renewed Spotify for a year.
    Apple music isnt finished yet and the fact that it needs IOS updates for it to update is really annoying.

  • RubbaNeck

    They need to make the music app a standalone app…that way they can have a dedicated team constantly improving it and pushing updates through the AppStore. Having to wait for system updates is definitely horse shit.

  • miras

    The only reason why I didn’t pay after 3 months – is the poor quality and bit lower sound volume

  • PJ

    I was skeptical at first. Mostly because it wasn’t running as smoothly as expected. Spotify has no glitches or bugs like Apple Music does. Granted, Apple Music is still fresh out the box and should be commended for successful opening. All considered, I’m also one of those who are lucky to have stayed on Apple Music. Sure they still have a few things to work out (as did Spotify at first) the overall experience comes down to the quality and quantity of music available in the Apple Music library.

  • bigzjoseph

    Spotify user 4life

  • igorsky

    It’s a great service and I use it daily. Happy to have subscribed.

  • William Melendez

    I haven’t even started my free trial.

  • Niclas

    Everything is better with spotify.
    Except the AAC to be able to use AAC-enabled BT.

  • jay

    But Spotify isn’t Apple with all these devices. Even Gave people it for three month free and only 6.5 million kept there service

  • Legendary98

    Trash. I unsubscribed the service and kept Spotify. It links to my PS4 and has more content playlist based on my mood. Personally I think many subscribers who jumped on the free trial just simply forgot to unsubscribe. The real numbers relate to constant users of the service.

  • David Stinnett

    OGG is only slightly less efficient than AAC. At 320 it makes up for it and then some. No question. Some of these sites try to group it with mp3, like AAC stands way above the rest. False. AAC is the best, but OGG is right behind, and at 320 kbps Spotify is the clear winner.