OS X El Capitan installer accept license agreement

Like so many folks, I myself don’t even bother reading through legal mumbo-jumbo in software license agreements and just click the ‘Agree’ button

A trained professional—lawyer and developer Robb Schecter—took it upon himself to read through Apple’s end user license agreement for El Capitan to spell out any limitations in plain English so you don’t have to.

You don’t own El Capitan per se when you download a copy of the operating system from the Mac App Store: instead, you’re actually borrowing it and Apple still owns it.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise: that’s how software has been distributed for decades. But, I doubt many people are aware of El Capitan’s limitations pertaining to virtualization, business use and more.

Just a couple of highlights from Schecter’s post:

  • Apple didn’t sell you this software. They still own it, in fact, you’re just borrowing it, just like any other Apple software.
  • You can use El Capitan in two virtual machines, and on one computer, but these virtual machines cannot be used for business (unless you’re a developer).
  • Fonts that come with El Capitan are also borrowed to you, you don’t own them.
  • You’re not allowed to remix Clock sounds.
  • Slideshows made with Photos cannot be used for commercial purposes.
  • You cannot use El Capitan with illegal copies of anyone’s stuff.
  • Running El Capitan on Hackintoshes and non-Apple hardware is a no-no.
  • You mustn’t operate a nuclear power plant with El Capitan or send the software to Sudan.
  • Using MPEG/H.264/AVC videos created on your Mac for commercial purposes requires additional licensing for the coded.

For those wondering, El Capitan’s license lets you leave the operating system on the Mac that you’re selling or giving away. It does permit you to make one copy of El Capitan for backup purposes, which is exactly what happens when you make a full Time Machine backup of your system.

Clearly, Apple is no different than all the others when it comes to software licenses. And just like most other companies, Apple is bound by these legal agreements so every word is carefully chosen to limit liability as much as possible.

The terms and conditions of Apple’s end user software license agreements can be found here. The full text of El Capitan’s end user license agreement is available on Apple’s website in the form of a PDF document.

Source: Robb Schecter

  • n00b

    I liked the part where you cannot use in nuclear plants or send to Sudan, just why?

    • Ethan C

      Well you can’t use iTunes to manufacture nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons so they were probably just making sure everything is covered

      • The Zlatan

    • Putt

      Lol yeah, what’s up with the nuclear power plant being operated with El Capitan… is that even possible?

    • iByron

      Sudan — along with Iran, North Korea, Cuba (but see recent events) and a number of other states — is one of those countries that no one in the US is allowed to do business with. This is federal law, not just Apple’s wishes. “State sponsors of terrorism” is a common reason given (but not the only one).

      The nuclear industry is heavily regulated, in part due to the potential to create WMDs from nuclear by-products (something you can’t really do at a coal plant). Procurement for nuclear power plant operations has to go through very strict channels. The Mac App Store isn’t one of them.

  • rockdude094

    I think that I broke 99% of the agreement so far.. Including operating a nuclear power plant

  • Leonardo Caldas

    Gosh… What now, considering that I’m both using a Hackintosh and planning on send it to Sudan?

    • QwertyMcGibblets

      You should make a video and a slideshow showing us what it is you do at that nuclear plant in Sudan. BTW, dropbox us the all the fonts please.

      • Leonardo Caldas


  • Carter

    You also agree that you will not use the Apple Software for any purposes prohibited by United States law, including, without limitation, the development, design, manufacture or production of missiles, nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.

  • InfinitePlusOne

    There goes my plan to send software to Sudan.

  • MaRz Franco

    So here’s some background apple hasn’t spoken of. Sudan was helping in the development of the new OS El Capitan (he came up with the name as well). After they noticed he had added a way to use the OS To operate a Nuclear power plant, they removed him from the project. Now Sudden is doing anything he can to get his hands on El Capitan…..He’s also trying to take Trix away from the rabbit and kill the roadrunner once and for all.

    • Bugs Bunnay

      Anything about the duck?!

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Anything on privacy?

  • :D

    Is that Sudan thing for real?

  • iDude

    You cannot use El Capitan with illegal copies of anyone’s stuff.
    posting this while downloading a lot of stuff from torrent. catch me if you can!

  • Damn it! I was so close to launching my El Capitan-capable nuclear power plant!

    • Ángel Javier Esquivel

      iCloud Enabled?

  • Nolan I.

    “Running El Capitan on Hackintoshes and non-Apple hardware is a no-no.”

    So is jailbreaking iOS devices. We break agreements all the time…

    • Ángel Javier Esquivel

      But El Capitan doesn’t run on iPhone

    • George

      Jailbreaking is legal if it wasn’t this website would be shut down for promoting it.

    • Golicza Alpár

      I have so much work in my Hackbook and it’s 100% perfect. They should hire me and most of the hackintosh communities developers.
      And I love when people with real Macs come on hackintosh related forums for help because they trust their opinion more and they get an answer too.

  • Himanshu Oberoi

    I sometimes thinks when I Agree to the term & conditions that they won’t let me agree on the things that are dangerous like “after this update, you soul belong to satan”. That would be scaring as hell 😛 XD

  • Tamer

    What shall we do with these apps now?!!

    • Don Walker II

      Rename iUranium to iUranium-238 and you’re good to go. can’t help you with the rest, sorry..

      • Tamer

        Done with iUranium, now it’s “iUranium-238.
        Unfortunately I had to remove the other apps, and use instead “iFireworks”. Hopefully this puts me on the good side 🙂

  • iByron