Tweaks of the week pangu

Talk about timing! As we were discussing the next best thing after jailbreaking on the last episode of Let’s Talk Jailbreak, Pangu Team came out once again out of nowhere to surprise us with a release of their own. It seems the jailbreak drought is over and we can officially open the floodgates again. 

AppPlus for Snapchat: brings a bunch of enhancements to Snapchat (free)

BreadcrumbsAway: removes iOS 9’s “back to app” link (free – review)

CleanAMRC: lets you customize AMRC Reddit client (free)

DisableRTL: disables the right to left frame layout in iOS 9 (free)

EasyRespring: lets you easily restring from the App Switcher (free)

Enable Left Spotlight: brings Spotlight to the far left screen on iPhone 4s (free)

EnableLivePhotos: enables Live Photos on unsupported devices (free – review)

Forcy: adds 3D Touch-inspired gestures to older iOS 9 devices (free – review)

HideIgnoredUpgrades: hides ignored upgrades in Cydia (free)

HideSettings Search: hides the search feature in Settings (free)

NewsOfTheWorld: unlocks Apple News app everywhere (free)

NoMoreMoments: removes the Moments tab in Twitter app (free)

RevealMenu: brings some 3D Touch features to older devices (free – review)

RevealNV 9: Android-inspired swipe animation for Notification Center (free)

SharePro: adds a floating Share button  to your screen (free)

ShowALLChanges: shows all changes in Cydia (free)

SpotlightBeGone: disables Spotlight (free – review)

SwitcherBadges: adds badges to apps in the App Switcher (free)

Wallpapgur: rotates random wallpapers sourced from Imgur (free)

WAQuickReply Enabler: enables native Quick Reply on WhatsApp (free)

Xenok: lets you customize and add items on the Springboard (free)

My picks of the week are EnableLivePhotos, Forcy, and RevealMenu. What are yours?

  • Merman123

    Did you jailbreak now Sebastien?

    • No I haven’t yet

      • Alim

        It’s reveal nc 9 not nv. I think there’s a typo in the article^^

      • I guess there are some pretty simple reasons not to jailbreak, but if you have a new 6S, I don’t know how you could resist.

      • ready1take1

        you are an insane man

      • Michael Wilson

        me too

  • GMUSIK805 .

    flex 2 is still not working good 🙁 i think rocket boost trap needs an update

    • pstanton

      it works for what i use it for. it might not be much. i use it to bypass jailbreak detection on the directv app. and it does work for that

      • GMUSIK805 .

        i use it for rhapsody mainly but not even the youtube add block works thru flex

      • ready1take1

        yep, that’s what i use it for too!

      • De Steeger

        Which mod…i think i’ve tried them all

    • I wasn’t having any issues with Flex 2 on the first 2 times I jailbroke, but now I am having issues getting it to load up the tweaks list. It just keeps showing the loading wheel most of the time.

  • edi93

    EnableLivePhotos doesn’t work with iphone 5s ios 9.0.2 pangu jailbreak. It takes photo as normal camera shots.

    • Pramod Mohandas

      Try Live Photos Enabler. Works great on the 5S.

      • Hey there, I’ve been trying to get Live Photo >capture< to work on my 5S. Can you confirm Live Photos Enabler allows me to capture Live Photos on my iPhone 5S?

    • besrate hogsa

      yes it does not work

      iPod touch 5 not working either

      it works on iPhone 6 plus

  • TheGreatShalaw

    I have iPhone 6s Plus but I can’t jailbreak it, it says jailbreak failed. And stuck at backing up data or what ever, I tried to restore both from iTunes and iPhone, still the same problem, I’m on iOS 9.0.2

    • besrate hogsa

      restore your iPhone using DFU mode

      • Steven

        It could be that you have encrypted backups enabled in iTunes. Plug your iPhone, open iTunes, disable encryption, and then the jailbreak won’t fail anymore at the backup stage.

  • 919263

    any way to delete any iconsupport history ? I am trying to install betterfiveicondock, and every time I do that , it changes the layout of the pages with unknown folders and icons all over the place. I had that layout once upon a time, but not anymore. I have tried to contact the developer, but when I ry to send him a message, the TO: field in the email does not get populated, so cant send him a message. Any help!!??

    • besrate hogsa

      yes you can try booting in safe mode

      when iphone start booting keep pressing the volume up button

      that way you can remove that tweak

      • 919263

        Its not the tweak, it is some history it has left behind when it was installed on my 5s, When I install the tweak, it brings fragmanted history layout with it, I want to install it fresh, no history, so that it cannot place icons all over the place

      • besrate hogsa

        do you have folder enhancer installed?

      • 919263


    • In Cydia, go the Filesystem Contents. It will show all files installed by IconSupport. Then use iFile to delete the preferences one. Good luck!

      • 919263

        Kevin, I tried to do as you suggested, but where is the file system in Cydia?? Cannot find that… any pointers??

      • Retro screenshot:

      • 919263

        Kevin, Thanks for the great pointer, but I am a little hesitant/confused. I tried to look for the preference file for an already installed tweak, but could not find it, I was not aggressive using ifile, as I am afraid of messing something up.. You have been kind, but if there is anyone who can guide me like you guide the blind, that would be greatly appreciated.

      • or you may try the folder /library/preferencebundles

      • In case my other comment doesn’t come through, search for “com.chpwn.iconsupport.plist” in iFile.

        Or navigate to /var/mobile/Library/Preferences and look for the above plist file there.

      • 919263

        You the “MAN”… found the file you talked about going the folder way, installed betterfiveicondock.. All works Great!!! Thank you Man !!!

      • 919263

        Now, Can some one find out if there is a tweak for a Quick Shutdown and screen lock? I know you will say there is Activator… but I always liked that little icon sitting in the middle of my dock that I could tap and lock the phone, and save the gestures for other important stuff. There used to be a tweak called QuickLock, then QuickLock2, but nothing after that. A simple tweak like that could be the Middle Icon in the dock, or anywhere for that matter to lock the phone …. Any ideas???

      • Glad you sorted it out!!

        For the QuickShutdown, go to Activator (trust me haha) > At Home Screen > Build > Application Icon Swipe Up

        Make it the icon at the centre of your dock, so now you can have the icon as an app, and an easy lock shortcut! Swipe up is easy 🙂

      • 919263

        kevin, you have to be a little more detailed than this.. LOL, I know I am bothering you on this too… Went to Activator>tap on At Home Screen>Tap Build>tap Icon Flick up> Come to System Apps> Tap Activity icon>tap save>tap Done. Now what? I dont see the icon anywhere, I thought Activity was a part of the core apps on the iphone, but dont see it…

      • Don’t assign it to the Activity app. Instead assign it to whatever icon is in the middle of your dock.

        Then, flick up on that icon

      • Make it do the action “Sleep Button”

      • 919263

        Did that.. still No Go… So following your steps…Build>Flick Up> Camera Icon (as it is the middle one now, then save, it takes you back>scroll all the way down> tap Flick Up on Camera> go down the list and check Slppe Action. Still NO Go. 🙁

      • You’re right! Okay I tested it with Icon Double Tap, that worked.

        We must wait for rpetrich to iron out all the Activator Bugs

      • 919263

        So I am not just going Nuts.. OK, I can wait, but would it not just be like real cool to just have a tweak like that…if I could code I would develop it in a heartbeat, and another tweak that should be a staple, is iconlayout backup/lock. I know Springtomize does that too… but what if someone does not want all the other stuff that comes with Springtomize…

      • Lipkiss

        csettings for ios 8/9 has that option

      • 919263

        Where do you find this csettings?

  • Is Xenock compatible with iOS 9?? I’m very hesitant to install it, as it shows its only compatible with iOS 8, on their Cydia page.
    I really don’t need a 4th Restore/Jailbreak… At least not until iOS 9.1 is released and a jailbreak is out for it.

    • besrate hogsa

      I tried it and it is fully compatible with ios 9

  • abhi0n0nakul

    I m pretty sure whatsapp latest version supports quick reply.. Just tested that. So no need of waquickreply on ios 9

    • Alberto Espinal

      Only on 9.1 betas

  • besrate hogsa

    EasyRespring: lets you easily restring from the App Switcher (free)

  • Irakli Giorgadze

    EnableLivePhotos not working

  • tiltdown

    guys any alternative to 5 icon docks?

    • Lipkiss


    • Froo

      Infinidock is running fine on my iPad Air and 6 Plus

  • Wood1030

    Hi Guys.
    Not sure where to ask this question but is there an upgrade or replacement tweak for the Time Warner Cable app?
    In the past I’ve used “FTW” or “Xcon” but neither of these work now and i’m now locked out of the TWC app on iOS 9 JB 🙁


    • Jack Berge

      I’ve had to use flex 2 in the recent past.

      • Wood1030

        Hi, Jack
        Thanks for reply. I’m not familiar with flex 2 but I’ll have to look into it.
        I checked it out on Cydia and it seems that the app requires some signifacant tweaking to make changes in other app behavior.
        I’m not sure that I’m comfortable with that and I hope that maybe someone has an easy step by step solution/walk thru on how to make the TWC app bypass the jailbreak detection.


      • Jack Berge

        It’s just a list of apps and check boxes. You go to twc app and there’s a check box to check. It’s really simple

      • Wood1030

        Thx Jack!
        I tried Flex 2 and it does, in fact, disable the TWC jailbreak detection.


        I’m back to using my TWC app again.

        Thanks a bunch!

  • Ermek Djuzenov

    How about linkstore and localIap store

  • Hi guys, does someone know a tweak that works like Wallpapgur but it does with some pictures in your gallery? This would be awesome.

  • Showa

    thank you

  • Vijay Pal

    Wallpapgur Is makes your phone laggy,please stay away from it.