iOS 9 jailbreak Cydia Substrate

It looks like saurik must have been in the know about the iOS 9 jailbreak, because it comes updated to work with iOS 9 post-jailbreak. As saurik states in the Cydia Substrate change log, version 0.9.6000 brings about significant changes to the package to make it play nice with iOS 9.

The fact that Cydia has been updated immediately is great news for jailbreakers. It means that you don’t have to jump through any hoops in order to get Cydia working on your device right after the jailbreak.

With that established, some of you may still deem it best to hold off for a while. That’s because there simply aren’t many tweaks available that work with iOS 9 yet…

Saurik states that:

Cydia Substrate 0.9.6000 has made massive internal changes to be compatible with the latest jailbreak for iOS 9 from Pangu.

That brings about the strong possibility that saurik was aware of this jailbreak for some time now. He had at least enough time to adequately prepare a working Cydia Substrate update.

While saurik may have known, I think it’s safe to say that the iOS 9 jailbreak caught many of us by surprise, and that includes developers. With this in mind, it’ll probably be at least a week before many of your favorite apps and tweaks are updated for iOS 9.

Put it this way, you wouldn’t be doing yourself much of a disservice by holding off a few days until all of the inevitable bugs are stamped out, until saurik enables Cydia purchases for iOS 9, and developers get around to providing key updates needed to make their tweaks work properly.

What will you decide to do? Are you jailbreaking now, or are you planning on waiting it out?

  • Merman123

    Waiting out. Will be installing Virtual Home first.

    • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

      I just tried. It is not certified :-

    • tskwierc

      Yea I can’t live without Virtual Home, I have become so attuned to it, I forget that its not already built-in sometimes.

    • Andrieux Querido

      My Favorites are
      Virtual Home

    • askep3

      I didn’t really like it on my 5s, but I bet it’s going to better on the 6s! Can’t wait to try it out!

  • Ron

    PDANet works!

  • Exorth

    I’m gonna wait it out until it’s a 100% stable jailbreak and that some of the major tweaks are updated.

  • Carlos Pacheco

    iPhone 6s Plus Jailbroken here 🙂

  • Divij Kaura

    My tweaks are not showing in settings? Does something have to be updated in cydia by developers still?

    • Chris

      PreferenceLoader needs to be updated to work with the new settings app.

      • Divij Kaura

        Thanks buddy.Whom can i follow on twitter to get instant updates for changes and updates

      • Chris

        Follow DHowett on Twitter.

    • Tim

      PreferenceLoader has been updated.

  • Does it Matter?

    I just cant wait to see what out genius dev’s can do with the 3D touch…. mouth watering prospect

    • askep3

      I just hope it’s easy to access for devs

  • William Melendez

    Jailbroke already, get it out of the way and just sit tight and follow IDB for updates everyday and go from there : )

  • Eikast

    Damn, I’m still on iOS 9.1 b5 on my 6s+ and my iPad Air 2. I hope that Apple releases 9.1 this Tuesday (otherwise the latest would be the following one October 27th). Not sure if the 2 weeks is enough time for them to patch up the jailbreak (I hope not).

    • Dayne Hodge

      Does jailbreak work on beta 5?

      • Eikast

        According to iDB it isn’t configured to work with any of the betas. Anyway I would never advise anyone to jailbreak on a beta version of iOS. There’s no way that I will downgrade because that would invalidate my iPhone and iPad current backups.

      • Dayne Hodge

        You can downgrade and still use backups. Go into the backup folder edit the info.plist file, change from iOS 9.1 to whatever you’re downgrading to.

      • Eikast

        I didn’t know that, but couldn’t it introduce some problems? I can wait until iOS 9.1 is released and see if it fixes the exploits; if it does then I can go that route. Thanks.

      • Hk Aslam

        just put your iphone in recovery and update it to 9.0.2 🙂

      • Oscar

        He’s absolutely right. Saved my life once. No problems whatsoever.

      • Dayne Hodge

        Nah no problems

      • John

        nah, tried it once with an i6s on 9.0.1 and the old phone was 9.1 beta. back up didnt work

      • Dayne Hodge

        Nah, I have a 6s+ and it works perfectly as it has on all my iPhones you have to know how to do it though.

      • Linton Findlay

        Could you link how to do this on Windows? In the same situation on my 6S+

      • Dayne Hodge

        Sorry I don’t use Windows. But from what I would assume. Find out where Windows stores iPhone backups. Scroll to the very bottom within the backup folder (if it’s a folder, is at the bottom on Mac) and find the file that is a unique file. Can be opened and used as text. Find the spot in the file that says 9.1 or whatever you are on and change it to what you want it to be. Save. Download the firmware ISPW. Option (alt?) click the restore, select the firmware. Restore from backup.

      • Dayne Hodge

        I completely forgot that you have to put the phone in DFU mode first to restore.

  • somaxd

    was holding out for 8.4.1 jb… but this was perfect ios 9 jumping in point! one iphone 6 and one iphone 6s plus Jailbroken on 9.0.2!

  • TwoSim

    hope the song tweak can work. ShadowSocks works well by the way

  • Blip dude

    So what was up with all that crap about most tweaks being compatible with iOS 9 almost out of the box because of supposively how much similar iOS 8 and 9 being almost identical?? Either way, I’m just happy that my iPad Air 2 is finally on iOS 9’without sacrificing a Jailbreak. I can wake for the tweaks to be updated over the course of the next few weeks. But I’m not holding my breath for A3 tweaks to update anything soon.

    • Chris

      Bunch of hype, there’s already a few people testing and updating a list which you can find via the jailbreak subreddit, the vast majority of tweaks don’t work (mainly because PreferenceLoader doesn’t work).

      • You could still update some of the tweaks settings directly from the plist file though

      • Chris

        True, but the average person isn’t going to SSH into their device just to change a setting or two, not to mention most people don’t have any knowledge of how plist files work.

  • TotallySerious

    Although this is very tempting to jailbreak right away, im going to hold off until at least 9.1, reason being that x.1 upgrades usually bring good performance improvements (especially 7.1)

    • Chris

      Personally, I haven’t noticed any issues on 9.0.2 with the Pangu jailbreak.

      • TotallySerious

        I have a 6s on 9.0.2 and yeah I can’t complain about the performance, it could always be better lol (ex. could be easier to click app cards in app switcher)

  • Andres

    Can someone please tell me if Location Faker works. Don’t want to jailbreak and come to find out that it’s not updated

    • Chris

      Yes, it does.

      • ElieCh

        What about Springtomize 3 and Activator?

      • Chris

        Springtomize 3

        Most of the hooks work, but it still causes crashes

      • ElieCh

        Thanks Chris, AppCake? Plus is there any list of the working Tweaks?

      • Chris


        Plus is there any list of the working Tweaks?

        Jump over to the jailbreak subreddit which has a link to it.

      • Ron G

        AppCake is working for me

      • Andres

        Thank you!

      • guido

        when I install it I find myself in safe mode… which is your version?

  • Spycer0

    I am now using android, and I kinda like it too. I miss Cydia though :’)

  • pnh

    Is there a list out yet as to which tweaks do/don’t work with iOS 9?

    • Chris

      Yes, jump over to the jailbreak subreddit which has a link to it.

  • rfow

    Is it ok to delete Pangu app after JB?

    • Chris

      The jailbreak tool itself should have deleted it, I would recommend you backup your device, restore iOS, jailbreak again and then restore your backup.

      • rfow

        Ok will do. Thank you. To be fair I unplugged kind of prematurely. Like 5 seconds after the tool finished I unplugged lol. Rookie mistake.

  • Andrieux Querido

    Is there a Compatibility List for the Tweaks ???

    • Chris

      Yes, jump over to the jailbreak subreddit which has a link to it.

  • karlapudi sondeep

    I got the Cydia but why I cant open it? It keeps crashing again

    • Chris

      Backup your device, restore iOS, jailbreak and then restore your backup.

      • karlapudi sondeep

        i did it sir but still not working 🙁

  • Jon20

    I haven’t updated my JB yet but when I opened Cydia there are a lot of updates. I’m on 8.4 with JB. If I update those upgrades, will that give me problems with my current tweaks? Thanks in advance for the help!!!

    • Chris

      Updating shouldn’t give you any issues, however, remember that there is Cydia Impactor if anything goes wrong.

      • Jon20


  • Bill Hoffman

    installed pangs 9 on 5s, cydia-noslowanimations=brick

    • Ilyan Triantafilo 

      NoSlowAnimations is not compatible yet with iOS 9, so you’ll go into safe mode. You can install Speed Intensifier instead, or wait for the update.

  • Bravotango19

    Honestly I care the most for the Instagram tweaks since I depend on it for work

    • Arturo Polanco

      lol which one? i just use savegram

      • Bravotango19


      • Arturo Polanco

        Thank you man, I just installed instabetter and works!

      • Arturo Polanco

        thank you dude, i installed Instebetter right now and works

    • Arturo Polanco

      *update, I installed instatools and instatter and both works … I didn’t try slice cause I don’t have multiple accounts

      • ElieCh

        Any update if preference loader is updated or not yet? And what about Springtomize 3 and Activator? Thanks!

      • Arturo Polanco

        Preference loader updated! 😀

      • Chris

        Filippo handed Springtomize off to another developer so we might not see an update for some time.

  • Jessy Jam

    i jailbreaked device, but tweaks not showing in setting

    • VITICO

      same as me..

    • Austin

      i “jailbreaked” (jailbroke) mine too.. also having the same issue.

  • Walter White

    It’s pretty useless right now, and pretty damn foolish to jailbreak an unstable ios. Here is my advice: wait till 9.1 to jailbreak.

    Thank me later

    • Rob

      You will have to wait for another jailbreak also. I believe this one is already patched in the 9.1 betas.

  • James G

    Waiting it out.

  • M2

    Preference loader has been updated.

  • Sleetui

    For those on 8.4. Should we update all of our tweaks that are gaining iOS 9 support? Including Cydia Substrate etc? Or ignore all of the updates?

  • jay

    iOS 9.1 is already in beta 5 I think they saw that Apple close the hole and release the jailbreak. But could also be that Apple doesn’t care about the jailbreak and use it for development! Ether way didn’t see that coming!

  • Micaiah Martin

    Does anyone have a problem with their Notification Center? Seems whenever I pull down on the status bar. My phone goes into safe mode. I don’t have any status bar altering tweaks installed.

  • Aero Windwalker

    Does it come with Pangu Fuxi Qin? It doesn’t seem to work on my devices. When I open up Cydia, Cydia will exist immediately.

  • Jonathan Weinraub

    Rather jb now before 9.1 is out and signing window for 9.0.2 is gonzo

  • Bradley Lokietek

    PreferenceLoader is acting up. For now you’ll need to boot into Substrate to get into Cydia without it crashing on startup.

  • Edgar Tirado

    so i just got the jailbreak and whenever i try to open cydia it closes itself..