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The watchOS 2 software update allows users to extend the screen awake time of their Apple Watch from the hard-coded fifteen seconds imposed by the original Apple Watch software to the optional 70 seconds with watchOS 2.

Power users who glance at their wearable gizmo dozens, if not hundreds times per day, should use this new option sparingly as the nearly sixfold increase in screen awake time draws more juice compared to the previous, rather aggressive 15-second limit.

How to set Apple Watch to stay awake for 70 seconds

Step 1: Launch Settings from the Home screen of your Apple Watch, or ask Siri to ‘open Settings’ for you.

Step 2: Navigate to the General → Wake Screen section.

Step 3: Under the On Tap sub-section, tap on the “Wake for 70 seconds” option.

watchOS 2 Wake Screen Apple Watch screenshot 001

“Choose how long the Apple Watch display stays on when you tap to wake it,” reads the feature’s description.

Tip: You can also do this using the companion Watch app on your iPhone: under the My Watch tab, navigate to the General → Wake Screen sub-section.

watchOS 2 Wake Screen iPhone screenshot 001

Wrist Raise and battery life

Those looking to maximize their Apple Watch battery life should leave the screen awake time at the default fifteen seconds. Optionally, flip the button labeled “Wake Screen on Wrist Raise” to the OFF position to save energy further.

Enabling this will automatically wake the Apple Watch display when you raise your wrist and shut it down as soon as you lower your wrist. You can still wake the device manually, by tapping the display or pressing the Digital Crown.

Issues with Wrist Raise

Sometimes your Apple Watch wouldn’t wake on wrist raise. Should this happen to you, you’re advise to check if you have set the proper orientation in Settings → General → Orientation: make sure Orientation is set to the wrist you wear your Apple Watch on.

Also, check if your Apple Watch needs charging.

I am actually using my watch with the “Wake Screen on Wrist Raise” option disabled. This feature certainly makes for an excellent Apple Watch demo, but I’ve found it a bit rough around the edges.

My biggest quibble: the Apple Watch display would often come to life when I really didn’t want it activated. This is especially true with my hands on the steering wheel. I was hoping watchOS 2 would perfect waking the display on wrist raise and make it more reliable, but it didn’t.

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  • zeman tamy

    Apple Watch is completely worthless

    • Fanboy 

      OMG yes let’s go on an Apple fan website and bash their products because that makes total sense!

      • iPhoneWINS

        im an apple fan and honest enough to say when they fail… apple watch is a fail and only sells cause its made by apple..

      • Fanboy 

        It’s one thing to give a constructive comment with facts about a product if you think it’s not any good, but it’s another thing to give a useless opinion with no value like the original comment, frankly it just makes him sound like an idiot with no credibility 🙂

        & the Apple Watch is by far not a fail, it may not be the perfect smartwach everyone wishes it to be but definitely comparing it to other watches it is superior in many areas.

      • Oh I get it: Apple are walking around put gun on people’s head and threatening to pull the trigger unless folks buy the Watch.

        And iPhone also sells coz it’s made by Apple, no?

      • besrate hogsa

        No bashing at all
        I own iPhone 6plus, iPad mini and iPod touch 5g
        but the Apple watch? i am 100% sure that it will FAIL

      • Fanboy 

        Okay Steve Ballmer let’s calm down with the 100% statistic you’re so sure about. We saw what happened the first time that was thrown around…

        “There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance.” – Steve Ballmer (2007)

      • zeman tamy

        No deflecting please
        stay on course
        we talking about apple watch
        Apple watch will end up at the great Apple graveyard in the sky.That is where it is heading
        comparing the iPhone with apple watch, it doesn’t help your argument

      • Fanboy 

        It is very much on course, because 8 years ago a little man (who I may say is far more intellectual with far more credibility than you) who was a CEO of a multimillion dollar company stated that the iPhone had ZERO chance of becoming successful. It was doubted since it was a new product, just as you are doubting the Apple Watch that will eventually become the gold standard of smartwatches. Class dismissed.

      • zeman tamy

        Apple Watch is a flop
        There is nothing you can say that is gonna change the inevitable

      • kron1k 

        Ok but the Apple Watch has sold more than Android Wear and Pebble, which have been out for some time where as the Watch has been out for 5 months….man such a huge flop…..,

      • besrate hogsa

        don’t know a single person who owns an Apple Watch. Total flop. Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs

      • kron1k 

        Wow you’re right…if YOU the almighty cool and awesome, brilliant person that you are don’t know a single person that owns one then it’s a flop….

        Yeah you and your friends Rosey Palm and her five sister….

      • besrate hogsa

        I think you reading it literally

      • Saved for my claim chowder, thank you…

      • besrate hogsa

        But it is the truth
        so no need to thank me

      • John

        I have one. I leave it there gathering dust. I should really sell it. I have an athletic life, bu the Apple watch just doesn’t work out great and the other functions are just gimmicks. Apple watch is horrible

    • iPhoneWINS

      yeah apple really under delivered on it in all aspects.. looks are retro and feminine and performance is .. eh..

      • Fanboy 

        Undelivered in all aspects how? The battery life overdelivered beyond everybodys original expectations, quality was great they didnt promise any waterproof-ness and delivered it with a waterproof watch, 3rd party apps are better than expected. Definitely didnt underdeliver.

      • kron1k 

        I don’t think they announced anything that isn’t available so how can they under deliver?

        Maybe you’re mad it’s a first gen product

    • Your insightful opinion brings no value whatsoever to a how-to article like this.

    • And your insightful opinion brings no value whatsoever to a how-to article like this.

      • zeman tamy

        Unlike yours my insightful opinion does have a value
        It opens up a discussion
        And it did

      • besrate hogsa

        Did you notice no one has commented about the actual post

        what does that tell you ?

  • Micke på taket

    Ive owned pebble, moto 360 and samsung gear S and sony SW3 and make no mistake.. The Apple watch rule EM ALL in almost every show… Hands down…

    • kron1k 


    • Niclas

      In one of the most important one, battery life, it fails…

      • Fanboy 

        It fails how exactly? By lasting all day so that by the time I get home late at night it’s always between 30-40% and then I just lay it on the charger when I got to bed and it’s ready to go in the morning?

      • Niclas

        1. I don’t always sleep at home.
        2. I want to track my sleep.
        3. If I use it extensively, like on the golf course, sometimes it doesn’t even manage to get through 18 holes.
        4. The battery is one of the most important feature of a mobile device. This is a fact.

        The iPhone replaced mobiles that could last a week.
        7 days > 1 day
        The AW replaced watches that lasted years.
        years > 1 day

        I’d like to charge it when I work at my desk. Which I will be able to with the reserve strap. It will hopefully help the crippled device get a little less frustrating.

      • Fanboy 

        Sounds like you need a Nokia phone and Pebble then to fit your extreme battery needs then buddy.

      • Niclas

        I was doing fine with iPhone+Pebble…

      • Fanboy 

        Well that’s good if you enjoy that watch and feel no need for a full-color touch display, with hardware sensors (that actually track your sleep), true 3rd party apps, speaker & microphone with full iOS integration then yeah definitely stick to the Pebble lol

      • Niclas

        Pebbles display has better colors than the AW.
        The AW is often just black with a green digits…
        It would be great if you could actually use the sleep with the AW, but you have to charge it at night…
        Like any sane person would actually use the watch for calls :´D

      • Fanboy 

        Since tracking your sleep seems to be a crucial life/death situation for you (lol) then getting home and setting the Watch on the charger for 20 minutes would charge it more than enough to get you through the night. I don’t make calls from the Watch but there have been multiple times where my hands were busy or I was away from my phone and being able to answer on my wrist was convenient 🙂

      • Niclas

        Actually, it would need 25-30min. With sleep tracking? double it. Also use it the day after? Out of luck.

        And as I said, I already have the problem solved with the reserve strap. But I won’t recommend the AW to anyone.

  • @sexyhamthing

    iDownloadblog. STOP!

    • You should start your own blog so that you can be in control of what is or is not published on the internet 🙂