Apple Music Likes Lock screen

I woke up this morning to the sad realization that all my Apple Music Likes had disappeared. Hundreds of little red hearts that are supposed to make my Apple Music experience more tailored to my tastes were gone. I didn’t really connect the dots right away as I assumed nothing had changed in my set up between my old iPhone 6 and my new iPhone 6s, but as it turns out, a simple tap of a button fixed everything.

By now, you might have figured what my problem was. If so, congratulations, you are much sharper than I am at figuring out the obvious. If not, then read on.

If like me you have lost your Apple Music Likes, don’t fret because the solution is pretty quick and simple. Just go to Settings > Music, and turn iCloud Music Library on. This will sync your Apple Music songs, playlists, Likes, etc, between this device and all other devices where you have this feature enabled.

Obvious indeed. So obvious that I assumed this was on by default when I signed in into iCloud on my new iPhone.

Thanks Danielle for your help!

  • Nino

    This happens also when you sign into other iCloud accounts on your device. For example, I have a UK and US iTunes account and I always have to remember turning IML on again on my US account after downloading some UK exclusive apps.

  • James

    Didn’t experience this issue. I restored from iCloud when setting up the new phone, if that matters.

    • Yup, that made the difference as all your settings were back to what they were before. I set up my iPhone as new, which is why this setting wasn’t on.

  • Hundreds of little red hearts that are supposed to make my Apple Music experience more tailored to my tastes

    Are there any signs that this is actually the case? I never look at the “For You” tab much anymore since every time I look at it the playlist recommendations are nearly always the same…

    • the thing is so stupid it’ll even recommendation music you already own!

  • Techsticles

    I’m trying hard to use Apple Music. Mostly for Siri and the Apple Watch support but it’s just a nightmare of a maze to use.

    Instead of “For You”, I’d love to just have a “Hearted” playlist that shows at the top of playlists. Right now I have a Smart Playlist that does that but sometimes it doesn’t always sync like it should.

  • Kristen

    Does iCloud music utilize iCloud storage space?