Seng app switcher

It’s been a big day for jailbreak releases. First, we had the highly anticipated Multiplexer land on Cydia, and now, we have Seng, another much-anticipated tweak, albeit less so than Multiplexer.

Seng, as we discussed back in in August, is a jailbreak tweak that’s inspired by Auxo. Actually, just calling it “inspired” would be doing it a disservice; Seng is heavily influenced by Auxo.

After being in beta for nearly two months, Seng is now available for purchase on Cydia for $2.50. Should you consider taking a look at it?

As mentioned in our initial overview, Seng is a tweak for the App Switcher that breaks the interface up into two sections: Top View and Bottom View. The App Switcher interface itself is sandwiched between each view.

Both the top and bottom views can be customized with interface elements such as toggles, sliders for volume and brightness, music information, and more. Users can use Seng’s preferences to drag the available elements between each view, or hide them outright.

Seng essentially merges the App Switcher interface with the Control Center interface for an all-encompassing control panel that does nearly everything. As users add or subtract features from each view, the App Switcher card section located in the middle of the action will dynamically resize to fit the area it has available.


One of the wonderful things about Seng is that it doesn’t need time consuming resprings to configure it to your liking. You simply go into the tweak’s preferences, rearrange the UI elements into the desired view locations, and go.

I was impressed with the beta version of Seng, and I remain impressed today. Although Auxo 3 has yet to receive an update for iOS 8.3/8.4 jailbreaks, Seng is a worthy alternative. It’s not a 1:1 replica of Auxo, but seng does enough things right to make it competent enough to stand on its own.

  • Damian

    Finally a real Auxo we waited for all the customization at our fingers

  • Nirvana

    Here comes Auxo from Jeff!

  • kooolchief

    where’s the beta link?

    • SIMON

      Check Insanelyi repo.
      Or Charlie Hewitt’s repo.

    • Mr_Coldharbour

      You were able to find it on Charlie Hewitt’s beta repo ( chewitt(dot)me/repo/ ), though for some reason I can’t locate it anymore. Oh, and don’t go adding Insanelyi repo, it’s a pirate repo.

  • Shaw

    Still do not understand why so many people are fond of Auxo3.

  • Blip dude

    Let me guess, no iPad compatibility??

    • Scott Bui

      Using it on an iPad 2 right now. In landscape mode too. The dev said the package will label it as partial or no compatability but it will work.

      • Blip dude

        Cool, thank you. I have been look for an app switcher alternative for a while. Auxo hasn’t been updated. Auxo LE is iPhone and Alympus is also iPhone only, so having at least partial support on this I can live with, Thank you again.

      • Scott Bui

        No problem, my brother actually uses Auxo LE on his iPad 4, and it works fine, toggles, music controls, app switcher and all, no problem on his end. In fact, he uses seng and auxo LE at the same time because he just leaves the swipe gestures to auxo le and the double tap for seng. Hope that helps too.

  • GDMT

    Aside from this being a great replacement for Auxo3, because of Auxo not being updated anymore, i still wish the missing key feature i loved about Auxo 3 is included here as well. Pressing the brightness/volume icon switches it disable auto-brightness and system volume to app/music volume respectively.

    • QP

      that’s the reason i got tired of jb, i was in love with pro-widgets either, so many useful widget they does not update anymore or just on iphone. I’m on iOS 9 now…

      • Yeah it’s hard to justify paying money for something that isn’t going to be supported in a few months.

      • GDMT

        Well, true. But heres to hoping the dev for Seng changes that.

      • Mike M. Powell

        Chewitt is always on top of his game 😀

  • :L

    Alympus is better

  • port87

    I still like TAGE.

  • Chris

    Compared to the very early BETA releases it works very well in comparison to Vertex, no lag, highly customizable and not to mention, works with every tweak I have.

    • Mr_Coldharbour

      I agree. I remember tweaks like Seng and Auxo didn’t even work with customisable CC tweaks like the famous CCSettings (my most preferred one), yet Seng was already compatible with it from the very beginning. AuxoLE was also very much on top of its game as well when it comes to support/compatibility of other tweaks.

  • Tylor Jackson

    Does Seng compatibility support iPad?

    • Niclas


  • Gabriel Anaya

    I’ve tried it and seng is actually smoother than the actual auxo 3. No delay at all when using any of the swipe gestures.

  • Diego

    I’ve translated to portuguese-BR for the developer, but he didn’t use my translation, and he promise that will give a free copy of seng when oficially release.
    But so far nothing of a free copy.
    So don’t get mad if I use a cracked tweak developer.

    • Chris

      Really? Have you tried contacting him again? There’s no need to pirate someones good work just because you don’t like the response you’ve received.

      • Diego

        I’m not pirate, I’m in beta yet, where it is free.
        I’m trying to contact the developer again to see the answer.

  • NeftyCorrea

    didn’t you already make a review on this its been on cydia for awhile now I thought?

    • Chris

      Its being in Charlies own repo, it has only just being released to the ModMyi repo.

  • leart

    zephyr was the best tweak ever for my opinion, i hope that a new alternative will come out and i would consider jailbreaking again …

  • Julian

    This is my favorite tweak. Works beautifully!

  • mav3rick

    “… a worthy alternative” to something it does not even exists… auxo updated for 8.3/4? It is actually the only one good working app switcher merged with CC. Props to the Dev.!

    Again the total unjustified bias for A3…

  • :D

    Does this work alongside Multiplexer?

  • Eddie Melendez

    Still wishing for Auxo 3