Multiplexer 2

Multiplexer, the six-in-one multitasking jailbreak tweak that we previewed back in August, is now available for purchase on Cydia.

Multiplexer brings six different jailbreak tweaks together as one, and each tweak could rightfully stand on its own as a separate download. In the package, you’ll find Aura, Empoleon, Mission Control, Quick Access, Swipe Over, and the already well-know jailbreak tweak, Reach App.

All six of the tweaks join together to form one insanely deep package for multitasking on a jailbroken iPhone. Watch our video inside to get a preview of what to expect.

In my hands-on with Multiplexer, I noted that it was so deep that it was a little overwhelming. I also found the tweak to be a bit slow and laggy in some areas, but again, that was just a beta version, so it’s really not fair to judge the tweak on that version.

I’ll be back with more coverage of Multiplexer in the coming days. In the meantime, major props to developers Elijah Frederickson and Andrew Abosh for being able to pull off what is arguably the deepest tweak ever to hit Cydia.

Multiplexer can be had for $3.99 on the BigBoss repo. Do you plan on trying it?

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Wow good timing… When 50% of people are already on iOS 9… Smh

    • Tyler Smith

      i stayed on iOS 8 because of this tweak.

    • mickey

      Jailbreakers don’t even come close to 50% of iOS users. It’s actually only a fraction. Those numbers mean nothing to our side.

    • Now all we need is Touch3D from Elias Limneos

    • Fanboy 

      Yeahhhhh nobody is forcing JB’ers to update to iOS 9……

    • smtp25

      Yeeeah why would you be on 9 if you have any intentions of jb-ing in the near future. There was that ios9 untether demo lately but who knows if that will be released

  • jaysoncopes

    Just FYI, the second one is pronounced like the Pokemon: Em-Pole-Eon

    (The icon is an inverted Pokeball :P)

  • bernaction

    Pode contratar Apple

  • Markieze Mitchell

    I think I just fell in love

  • iDude

    This is the only thing that made me regret upgrading to iOS9. :(. WHY SO LATE!!!!

  • Ds

    only been using it for 10min.. already have had 5 resprings on my 6+

    • That_Fruitarian


      • Ds

        yeah so far not worth the $3.99

      • h4nd0fg0d

        Ya $4 mite break your po ass.

    • James

      It’s for reasons like this that I no longer jailbreak – too many devs in the pot. iOS has come a long way and now I just wait as Apple adds these features natively over time.

      • Ds

        Very true. I find myself running fewer and fewer tweaks with each new major iOS update.

      • smtp25

        Itransmission torrent client, moviebox, Filza,videopane,controlers4all. A file manager that works across all apps and the whole file system is handy when you get sent a rar file or need to move something between apps

  • James

    Reach App looks pretty awesome. hopefully Apple uses that as inspiration for a future iOS update for 6s Plus.

  • Linton Findlay

    What’s the difference between forced background and native? Why would I want it

    • Drapnel

      forced keeps it running as if youve had it open the entire time. i only use it for game of war which forces you to reload etc when logging in this keeps that from happening but it uses a lot of battery

  • Anonymous

    I wont be tring it until ios 9 jailbreak. I upgraded to ios 9 because im getting the new phone anyways. Whats having my jailbreak for a few days longer.

    • h4nd0fg0d


  • Cristian B

    Imagine this on the 6S, omg yesssss

  • Todd Sorensen

    Trying to understand some of the benefits here. For example, with Aura, what is the point of running the calculator app in the foreground. I’m not getting it.

  • Mattoligy

    Will this tweak work on iPad or is it just for iPhone? Because iPad would take much better advantage of this kind of functionality imo.

  • Laroja

    Tweak runs without a hitch. Empoleon is the best multitasking tweak ever…

  • OneBigInFiniteJoinT

    i have an iPhone 5, i ain’t sure if it would be good purchase for that device?

  • GDMT

    I wish there was another way and a blacklist in invoking empoleon. Not much of a fan of the swipe from bottom activation.

  • Jamie Riley

    iPad Air 2, 8.4 TaiG…Cydia says “Unable to purchase. This product is not currently certified to be compatible with your device.”

    ? :-

    • Jamie Riley

      I’ve just seen in the Reddit release discussion, that due to so many iPad users reporting boot loops, iPad sales are currently suspended until there’s a fix. Which I hope is soon.

  • Multiplexer is definitely the best jailbreak tweak on iOS 8. No doubt it will replace GridSwitcher, Tage, Auxo 3 (yes!), RelevApps, videopane, Mirmir and so on and so forth on our iPhone. Speechless!

  • John

    it’s not showing up in cydia 🙁

  • Davinci

    This tweak makes iPad 4 stuck in a bootloop. had to boot in substrate mode and remove it!

  • Elior Boukhobza

    Looks good but doing too many stuff may be a load on the battery and cause many resprings. Not to mention the compatibility issues with already existing tweaks. I have no need for background hanging apps, but I think there was already a tweak that does that. For Empoleon, I have a similar tweak called Mirmir that does the job perfectly. Mission Control is a bit too much for a tiny iPhone but can be great on iPad. Quick Access is rad but can be easily replaced with iOS widgets (yes, they exist natively on iOS 8+). And finally ReachApp can be replaced by… ReachApp.

    So yeah I won’t be installing it, I’m sure 120% that it will cause crashs and I won’t get a lot from it anyway.