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Episode 101: More iOS 9 discussion, in-depth details on the new Apple TV, watchOS 2 launches, Apple suffers from its biggest App Store malware attack.

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  • Bianca Irisa

    Well to be honest I think that if something like this passed into the appstore from a modified version of Xcode it could mean that worst coded intrusion could pass too, we don’t know for sure but gets us to think a little.

    Also I noted that most of the companies that have had their apps affected didn’t say sorry to their costumers at all, most of them just said the app is out of the store and will be updated.

    I uninstalled Angry Birds 2 and Mercury and I don’t trust them a lot and one of the reasons is exactly them not saying a thing too about the issue, transparency and ensuring clients they made a mistake that wont happen again.

    (Note that it can change after I checked for a statement from those companies)

    • Yeah, they should definitely say something about it, but I think that this caught many of them off guard as well. Perhaps they will make a statement in the future.

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  • Eikast

    I think the release of Apple Watch was the right way. There is was no Apple Watch available to developers for native app development until the release of the Apple Watch. Like with the new Apple TV, Apple gave them away to lucky developers 2 months prior to launch so that developers could create optimized apps.

    watchOS 1 allowed developers the benefit of not having to optimize the app for performance since the app was running off the iPhone. Then with watchOS 2, there was a long beta to give developers a good 3 months to develop native apps or convert their apps to native apps. Also the other features of watchOS 2 were tested more due to having an open beta and being open to developers.

  • Al

    There was a big deal over content blockers in iOS 9 this week in regards to Marco Arment pulling his Peace app… Is it a deliberate attempt to not approach the subject of content blockers here on iDB? Just wondering..

    • George

      They don’t ever usually cover the interesting stuff

  • Lordrootman

    I’m always thinking that when people leave or talk negative about iOS operating system like iOS 9 they are buyers until now
    My iPad Air 2 new work great on 8.4.1 upgrade to 9.0 a whole lot of issues it always stalk in rotation I restored on iTunes doing the same I upgrade to 9.1 beta still doing the same
    This is the worst update ever since 2007 come on Apple you can do better pls fix it

    • Thomas Meredith

      What kind of issues are you having?

      • Lordrootman

        iPad stop rotation that annoy me more than anything
        I have reset restore upgrade to even 9.1 beta still the same issues and this iPad new just got it like a week ago iPad Air 2 4G 128 GB

  • Anonymous

    Just windering. If you can bundle up apps and port them. Wouldnt be possable to bundle cydia without a jailbreak?

  • joshhami

    My iPhone 6 Plus was slow on iOS 9 until I used zoomed view instead of standard view in display settings might want to try it.