Provenance Apple TV

One of the new Apple TV’s biggest upsides is its game playing ability. Indeed, Apple’s next generation Apple TV will focus heavily on gaming, and even comes equipped with a Wii-inspired motion remote/controller with a touchpad.

Certain developers are already licking their chops at the possibilities of the Apple TV as a gaming hub. In fact, one such developer has already used the now-available Apple TV simulator to run an emulator. This emulator allows for old-school games, like the Sega classic Golden Axe, to be played.

One such example is with an emulator named Provenance. Developed by James Addyman, Provenance is a multi-emulator capable of emulating games from a variety of legacy hardware. Provenance is already running on the Apple TV simulator found inside the latest version of Xcode.

As you can see from his tweet, it only took Addyman 3 hours to get Provenance working on the Apple TV simulator.

Whether or not emulators and other non-approved App Store games will be allowed to be side loaded on the Apple TV 4th generation is still anyone’s guess at this point, but it does make our minds race while considering the possibilities.

Provenance, for example, will allow users to emulate games from the following classic hardware platforms:

  • Sega Genesis
  • Game Gear/Master System
  • Sega CD
  • SNES
  • NES
  • GB/GBC
  • GBA

The app is open source, and can be viewed on GitHub.

The fact that Xcode 7 now allows users to side load apps on iOS devices, may make it possible to do the same on the Apple TV and tvOS, but nothing is guaranteed at this point.

Would you like the ability to run emulators on your Apple TV? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on the matter.

  • Jimm45

    And it will also be the first emulator that Apple will reject from it’s App Store.

    We all know what Apple are like with emulators.

    • The point is the App Store won’t be needed for it. If like stated in the article side loading might work also for Apple TV.

      Of course the store would be an optimal solution but let’s be happy that side loading for iOS got enabled. Don’t expect too much from Apple at once they always do small steps.


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  • Rak S

    Apple won’t allow it but that’s why I think someone will jailbreak the ATV. Side loading apps and emulators would tKe the box to the next level.
    The tvOS is based on iOS so hopefully it’ll have the same/similar vulnerabilities.

    • Lucus Bendzsa

      If they Jailbreak iOS 9 then they should also do the ATV

    • Think again. We still haven’t seen a jailbreak for the Apple TV 3. If the new Apple TV is as impenetrable as its predecessors it’s going to be a long, long time before we see a jailbreak. Your best bet for getting emulators on the big screen would be to airplay it from your iPhone or side load it purchasing an Apple Developer account if necessary.

      • James G

        I don’t think ATV3 is impenetrable. Just not enough developer interest. That’ll change with ATV4

      • I might be wrong but I’m pretty sure people have tried and failed in the past to jailbreak the ATV3. To my knowledge the main reason for no ATV3 jailbreak is since there is not a very large surface area to attack. There is no backup / restore / sync system in place for example which is what most iPhone / iPod / iPad jailbreaks use to inject the payload that exploits and jailbreaks the device (Often when jailbreaking an iOS device it’ll display a message about backing up, restoring, or syncing on the screen).

      • Rak S

        I don’t think that’s the issue. if it was, there would be a minimum amount of free space required to jailbreak a phone (i.e. if you have a 16GB phone, you’d need at least 4GB free, or something like that.)
        My understanding was that there just wasn’t the focus from the jailbreakers, because the number of ATVs out there is much less than iPhone and iPads, for example.
        Now that Apple are placing a much bigger emphasis on the ATV, I imagine sales to increase a lot, especially with their proposed streaming service. Once the numbers are there, it starts to make more sense.
        Also, the addition of an App Store also increases the likelyhood of new tweaks used in conjunction with the ATV

      • alejandro xcxvx

        I know this is a really old thread but whatever. People don’t have to jailbreak the new apple tv to install emulators. The Apple TV now has a full OS and the proper tools to develop apps for it. Now we can sideload apps right out of the box without any kind of hack. You just need to install Xcode on your computer and plug your apple tv and voila.

      • Rak S

        I’ve been monitoring the Xcode solution, and that looks really good but, afaik, you can’t alter other behaviour or the OS directly without jailbreaking. Side loading apps is great but something like enabling you to connect a Bluetooth keyboard, requires a JB.

      • Rak S

        Also, the fact that they jailbroke the ATV 2, which was pretty similar in terms of spec, suggests that it probably was possible to JB the ATV3.

      • alejandro xcxvx

        I know this is a really old thread but whatever. People don’t have to
        jailbreak the new apple tv to install emulators. The Apple TV now has a
        full OS and the proper tools to develop apps for it. Now we can sideload
        apps right out of the box without any kind of hack. You just need to
        install Xcode on your computer and plug your apple tv and voila.,,

      • Mr.Coolfreak

        tvOS is 95 % IOS though, so that may increase the chances of it being jaibroken

      • The ATV3 is also iOS it’s just stripped back and locked down. I suppose the ability to install apps either from the AppStore or side loaded opens a new avenue for attack so we can hope for a jailbreak. What would a jailbreak on the Apple TV even be useful for though? The only thing I’d probably use it for is to install Kodi (formally XBMC)…

      • Rak S

        I’m sure some cleaver dev can think up some idea. Perhaps customise the look/skin?
        Maybe an easy was to switch between apps or do some kind of side-by side? Who know? 🙂

  • I never heard of Provenance before, it’s nice to have it on my iPhone now. Also it will be a nice addition to my future Apple TV if side loading will work also for tvOS.

    Jeff do you know of more awesome open source apps for iOS? An article with a list of nice Apps to side load for Mac users would be really nice. Non AppStore Apps without jailbreak is always a hot topic considering the impeding iOS 9 and iPhone 6s release.

    • Rowan09

      iEmulators dot com

      • Well thats not what I meant, not only emulators but other kind off apps as well. Also they need to have a link to their source code in order to be side loadable.

        But thank you anyway

      • Rowan09

        Its not only for emulators. It’s actually a way to get moviebox, etc on an unjailbroken device.

      • but with the old date trick that does not work anymore right?

      • Rowan09

        No it does for some things.

  • Standout

    Just dreaming of the day I can watch kodi on the apple tv 4

    • Rowan09

      If they allow this, since they allow Plex, it would be amazing. I love my fire TV, but using an Apple TV would be better with an iPhone.

      • Rak S

        They won’t allow it officially. It would be available on the iPad/iPhone if it was. It’ll only happen via a JB, if ever.

    • singhay559

      Jbrocken iph and mirror it.

  • James G

    Now a jailbreak matters for Apple TV.

  • Cristian B

    OMG imagine Smash Bros with the Steelseries controllers that are gonna be released for Apple TV

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  • maybe soon they will make anther emulator for PS and XBOX 😀
    that would be a deal changer