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iCloud storage has always trended towards the more expensive side of things when compared to other popular cloud storage providers such as Google and Microsoft. Users will be happy to know that Apple apparently understands this, and as a result, its significantly reduced the price of its iCloud storage. With 4K video support and a higher megapixel camera featured in the new iPhone 6s, iCloud storage will be in higher demand for those of you using iCloud Photo Library.

Here is how the iCloud storage pricing tiers were previously set:

  • 5 GB: Free
  • 20 GB: $0.99
  • 200 GB: $3.99
  • 500 GB: $9.99
  • 1 TB: $19.99

And here’s how the new iCloud pricing tiers pan out:

  • 5 GB: Free
  • 50 GB: $0.99
  • 200 GB: $2.99
  • 1 TB: $9.99

The new tiers aren’t in effect yet, but we presume they will be once iOS 9 launches next week.

Do you pay for iCloud storage, or are you still using the free tier? Does the presence of cheaper iCloud storage prices have you considering paying for more space, or upgrading to a higher tier?

  • Troy

    When will this take effect?

    • Lots of news articles are saying today, but as of today, it hasn’t taken effect. I’m checking as well.

    • OneBigInFiniteJoinT

      as soon as they update it.. should be before sept 16 i think..

  • Maxim∑

    50GB for .99 is nothing

    Would be nice if they bumped it to 15GB. Most people would be fine with that, usually the photo library which dominates backups

    • L J

      I swear, people are never pleased. Keep complaining man. You’re helping the company

      • Why be pleased for less than what the competition offers besides ignorance?

      • L J

        Then use the competitors phone, forget about apple’s smaller icloud storage and move on with your life. Instead of complaining about what Apple don’t have compared to others. If you don’t like it, be gone.

      • That’s as pathetic as me telling you that if you don’t like a comment, then be gone and move on with your life. It’s called feedback, and everyone has their right to share theirs as much as you have a right to give a feedback on their feedback…deal with it.

      • ericesque

        These Apple users are going off script! WE NEED TO SHUT THAT FREETHINK DOWN! GRAWARRRRRR!

      • therealjjohnson

        Is it really “complaining” though? Cant he mention what “would be nice”?

        I think 15GB would be ideal seeing as that would somewhat cover their entry level device which has 16GB of storage. Uh oh…I think I might have just “complained”. Sorry.

      • L J

        You suggested which is helping. You didn’t say something negative and don’t talk the storage, you actually gave a solution. Good job

      • Guy

        50gb for 99cents isn’t bad

    • QuarterSwede

      They want the free storage to be low so they push you to buy the 99¢ plan. Same reason the iPhone still comes with 16GB. Classic upsell technique.

    • JulianZH

      You just want it to be free haha I’m paying $1 per month for 20gb. That one dollar is really nothing compared to the government collected from me.

      • Kaptivator

        If people are pitching a bitch over a dollar a month, they need not be looking at any type of cellular device or service. Who complains over a dollar a month?

      • One who doesn’t turn a blind eye to the competition and is aware of the better value offered by the competition for the same price or less…

    • Jack Wong

      If I could pay this with iTunes gift card then I don’t mind because I got the iTunes store credit with 20% off.

      • igobythisname

        any word on if we can pay this extortion monthly fee w/iTunes gift card?

      • Jack Wong

        :/ I wish we could, I always try to save every dime from my pocket.

      • AminTj

        yes you can pay by Itunes Gift card, I’m currently on 20 Gig Monthly and it will charge me 0.99$ monthly from my iTunes Balance

      • Jack Wong

        I have contacted a specialist, yes we could and the iTunes credit has to be under that account instead of the organizer account…

  • Marcus

    They mentioned during the Keynote that it would still be 5GB for the free plan. I don’t remember when, sorry, but I’m certain that they said it was still 5GB.

  • OneBigInFiniteJoinT

    Yes, it still 5GB, they mentioned it in the keynote.

  • ArneCelis

    Using 200GB now, but I will downgrade to 50GB when these changes take effect, since I’m only using about 26GB right now.

    • askep3

      This is a bit off topic, but what do you out in your iCloud storage? Since there isn’t any way to access it on iOS devices directly (no iCloud Drive app yet) do you just put your photos in it?

      • Niclas

        Many apps can access it.

      • Dri

        There is an icloud drive app in ios 9. You just have to turn it on

      • askep3

        I know about that, I’ve used the beta, my question was just a general question about how people use their cloud, especially iCloud since it’s mainly based on apps accessing the data and not users

      • Wei Yang

        Yeah, mostly photos and movies. #parentproblems

      • askep3

        “Let it go”

      • ArneCelis

        For me, I use 25GB of it fot pictures via Photos, I use it to store my iMovie videos and my documents. On OS X you can access iCloud Drive so you can put virtually anything in it. For me I use it to store school and private documents.

      • askep3

        That’s the kind of reply I wanted :). Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Ive been paying for 20gb, but i think ill be switching to the 200gb tier.

  • askep3

    I was already considering the $1 for 20 GB, but now hat it’s 50 I’m going to get it for sure!

  • James G

    Been using the 500GB plan all year since they introduced Photos for Mac with iCloud Photo Library; it’s nice they are doubling it to 1TB but I don’t have much use for that extra space and 200GB is not enough. Oh well, I’ll take the extra 500GB!

  • I wonder if the new plans will take effect for existing customers… I got the 10gb plan a few months back and I’m wondering if my storage will automatically be upgraded to 50gb. Or will I have to cancel the storage plan and then start it up again for the new plans.

  • becoolyolanda

    So what happens with my $11.99/25GB yearly legacy plan – do i get my 50GB bump or what cuz i like paying yearly – its how i roll….

  • askep3

    How’s upload speed of iCloud Drive in comparison to Dropbox?

    • Tom

      It’s actually faster for me

  • Techsticles

    At the very least it would be nice if Apple gave 5GB per device. Not 5GB per Apple ID.

    If you have an iPhone and an iPad on one Apple ID, you get 5GB total.

  • Chris

    I’ll save a whole $2, woo who?

  • White Michael Jackson

    I dont get it. You pay .99¢ for what? More backup space? Can you save apps on there?

    • Wei Yang

      Why do you need to save apps when you can download purchased ones at any time from the App store?

  • Ian

    Wonder if this will apply here in the UK. We usually get screwed. Often we pay the same in pounds as the dollar price. Apple music for example is 9.99 in both dollars and pounds meaning it’s about 35% more expensive in UK. Zero chance I subscribe after free trial.

  • I was looking for somewhere to keep backups of small files and maybe a few pictures, and this looks perfect. I’ve been living with only 2GB on dropbox for years, so 50GB should last me a lifetime.

  • Gary le

    Btw this is month to month with no contract right?

  • Phil Gamboa

    Prices updated for me.

  • Wei Yang

    The prices are finally reasonable enough to consider. But if your main backups are photos, are any of you also using Google Photos?

  • Jeff Chaves

    If you need room for pictures google and Flickr has what you need. Google offer unlimited free storage for pictures of up to 16M and Flickr is offering 1TB free storage for pictures. All free and with auto uploaded apps just like iCloud does with your photos. You can have all your pictures backed up somewhere else and use those 5gb on iCloud for app backups or iCloud Drive. I have all my pictures backed up on both Google and Flickr just to be safe lol. Oh and I don’t pay a dime for it.

  • John Wolf

    I buy the 200GB plan, it’s nice to see it go down in price. 200GB is perfect for me at this time so I’m very happy to read this 🙂

  • iByron

    I’m on the current 200GB tier, and currently only using about 37GB per iCloud Settings. I did, however just recently buy a new Mac, and many of the apps I use there are beginning to take advantage of iCloud Drive.

    I’ll probably stay at 200GB at the lower rate rather than downgrade and risk a sudden spike just to save two bucks; especially as I’ll be getting a new phone in a month or so and all those new photos I’ll be taking will use twice as much space. 🙂