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Alongside its new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Apple on Wednesday announced the iPhone Upgrade Program. It’s an in-house upgrade program, similar to the installment plans carriers offer, which allows you to get a new iPhone every year for a monthly fee.

The program, which will only be available in US Apple retail stores at launch, will come unlocked, so you can choose your own carrier, and include AppleCare+ support. The price will start at $32 per month, and go up depending on the model you pick.

  • 16GB $32.31/month for iPhone 6s, $36.58/month for 6s Plus
  • 64GB $36.58/month for iPhone 6s, $40.75/month for 6s Plus
  • 128GB $40.75/month for iPhone 6s, $44.91/month for 6s Plus

As we said in our previous post, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will be available for pre-order beginning Saturday, September 12, and will begin shipping and hitting store shelves on Friday, September 25.

  • Anthony Lara

    What a scam.

    • Mr.Coolfreak

      how so? its same thing as carriers, would you be trapped with the carrier or Apple?

      • Anthony Lara

        It depends on which poison I’m more immune to. No but seriously I personally would just buy the phone unlocked these carriers and Apple included are treating every new model like a gift from God if you took time to calculate how much you would break the bank this is a blatant Scam. Just like t-mobile jump or any other similar “plan”.

      • Matthew

        What if you don’t have the money its the same for leasing a car. You may pay a little more but you get it now. Not waiting until you have the money to buy it out right.

      • Plus no interest, I don’t think they’re doing the math correctly. This is a pretty good deal.

      • Anthony Lara

        Jay. You’re basically paying off this phone with monthly installments and then you would choose your carrier plan this is exactly how the carriers are doing it. T-mobile jump and this are the exact same thing just a different sticker is on the bottle. So that 32 dollars plus whatever carrier plan you have. It’s the exactly the same as any other carrier installment plan.

      • Anthony, it still the same as paying for the phone straight out. Just paying more a month because you are paying for the device too. They aren’t ripping you off just letting you pay for it differently.

      • How is it a scam exactly, at the end of the 24months you are only paying the same price you would have if it was bought straight out…

      • diggitydang

        And you’re upgrading at the 12 month mark. I wish this was available in Canada.

      • Riley Freeman

        its cheaper than pay a no contract price. 45 x 24 1080

        no contract price is 1280.

        thats the 6plus 128gb. plus they give you apple care thata another 100$ off that you would have to pay which makes the 1280 really 1380.

        this is a GREATdeal

      • So…exactly how much did your “breaking the bank calculations” come out to?

      • JulianZH

        this is why 2 yrs contact is the best.

      • Manuel Molina

        My 6Plus was 27 a month with T-Mobile. That was with 82 dollars down. If i didn’t put the 82, the money would be more at 36 as the price of the new iPhone is. The price is only equal to what the iPhone would be 650 and up.

      • Mark

        My iPhone 6 Plus 64Gb is $19 a month with T-Mobile.

      • Manuel Molina

        Depends on how much you out as a down payment and credit.

    • TwinSon

      Explain how it’s a scam. If you upgrade yearly, than buying it outright first is pointless. If you lose it, you’re forced to buy another one. If you want to buy it outright, still kind of pointless shelling out that kind of money up front and not waiting a bit. To each his own.

    • Micrones

      For $32/month, that is not a scam, again that depends on implementation.

      if you compare a new phone against the $32/monthly payment, it certainly is not a scam to get a new phone every year.

    • jalexcarter

      paying half of what the phone costs outright to get a new one each year??? yeah that’s a scam alright, smh

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    My ONLY question is, is this available to EVERYONE or just those who CAN upgrade?

    • Matthew

      I would assume that because its from apple and not a career it won’t have to do with contracts. It said unlocked.

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        Well I think I got my answer…I looked on the apple website and it says ” The iPhone Upgrade Program is available to qualified customers only through AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. A two-year installment loan and iPhone activation are required. Terms apply.”

        So I mean its not exactly clear…I dont know.

      • TwinSon

        It’s saying you need to agree to basically pay monthly for the phone for 24 months, but you can upgrade at 12.

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        I know but I just got my 6 Plus last year and I cant technically upgrade yet until April…so will I be able to use this program? Thats what I’m wondering.

      • TwinSon

        Who did you get it with? That’s the real factor. If you’re on installment with anybody other than T-Mobile I would probably say no.

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        Damn…AT&T…oh well

      • TwinSon

        Ya I’m not positive but I think you’d have to pay half of the total monthly payments with them before they let you move to a new phone, I’m not positive. But honestly your best bet if you really wanted it would be to sell your phone & use the funds to pay off the remaining balance.

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        Yeah I’m thinking about doing something like that. I just signed up for the Amazon seller program and am gonna try to sell some jerseys I dont wear anymore and other stuff. The only thing with selling the phone first is I would be without a phone..lol but once all this begins I’m gonna go in an Apple store and ask them. I DEF wanna get on the Phone a year program. I dont even care about any hidden costs. lol

      • TwinSon

        This is what I’ve done. I financed my 64GB 6 Plus on T-mobile for $31 a month last September. I owe $375 left on it which is less than half the 850 full retail. I could turn it back in to upgrade to the 6S, but I already paid for more than half the device, so I’d be taking the loss. I threw it up on craigslist for $550, sold it for $500. Paid off my 6 Plus and profit $125.

        The sweetener is that T-mobile had a specific iPhone Jump on Demand promotion where you could trade in any smartphone for an iPhone 6/6Plus for $0 Down and $15/month for the 6, $19/month for the 6 Plus for 18 months. Furthermore, they would allow you to upgrade to the 6S/6S Plus and lock in that same monthly rate. Luckily had an old MyTouch 3g to trade in so I got another 6 Plus which I will trade in for this 6S Plus. All in all I shaved $12 a month off my monthly payments for a little bit of hustle.

    • Past0rB

      What happens is this. When you choose to upgrade early the remaining payments are accelerated and become due immediately at th stone of upgrade. $32/month for 24 months is $768. So $32/month for 12 months is

  • Matthew

    Older iPhone Models don’t support gold color option now.

    • Yea noticed that too, I was personally looking for a deeper black or blue color but meh..

    • DSN1138

      or 128gb

  • in india 🙁

  • india 🙁

    • Pulkit Maloo

      I know man it’s sad 🙁
      i upgrade my iPhone every year and i wanted something like this upgrade program so bad…hope we’ll get something like this at the end of the year

  • techfreak23

    Apple quietly increased the per incident for the 6s for AppleCare+ from $79 to $99…Same cost as AppleCare itself.

    • Maxim∑

      probably because now if you crack the screen you have to account for the 3D touch layer that needs to be replaced which is more expensive.

    • William Melendez

      Apple care of $129 too …

  • TwinSon

    Glad I pulled the trigger on Jump on Demand with T-Mo. Gonna upgrade to the 6S Plus for $19/month soon as pre-orders are up.

    • MS

      Can I still get on this or is it more expensive now?

      • TwinSon

        The promotion ended yesterday but you I would call and try anyways. I did a little bit of a dance but basically I got a new 6 Plus to lock in that rate, sold my old 6 Plus to pay off what I owed on it plus profit. Then I’ll trade in the new 6 Plus I got with said rate to get the 6S Plus with that rate.

  • And unlocks are available same night too, so I’ll be picking that up on their website during the preorder. Granted it will come locked to att but unlocked once paid in full which is how I plan to order anyway. Dang I can’t wait for this weekend. Wasn’t excited at all but now work is footing the bill for the device.

  • Riley Freeman

    Am I seriously the only person wondering what is due after you’ve paid a year of whatever fees? Cuz none of those prices add up to a no contract iPhone. I am guessing you have to give back the old phone or pay something after its done which is likely the contract priceing

    • Riley Freeman

      nvm. i see you have to trade in your phone and it is a 24month period that resets after you do the upgrade. Pretty important information that should have been in this post if you ask me.

    • Andy Copeland

      You give it back in a year to get your new one. Or you keep for 2 and it’s yours

      • Riley Freeman

        i responded to my own post answering my question?

  • Blip dude

    Holy crap, it comes unlocked right out of the box?? Call it a scam all you want, good luck getting the phone unlocked out of the box by the carrier on an installment plan. My only question is: Let’s say I only want to make the monthly payments for the first 12 months, then pay it off outright when it becomes for affordable, will Apple allow me to make such action?? AT&T currently allows that option, but the fact that the phone will be unlocked right out of box makes this a better alternative.

    • BobNation

      i doubt it, wouldnt it cost the same to just buy the said phone unlocked?

    • TwinSon

      I don’t think anyone would have an issue with you giving them more money quicker.

    • I’m psyched for the preorder, love how I can just purchase in full with unlock. Don’t have to worry about att and their nonsense any further. It was always a hassle to upgrade under my 2 year contract and my unlimited.

      • TwinSon

        I was one of the ones who had a legacy unlimited data plan but after they kept throttling me after 5Gb, I just sold my line on ebay and moved on.

      • I know what you mean. I ended up going in and talking with ATT. After several conversations about my 2 unlimited lines, I was told my bill will drop by a 160.00 a month. I have 5 iphones on the account so that was a nice shock on the price drop. Sure we are all sharing data but I’m the one using the most so it worked out in the end. And the fact now I can just pick up the new device fully paid for and unlocked is a bonus. Was pretty scared to lose my unlimited but it worked for the best. The money saved per month has paid for the 6SPlus.

  • Paul Edmund

    This is cheaper than buying a new phone from verizon. A new 6 16gb is 940 with insurance for two years. This program will cost 775.44 for two years that come with apple care. Clearly this is the way to go. I will be doing this next time.

    • The Guy

      WOW, you were getting ripped off already, LMAO! You payed $940 when you could have only paid $750(apple care included) before this 2 years ago… WTF??? How are so many people getting ripped off and they didn’t know it??? This is a deal for you because you didn’t realize you could have done this long ago…

      • Paul Edmund

        Apple care included? Isn’t apple care a separate insurance program?

      • The Guy

        What??? You can include anything you want when you buy anything, lol. I can include an apple pie with my burger at Mcdonalds, or I can include a sneaker bar with my underwear purchase, or I can … this is getting scary that people like yourself don’t realize you can include stuff when you buy stuff… sad.

  • Sailor_V90

    While the iPad Pro and Apple TV are rememberable and engaging, the features of the iPhone 6s are less than stellar and are tragically forgettable. Having been realistic and honest with myself, I know majority of the time I will forget and dismiss the 3D Touch features. Reason being that with the time it takes to hold down my finger and use the shortcut features and do the specific gestures, I might as well just open the App and do the same thing. The upgraded camera is nice but not much more than that. With 4K pictures and a “Harry Potter” (Live Photos) shout out, I do feel though that the feature will eventually become bland. And I just love battery changes! (<– sarcasm.) Wait was that all for the iPhone 6s? (<– sarcasm.) On a personal level I do not agree with their decision to continue the 16GB, especially with the 4K quality camera and the like. I feel it is a bit harsh and unsympathetic to implement features that will, no doubt, take up more space on an already confined space that will eventually strangle the consumer; but on the contrary, from a business aspect I do get it. Overall I personally was not "Wowed," I think ultimately what I will do is just upgrade my 5s to the 6 with 64GB and see what the iPhone 7 has to offer next year.

  • emmanuel fernandez

    How does this differ from Att next program? Or is it the same? Is one better? I’m currently getting a monthly discount for being on the next program.

  • dudeimmexican

    So to be sure i understand this. Since I plan on getting the 6s+ 64GB (which is $40 with this) I can still keep my $30 T-Mobile prepaid plan?

    • Manuel

      I think you will have to switch over to a postpaid line

  • Manuel

    Hey guys I have a questions regarding my purchase for the Pre-sale.

    I currently have a Grandfathered ANR account (National Retail discounted from Radioshack) with AT&T with Unlimited Talk&Text and 3GB of Data for 30 bucks a month. Should I go with the option of buying out the phone full price ? Since switching over to a regular installment plan would raise my bill significantly.

    And also, are these iPhone purchased on full unlocked?

  • VinnyO

    Yo that pricing you posted is wrong on both the 6s and 6s. I don’t know where you got those numbers.

  • Stefano

    this is apples “trial” for setting up their own carrier class. They’re letting the bird go and fly, they’re just seeing if it comes back.

    • Kingcharming

      I thought I was the only one who saw this possibility. Next up, leased cars.

      • Stefano

        I feel like this is where its going.

  • MaRz Franco

    Question: After 1 Year with the Phone, You must give them the phone back and get a New Say iPhone7 for Free while still paying $32 a month? Question 2: After 2 Years without getting an upgrade say you still have iPhone6S, would you be able to keep that iPhone6S to Sell and then get another phone with same $32 Plan or still need to give it to Apple when you switch to say 7 or 7S?

    • TwinSon

      $32 x 24 is $768. You just paid off the Phone. It’s Yours. The payments would stay the same if you chose to turn it in at 12 months provided you got the same storage and model I presume. You’re paying off the phone a month at a time, it’s equity.

  • Iuri Dos Santos Cunha

    We need this in the UK too

  • Eikast

    So since it requires an activation on a carrier, I assume this isn’t a way for UDP users on Verizon to upgrade their iPhone without paying full price upfront.

  • Franklin Richards

    Sounds cool. But I like to keep my old iPhones. I’ve got a good little collection after all these years.

    • Austin

      same i have every one of them….

  • Nando

    That’s stupid… Let me explain
    I’m going to buy the 128G 6S
    At $849.99 +tax and apple care
    About $900.00+ , if I pay for the upgrade plan in 12 months I’ll pay around $500.00+ .. Now I’ll sell my iPhone when the next one comes out for around $500 to $650
    So I have to put $ 300 or $400 out of my pocket … Is that simple
    You’re welcome!!!!

  • M_Hawke

    Help me out here, not enough info in the article…

    Is this program only available with purchase of a 6s or Plus? Or are you buying the 6s/plus with this payment plan? Is it a stand alone program that owners of other phones can purchase?

  • Johnson Noel

    How do we purchase the phone unlocked? If I choose T-Mobile iPhone 6sPlus its 42.49/month instead of 40.75 what’s going on here?

  • Lit

    I’m really confused why carriers and now Apple do things like this. They make it seem like its a great deal, but in really, you’re essentially paying off the phone in monthly payments instead of paying full price at once. No end “benefit” from what I’m seeing.

  • socrates

    I’m curious about how much it would cost per month in order to start one of these plans when you have an upgrade on your carrier. Just like how you can get the newest model discounted at $199 with a contract renewal.

  • blastingbigairs

    It will be offered by Citizens Bank which is currently the same bank Apple uses to offer financing for students to buy Macs and other Apple products. Pretty cool I think.

  • Chris

    Can’t wait until it comes to Australia, paying up to and over $1000 every second year hasn’t been an ideal way to get an upgrade.