iPhone 6 Retina HD

Apple’s upcoming ‘iPhone 6s’ and iPhone 6s Plus’ smartphones were previously rumored to incorporate a five-megapixel sensor out the front and now a revered analyst is reaffirming those rumors.

Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, arguably the most reliable Apple analyst in the world, is reporting in a note to clients, a copy of which was obtained by MacRumors, that aside from upgrading the back shooter to twelve megapixels, the front-facing camera on the new phones will be five megapixels.

He surprisingly wrote the devices won’t feature sapphire cover because it’s failed drop tests, forcing the new phones back to ion-strengthened glass. “The new iPhone may not be equipped with sapphire cover lens, as it still has quality issues on the drop test,” reads the analyst’s note to clients.

Kuo also reaffirmed that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will indeed be offered in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB storage capacities, the same sizes available for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Well-known gadget leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer first alluded that the 16GB tier won’t be going away anytime soon based on a leaked photo of purported iPhone 6s packaging.

Back in July, a supposed internal document posted on Chinese microblogging website Weibo first suggested a five-megapixel front camera upgrade on the upcoming iPhones.

I must say that I’m way more excited about the front-camera boost than the vastly improved back-facing 12-megapixel shooter with 4K video capture. I’m sick and tired of grainy selfies due to the iPhone’s sub-par front camera which shoots 720p video but takes only paltry 1.3-megapixel photos.

The new iPhones should include Force Touch screens, a more reliable Touch ID, a new rose gold color option to match the Apple Watch, faster processors and wireless, enhanced cameras and other perks.

The phones are up for an announcement at Apple’s event next Wednesday, alongside the iPad Pro, iPad mini 4 and a vastly improved Apple TV set-top box.

Source: MacRumors

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Wow I know the S models are the ones that get the newer features but this one seems like its more than usual. As a 6 Plus user, I’m getting really jealous.

    • Scott

      The 6s will improve your selfie profile pic, lookin grainy

    • Rupinder

      Right? But holding off another year will make it that much more worth it, since we’ll get a new design AND upgrade internals.

      • Santana

        Hey but maybe you can hold off 10 year and get a way better iphone

      • Rupinder

        If ten years with the same phone is ideal for you, then sure, you’re still supporting my logic.

      • besrate hogsa

        just to make a comment
        you have to add 9 years?
        he is stating the fact
        you on the other hand talking about MAYBES

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        I know but I dont like waiting! wahhh. lol

      • Rupinder

        I knowwww, phones are an expensive “hobby” haha, in not ready to spend that much, especially after spending a grand on my 6 not even a full year ago.

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        Are you on a contract or do you just buy full price?

      • DevXav

        That’s exactly what I do..

        Right now i own an iPhone 5S 64Gb, holding it for almost 2 years now and i will upgrade to the 6S Plus 128gb.

        This strategy is totally worth it and i have been doing this since iPhone 3GS and 4S..

      • Rowan09

        Since the big 3 are getting rid of contracts (t-mobile already did) it doesn’t cost much to just sell and upgrade every. I sell my old devices for about 600+ and pay about $200 for the new device every year.

      • DevXav

        I see..
        Lucky you that you live in the US..

        Im fom Brazil and, well, we are years behind this kind of possibility.. 🙁

        The only option i have here is to sell my phone and buy a new one..

      • I love the strategy, as it is my exact own as well. Aren’t you the one that mentioned a long time ago though that it was cheaper for you to get on a plane to Miami, buy a new iPhone and then get back on the plane, than it is to buy a new iPhone in Brazil? That is just crazy to me and a story I have told many times to people since your post. If that was you of course…

      • DevXav

        Wow, that’s right! It’s me!
        It’s nice you remembered!

        And that story is still stands true!

        Also, just a few days ago our president Dilma announced a new tax increase in eletronics, so now it’s even better to travel to Miami and buy an iPhone + MacBook than come back do Brazil instead of buying it here..

        Sad but true.. 🙁

      • besrate hogsa

        I do think that is the smart way
        the “S” is for suckers

      • DevXav


        Something you seem not to be.

      • besrate hogsa

        thank you for figuring that out
        smart man

  • Hi

    iPhone 6S /6S Plus ==== iPhone selfie /Plus?

  • Martynet

    I wonder if there will be any feature which is not leaked… I want at least one surprise 🙂

    • BooBee

      Agreed! It seems like since Steve’s passing everything gets leaked big time. I miss that feeling of surprise and being wow’d.

      • Scott

        Just don’t read IDB or 9to5mac daily then, and don’t read cult of mac in general…awful website

      • Totally agree with you on that. Nothing is ever a surprise anymore when that oh holy Tuesday comes…

    • iPhoneWINS

      i dont care

  • iPhoneWINS

    5 mp is nop loger a big selling appoint when they can easily get a 10mp camera on the front..lol

    • I have to agree with this too, as a 5MP camera to me is kind of an embarrassment to even announce as “big news” in 2015 IMO

      • Rowan09

        I guess Samsung must be embarrassed the Note 5 and Edge 6+ are upgraded to 5MP too huh? (Note 4 3.7MP and S5 2MP)

    • BooBee

      5 MP is a big deal when Apple has been using a dismal 1.2 Mp for practically a decade now. It’ll be nice to have better front facing photos especially if it has a small flash built in as well.

  • Jamessmooth

    LOL selfie game not on point as it could be, Christian? 😀

  • Joey

    I predicted these before KGI did.

  • Welcome to 2012 Apple! lmao at how slow they have updated the cameras on the iPhone

  • Bakancs Csaba

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