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Apple’s upcoming News app will feature content from more than 50 publishers, reports Recode. That’s up significantly from the 18 it had commitments from in June, when the app was introduced, suggesting that Apple has been busy these last few months promoting the new platform.

For those that missed the WWDC unveiling, the News app is a Flipboard-like application coming to iPhones and iPads in iOS 9. The goal of the app is to present users with curated news stories and other interesting content through a beautiful UI that makes the experience more enjoyable.

Here’s a demo of how content may look in the News app, via Conde Nast Traveler:

Publishers are interested in the platform for a few reasons. One is Apple’s distribution—hundreds of millions of devices will have the News app installed by default. Another is the terms Apple is offering: keep 100% of the revenue for ads you sell and 70% for those it backfills, for a flat fee.

This model provides a safe-haven of sorts for publishers worried about the arrival of iOS 9 and its support for ad blockers. The update will, for the first time, allow developers to create apps that block advertisements while browsing the web. In fact, some are already available for iOS 9 beta.

There’s no word on when a public version of the News app will become available, but it should land alongside iOS 9. We don’t have an exact launch date for iOS 9 either, but with Apple’s iPhone event coming up next Wednesday, it seems likely that we’ll see it within the next few weeks.

Source: Recode

  • Marcus

    So a news publisher has to be approved by Apple before they can get on the Apple News app? That’s dumb. It would be nice if you could add like a URL or something and it configures the news source to the app.

    • Fede777

      You can.

      In Safari, there’s also a feature that will let you add any RSS feed to News by visiting a site and choosing “Add to News.”

      • Marcus

        Thanks for the response. I’m really looking forward to using the Apple News app. I wonder if I can comment on iDB articles using Disqus in the News app…

  • Matheus Lisboa

    I’m really in love with the news app so far… hope it comes to my country soon so the local newspaper will be able to add the local news

  • George

    I wonder how many websites are gonna shut down after ad blocker in ios9, good luck IDB.

    • :D

      Just because it’s there, it doesn’t mean that everyone will use it! Even on previous iOS versions, it’s really easy to set up ad blockers – jailbreak or not. Besides, idb makes loads of money, probably even more, through other means.

      • George

        Well apple tends to make everything mainstream.

    • It’s a content blocker not an ad blocker. It’s designed to protect ones privacy by removing things such as tracking scripts. If Ads track people or are intrusive then they have to go. The advertising industry needs to respond to ad blockers since it is not acceptable for ads to take up 3/4 of the page or flash annoyingly or track users. I’m not anti-advertising I’m just anti-intrusive-content and anti-tracking.

      There are also ways to make money without ads too. iDB could for example could do sponsored content (full disclosure of course).

  • James G

    I see iDB articles in News but your icon is an opaque square. Fix!

    • John

      I think this is supposed to translate to something like “Hey iDB, I noticed that your icon is an opaque square and even though I know iOS 9 is not available to the public I thought I should let you know so you can fix it before it goes live.”

      Some people can be pretty rude.

      • James G

        I was more curt than rude.

  • Farid Ahmed

    News app is not visible in public beta 3 on my 5s, anyone facing same?

    • Kyle

      You must set your region to either the US, UK or Australia in the settings app. After that, reboot and voilá.

      • Farid Ahmed


      • John

        Correction. It’s not available in Australia.
        At least on my iPhone 6 Plus, running the latest beta.

      • Farid Ahmed

        Tried with US and it worked

      • John

        Yup. Works if your settings are set to America but not if they are set to Australia.

      • Kyle

        But at WWDC this woman said it’s going to be available in AU too …

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