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The next-generation Apple TV will launch in October for less than $200, reports 9to5Mac. Citing sources familiar with the matter, the outlet claims that company executives are still finalizing pricing, but the latest options call for a starting price of either $149 or $199.

Since this will be considerably more expensive than other streaming media devices on the market, 9to5Mac says that Apple plans to keep the current third-gen Apple TV around. Its more modest $69 price tag will serve as an entry-level product into the Apple TV line.

This older set-top box will be compatible with Apple’s upcoming streaming TV service, which is expected to launch via an update sometime next year. It will not, however, support the rumored Siri-input option for voice control or the App Store with native apps and games.

These features will be exclusive to this year’s new Apple TV, along with its faster processor and refreshed user interface. The device is also said to include a new remote control, with a built-in touchpad, microphone for voice search and Nintendo Wii-like motion sensors.

Apple is expected to unveil its new set-top box, alongside updated iPhones, at a media event in San Francisco on September 9. It’s rumored that the company is also looking to introduce new iPads at the event, but it’s possible they’ll do this at a standalone event in October.

Source: 9to5Mac

  • Ian

    Is that not a little pricey?

    • iBanks


      • John Wickham

        Compared to $69? Yes. I understand there are more features, but raising the price by just under 300% is surprising.

      • BWarren89

        I don’t know what kind of math you’re doing but if it;s 149 thats about a 100% increase, if its 199 thats less than a 200% increase…

      • iBanks

        There was a time that’s an Apple TV was $299.

      • Mr.Coolfreak

        and there was a time when computers were 20K

      • George


      • therealjjohnson

        There was a time that you received 40GB of storage for that $299 too.

    • Virus

      Yeah that’s what I’m thinking I heard it comes with a touch screen remote but that just seems pointless if I own an iPhone why not just make a app for a smart phone and sell the box for like $69-99

      • Rowan09

        If it has a hard drive that’s 16GB plus then I see why they would be selling it for more. I love my fire TV and fire TV stick but 8GB (5GB usable) is just not enough.

      • Aaron de Silva

        I would prefer just updating the current gen Apple TV with the new interface and allow iPhone/iPad users to use their I devices as remote that can run similarly to the new remote. I definitely think the interface needs upgrading.

  • iBanks

    Cool. I’ll have one.

  • Rob Floyd

    Let’s hope this one can be jailbroken

  • Vince Reedy

    I think sales on this will be lackluster unless they can provide some details on the supposed TV service. I don’t think they can by 9/9 and that will cause me to wait. I just don’t have a lot of use for iOS games on my TV. IMO they just aren’t good enough to buy a $200 box to play them when I already have an $800 device.

    • Elias Chao

      I think that developers will make great stuff for it now it will *allegedly* have an Appstore. I’m not trying to justify the price, at all. But we’ll see if it worth it when they finally show it to everyone.

  • :D

    Competing boxes are so much cheaper though. I don’t think this’ll work out at this price.

    • Rowan09

      Yes without any hard drive space so that might be the difference.

  • Wha??? If it’s over 99.99 forget it. Never crossed my mind it would be higher then that. Nothing they add will make it worth more.

    • Vince Reedy

      If it streams cable at $40 a month or less, it’s worth $200 to me. This is the only functionality I am looking forward to. I know homekit will be cool and developers will have a field day with it, but live TV is most important to me.

  • Chris Ryan

    price is a bit steep, but if it can be jailbroken to run KODI, it would be worth it

    • Ali

      If all you want is Kodi, then why not get a Raspberry Pi or something?

      • Chris Ryan

        Probably could Ali. I just have only used apple in the past so I don’t know anything at all about raspberry, that’s all

  • George

    Why aren’t you guys reporting about the smaller batteries in the iPhone 6s? Thicker with smaller batteries wtf?

    • n0ahcruz3

      Lol I’ve mentioned this a few days ago… They could’ve garnered lots of clicks if they published it here.

      • George

        I guess they don’t want to post negative news.

  • James G

    Apple leaks price at $149 to $199 and rolls it out at $99 so everyone thinks it’s so great. Nonsense. It’ll be $99. They won’t price themselves too high compared to Roku and FireTV otherwise they won’t regain the marketshare they’ve been losing lately.

    Just my expectation, though.

    • Vince Reedy

      I don’t doubt the $199 price tag

      • James G

        They’ll price themselves right out of competition. I just don’t see them making this mistake after investing so much to move this from a hobby to something more significant. They’ll make returns on Apps and subscriptions, not the hardware.

      • James G

        You were correct, sir!

  • dudeimmexican

    Apple can suck a big one. Price is abs(t)urd

  • Hussain Alsanona

    We’ll see what features has to be priced $199.

  • Xee

    $50 – $100 is the price range I would be interested in. Needs to have App Store too!

  • Scott

    Been an Apple TV user for all the generations, and while the price increase doesn’t bother me numbers-wise I don’t really get it. If the old one (gen 3) can handle the streaming service then what’s the point? The hard drive? Meh. Siri? You’ve got to be kidding. Let’s see the service.