aTV Flash (black) Apple TV 2 YouTube

By this point, you may have forgotten about your Apple TV 2, but the folks over at FireCore sure haven’t. Today, they released a new version of the popular aTV Flash (black) tool for jailbroken Apple TV 2s.

aTV Flash black is a tool with a suite of features that can transform and supercharge your Apple TV 2. It’s basically a way to add a ton of new functionality to Apple’s long-neglected little streaming box.

We’ve covered aTV Flash (black) plenty of times in the past, and it continues to be one of the reasons for owning (and holding on to) an Apple TV 2. This latest update to aTV Flash (black) brings the version number up to 2.6, and adds YouTube functionality back into the mix.

aTV Flash (black) Apple TV 2 YouTube 2

If you can remember, the YouTube channel was removed from the Apple TV 2 last April, while newer Apple TV 3’s retain the YouTube functionality. The removal of the YouTube app was a part of Google’s effort to streamline and sunset YouTube access for older versions of iOS, which unfortunately included the Apple TV 2nd-generation set top box.

“As we upgrade the YouTube Data API to bring more features, we’ll begin shutting down the old version on April 20, 2015. This will result in the current YouTube app not working on certain device models from 2012 and older,” Google wrote.

With aTV Flash (black) version 2.6, FireCore adds back the long lost YouTube functionality by means of a clever plugin. The new YouTube plugin works on any ATV2 running Apple TV 5.3 or later. Of course, you’ll need to be running a jailbroken Apple TV 2 in order to install aTV Flash (black).

Here’s what FireCore says about the new YouTube functionality:

The new YouTube plugin for ATV2 allows for browsing of popular videos as well as searching for videos, channels, users, or playlists. We’re also working on a few other neat options for subsquent releases, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for updates.

It’s been a while since I’ve messed with my Apple TV 2, but I’m going to see if I can get the latest aTV Flash (black) installed on my device. If I do, I’ll be sure to report back with a tutorial and a demonstration of the new YouTube plugin.

Do you still use an Apple TV 2? If so, does this news make you happy?

  • Sadly, it looks like my aTV 2 was updated, and thus can no longer be jailbroken. I must have updated it and forgot.

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      Hopefully in the future it will be jailbroken on iOS 8 or 9 (6.0) then you can have all the options you desire.

    • Vince Reedy

      I’ve always been able to downgrade via seas0npass.

      • Vince Reedy

        Just restored to latest firmware and jailbroke via seas0npass this morning, no issues.

      • Glen

        Yes, my ATV 2 was running 6.2.1 and Seas0nPass was able to downgrade and jailbreak for me.

    • Gerardo Castro

      Kodi dropped support for it in the latest release, so you’re fine there I guess.

    • TimCookies

      Sadly, it looks as though all your detailed posts of the past were meaningless to this journalist. Forget updates, forget blobs (lol),and just do it. Level of diffficulty = beginner.To be clear, Apple is signing 6.1.4 (a/k/a 5.3) and 7.1.2. So, Jeff, tell us why you have not yet posted the highly anticipated how to video detailing the new FireCore tool w/ YouTube OMG!!!

    • Lorenzo De Linares

      Jeff, Apple TV firmware 5.3 is still being signed. Go and downgrade!

  • Joseph Silva

    Can’t you always downgrade via iTunes ? With a 5.3 Atv2 ipsw ?

    • If Apple isn’t signing it then no.

      • Joseph Silva

        I just restored mine to 5.3 a couple days ago ?

      • According to ipsw .me/AppleTV2,1 the only firmwares being signed are “6.1.4” and “7.1.2” so unless there’s a way to downgrade an Apple TV 2 to any firmware you shouldn’t have been able to do it.

      • Arjan Vlek

        You need the 6.1.4 one as the Apple TV uses a different version inside.

      • Orion Reyes

        Yes the Firmware 6.1.4 aka 5.3 is still being signed, and the ATV2 can still be downgraded. A simple google search will lead you to guides on how to do this, most from this blog. I can’t believe that Jeff says that he can’t jailbreak his ATV2

  • Xee

    Any aTV4 news Jeff?

  • ProSzakal Aszakal

    Just for you know guys, Apple is signing iOS 5.3 so you can downgrade without any problems, I did it today.

  • CryptoCoin420

    I used to love my Jailbroken Apple TV II, i had 2 of them. But they SUCK compared to new devices that are cheaper and do the exact same thing. only functionality i really miss is airplay. But my Amazon FireTV and Amazon Fire Stick can run KODI formally known as XBMC and runs 1channel and any other plugin way more smoothly than my Apple TVs ever did. They always reboot due to low memory, the firestick has 2 GB of memory vs only 256 or 512 that the apple tv had. The hardware is old and being left in the dust. The developer who is in charge of KODI is no longer supporting the Apple TV due to its lack of good hardware and issues. I love my Amazon firestick and sometimes you can pick them up cheap. There was a sale at Best Buy about 3 weeks ago and I got 3 of them for 75 bucks! Cant beat that! Plus I sold both of my Apple tvs on Ebay for more than I paid for them!

  • Phil Gamboa

    I wanted a fresh install of 5.3 (6.1.4), so I verified that 5.3 (6.1.4) is still being signed. Downloaded IPSW and restored in iTunes (holding option key – then selecting the IPSW). Took me a little while because I forgot the order of which to jailbreak. Had to jailbreak using Seas0npass first, then firecore. All good with a fresh install of 5.3 (6.1.4), XBMC is gone but Kodi now installed. Don’t use YouTube on ATV but will check it out later today. I still use Kodi while on the road.

  • Mike

    I have two atv2’s. I want to update them so bad as they are buggy as hell and hulu doesn’t work on them at all. I just use a hard drive connected to a airport extreme for movies and tv shows. Been doing it this set up since my atv1