Logic Pro X

Apple’s professional recording software, Logic Pro X, just received a big update that brings several new features to the table. The update, which beings Logic Pro X to version 10.2, introduces a new sample manipulation synthesizer dubbed Alchemy.

Alchemy is labeled as a next-gen synth plug-in with multiple sound generators and over 2,000 presents for all types of music genres like EDM, dance, and rock. It brings the ability to combine up to four synthesizer modules to create multi-layered sounds, and includes a wide selection of analog and special effect filters for producing complex sounds.

I personally use Logic Pro X to mix our two podcasts, but I know that I’m just scratching the surface of what this incredibly powerful app can do. And now, it just got that much more powerful with the introduction of Alchemy, support for the Force Touch trackpad, Apple Music Connect sharing, and more.

Here is the full change log for Logic Pro X 10.2, released on August 25, 2015:

Logic Pro X 10.2 Change Log

Logic Pro X goes for $199 on the Mac App Store, but that’s a one time fee. With an app like Adobe’s Audition, the cost for entry is cheaper, but the long term price will probably end up being way more than dropping $200 bucks on Logic Pro X.

I’ve personally seen producers create amazing sounds and full songs with Logic Pro. If you’re a Mac user, and you’re ready to graduate from Garageband, then this is the obvious next step.

Alchemy Logic Pro X 10.2

For everyone who says that Apple is no longer catering to the pro crowd, or that it no longer cares about its professional apps, that’s obviously not the case, as you can see with this latest update.

What do you think? Are your a Logic Pro X user? Meet me down in the comments with your opinion.

  • Ashley Bernard

    I have been a Logic user since buying Logic express in 2010. Logic pro x brought fantastic enhancements into the pro version of logic, and I plan to download the new update when I finish writing this comment. As a music producer/singer songwriter, I use Logic constantly and it greatly surpasses Garage Band’s capabilities. If you can look at Logic Pro X and say Apple doesn’t care about pro apps, then maybe you need your eyes checked.

  • Matheus Lisboa

    I’ve really tried to incorporate logic in my workflow, but I just can’t! I keep getting drawn to Live

  • It’s great to see that Apple has not abandoned the pro musicians and filmmakers like they did photographers.. but.. It would be a hard sell for me to drop 200$ and then have Apple decide, on the whim, to stop support altogether and tell users to just use Adobe products… they did this with Aperture so I am really cautious about where I put my money and confidence.

    Maybe when Apple mature their Photos for OSX app to add more pro features and prove that they are willing to make it up to the pro/enthusiast photographers, I might consider it.. for now, I am closely looking into Pro Tools and Reason for my Mac music making needs.