Infuse 3 teaser 004

FireCore updated its versatile media player Infuse 3 for iPhone and iPad today, bringing the app to version 3.5. The update brings about a number of improvements, including faster SMB browsing and a fix for those having AirPlay issues.

Additionally, 3.5 adds support for passcode and Touch ID locking, meaning you can now secure the app using one of these options. This way, videos and other media files you’d like to keep private can only be accessed via proper authentication.

From FireCore’s blog:

Infuse 3.5 is now available, and features a few small additions to help spruce things up before the release of iOS 9 this fall. Most notable are new options for securing Infuse with a passcode and Touch ID, along with a number of under the hood improvements to keep things running smoothly.

If you’ve never used Infuse 3, I recommend giving it a shot. It’s well-designed, and plays just about any type of media file stored on your Mac, PC, NAS, Wi-Fi hard drive, or from apps like Plex and Kodi. Plus it supports AirPlay and Google Cast.

You can find Infuse 3 in the App Store for free, although be aware that many features are locked behind in-app purchases.

  • rafaelpz

    This is really the best video player.

    • askep3

      Sorry I didn’t mean that comment as a reply to you.

      • rafaelpz

        That’s all right.

  • askep3

    How does infuse with an nas compare to plex and a of (assuming you are only using the plex client on iOS devices to keep it fair).

    Edit: By keep it fair I mean that I know that one of plex’s best features is its availability on almost all platforms, but that’s not what I’m interested about, I want to know how it feels to use infuse with an nas in comparison to plex.

    • Niclas

      The differences is that Plex is server based and Infuse is client based.
      Otherwise, they’re both good.
      Infuse has DTS support, Plex has DTS transcoding.

      • askep3

        Ok, thanks!