Force Touch iPhone concept Maximilian Kiener 001

Force Touch parts for Apple’s upcoming ‘iPhone 6s’ and ‘iPhone 6s Plus’ phones have recently begun shipping in volume.

We even recently got our glimpse into the implementation of a force sensing layer on a leaked iPhone 6s screen. That being said, some people continue to be puzzled as to what benefits, if any, Force Touch would bring to their iPhone experience.

Maximilian Kiener set out to create a nice mockup video which gives us a good idea how pressing an iPhone’s screen firmly could be a valuable user interface shortcut.

Weiner has envisioned using Force Touch to quickly jump to any Settings menu without needing to launch the Settings app and navigate to the right section. The video illustrates how hard-pressing the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi icon in Control Center would immediately take you to the corresponding section within the Settings app.

“Historically, settings has been one of the domains where Android had a UX lead over iOS,” Kiener said. “To introduce a universal interaction for improving it at this maturity-stage of the OS would be a big deal.”

No that I’ve seen this video, I must admit that I’m sold on Force Touch iPhones.


Source: Maximilian Kiener via Cult of Mac

  • brian.

    Count me a little confused on this one. I don’t see how force touch make this possible, when a long-press could do the same thing, just like in Android.

    I think force touch would be amazing for have pressure sensitivity for doing things like signing documents or drawing without the need of a Bluetooth stylus.

    I think force touch is nice to have, but it certainly doesn’t change too much. Unless I’m wrong. Maybe I’m missing something.

    • I’m with you completely. Even on the apple watch it could simply be a tap and hold for a long press to activate the same menu.. No real need for the force touch. Wasted resources imo.

      • JoJo

        You have absolutely no clue what Apple exactly plans to do with force touch, no one but Apple does as of this moment. Yet you have already decided in all your wisdom that it is a waist of resources. Well done. You should apply for a Job at Apple, I’m sure they can use your insights on some projects since you obviously know better then a multi-billion company what to do with their resources.

      • Gregg

        Wow, tell us how you REALLY feel… Overreact much?

      • 空白

        He just dropped that dude. So…?

      • Gregg

        So… uncalled for, unnecessary, uncivilized, un….. Get it?

      • They waste it on things like force touch :). Are you Tim Cook or something..

      • Shinonuke

        Yeah these guys the ones that make quick judgment then later change their minds after they get to play with it. Full application disclosure is available yet so it is best to wait and see how it is really used. Anyhow, I am hoping this force touch thing allow me to apply race car games the way I want to. Like gas pedaling braking based on how hard I press on the screen.

      • Except I have used force touch on my apple watch and its not really a feature.. We are talking about how it is invoked not what it is used for…

      • Micrones

        Over reacting to his opinion!!
        Seems you owe some Apple stocks! Some Apple Zealots just make you wonder!!

      • Rak S

        LOL… A bit over sensitive aren’t we.
        Sure he doesn’t have all the info yet, but he can be pessimistic if he likes.

      • That was a bit of an excessive reaction. Anyone would think you were replying to an Android fan. Get a grip man.

      • Kong Fury

        Either way rather than make a hasty judgment I would suggest we wait and see what Apple plans to do with the technology going forward. I have an apple watch as well and would agree the use on the watch seems limited and more sugar than substance. However I also believe as with all new hardware you build the software around it over time as you iterate over development cycles. The idea being you have to start somewhere to begin learning the potential. 🙂

    • MAX

      The buttons in iOS react differently. They perform the action by releasing them. So you are able to abort an action, if you move your finger over the screen, away from the button, and release it there. I also think it’s easier for some handicapped people.

      • brian.

        It might make it easier for handicapped people. But Android works the same way, it’s only when you release the screen when the action is performed, if it doesn’t have a longpress behind it. This is easily tested if you hold down your desktop to switch wallpapers, tap and hold the wallpaper button and let go.

        I would say that this is a good argument coming from someone who has disabilities and might not be able to tap a button fast enough. Yet, this is a huge problem for iOS when you want to open an app from springboard. Springboard activates the “App Jiggle” if you long press.

        Again, I don’t understand how most of this stuff cannot be handled with a longpress. And it would be a huge disadvantage for those with an iPhone 6 and 6 Plus if they cannot do these new actions because of the lack of force touch.

      • Phil Randle

        I think a long press would suck, it would end up in accidental presses. It should be implemented like on the MacBook trackpad.

        Being able to force press in to use functions that would usually be reserved for awkward gestures.

        Like define, on a normal trackpad that is a three finger tab, on the force touch trackpad it’s click on the word and push down.

        It’s a whole new set of utilities that developers can program for, the Apple Watch does it well, force touching to edit alarms, clear notifications etc, and all with feedback so the user knows it’s been performed.

        Anyone who thinks that could be a touch and hold gesture isn’t thinking about User experience, there needs to be a differentiation so the user knows what they have pressed.

      • brian.

        You’re certainly right about the utilities that programmers can use to make all kinds of function.

        However, I’m not sure if it’s not going to be more confusing than a long press. Apple doesn’t use long press a lot, but they do. Sometimes, they might be in conflict with each other. I think there might be some false positives coming from the force touch when someone wants to just tap and hole, to move icons and such. Only time will tell. Eventually, if they offer a compelling case on how this works on a phone, then it would be something that everyone should implement in some way. For now, I’m just not convinced as to why. To me it’s sort of like NFC. The why wasn’t there for a while, now it’s beginning to show how it can be very useful.

        In this video, it shows force touch for sure, but it just doesn’t show a good example of how force touch can be implemented.

      • Kong Fury

        I would also suggest force touch expresses more intention. Consider your keyboard on your computer. Now imagine the concept of a keyboard with no tactile response. Force touch not only allows the user to express intention but the hardware to appropriately respond as having recognized that intention and provide realtime feedback.

        Blackberry attempted something similar, albeit far more limited, years ago with the Storm. When the user pressed hard on the screen it would physically click. There have also been tweaks in the jailbreak community for years to provide haptic response feedback to user interactions for button presses, typing, etc.

        The concept is not new, rather the technical implementation in this case is. I would also suggest this specific implementation yields more promise and has the potential for a far more rich UI/UX. We should not look at the Apple watch feature set implementation of Force Touch as final or complete; or as a preview of what to expect going forward. This is a new metaphor in Apple’s UI/UX space and will develop over time. 😉

    • Pretty much, force touch is just a buzz word for remarketting a digitizer and the right-click button.

      • brian.

        I’d say so. This just seems like one of those solutions kind of like the old Astronaut stories about how the NASA spend so much money developing a pen that can write in space and the USSR just used a pencil.

      • Aniket Bhatt

        They used pencils, but the leads sometimes broke and became a hazard by floating in the around where there was no gravity. They could float into an eye or nose or cause a short in an electrical device. In addition, both the lead and the wood of the pencil could burn rapidly in the pure oxygen atmosphere. The developed pens didn’t cost tons of money either

      • Abhinav Chaudhary

        Actually using pencil in space is a bad idea, the lead can break off and get into someone’s eye and this is the reason why NASA spent so much money.

      • brian.

        Good point (no pun intended). I was just using it as an antidote. Thanks for the fact check.

      • Gregg

        An anecdote. An antidote is what you need after you’ve swallowed some poison, before your time runs out and it’s game over 😉

      • brian.

        Ahh yes, I do like that typo. I don’t think it was an auto correct mistake. I think I just didn’t see it after I typed it.

      • Gregg

        It’s all good, no harm, no foul 🙂

      • Lemerio P.


      • Mr_Coldharbour

        Took the words right out of my mouth. I agree completely. As someone here already said, couldn’t a long-press/tap and hold yield the same function? Why put in an entirely new component? I don’t see the use of this.

      • I beleive it’s Apple’s way of slowly eating their own words of “If it’s got a stylus, they blew it”.

        They’ve already patented (bit. ly/1P7lwLy) a fancy stylus that’s said to be capable of writing on any surface and transmitting it back to the device it’s linked to; similar to what HP did with their Pro Slate 12 Android Tablet here (http://bit. ly/1gLg1qz). I beleive Apple will eventually make a proprietary digitizer pen available on the market for all their force-touch-equipped devices (probably when they unveil the iPad Pro, a.k.a. their refrigerator toaster), taking advantage of the pressure sensitivity aspect of force-touch and giving similar benefits as Samsumg’s Note Phablets and Microsoft’s Surface Tablets (http://bit. ly/1gLgf0X) (http://bit. ly/1gLgaud).

      • Micrones

        I agree!!!

    • Joey_Z

      If Apple can pack this in without increasing the price, then why not? You can assign long press to something else, or let the force touch do something else. Always useful to have one more dimension to give commands.

      • brian.

        I agree. Why not have it in the phone? I think there are advantages to it. It’s probably something that jailbreakers would have a field day with, but Apple will be modest at first. But this video does not show a good example of force touch being used for anything new.

    • PJ

      The biggest benefit for this is as you said, writing and drawing (and other mediums) where pressure and sensitivity counts the most. Which in and of itself is worth having the feature for.

    • It’s not just long-tap. You’re forgetting that Force Touch measures force applied to the screen so, for example, on MacBooks with Force Touch trackpads you can scrub through a video in QuickTime quickly depending on how hard you press the fast forward button

      • Micrones

        That is debatable as a compelling feature, i have it on my MBP and its not something that wowed me per say. so on a phone i don’t see it being a strong selling feature.

      • brian.

        Correct. I know it’s not just a long-tap. There are advantages to it, it adds another layer of touch gestures. The way I’ve seen it is that scrubbing with your finger is really much more preferred for me than hard pressing the fast forward icon.

        I’m not against this technology. Having used it, it’s pretty cool, but not really amazing unless given a pretty unique case that alternatives cannot match. This video can be solved with a long press, the fast forward icon can be solved with tapping more than once on a fast forward icon if the apps just wrote it into their code.

      • Rak S

        Sio it’s kinda like an analogue trigger on a Playstation controller… Excuse the pun but that’s hardly a game changer

      • Benedict

        Why they don’t just mesure the size of the area the finger ist touching instead of developing a complicated mechanism? It makes a difference if you press soft or hard with your finger regarding the covered area on the digitizer – if it would be somehow useful on mobiles.

    • Guy

      I agree, press and hold is something Apple can do now. It’s something I wanted to see added in iOS 9. I’m more excited for increased Ram size. If the rumors are true. Tried of Apps always refreshing.

    • Tim

      Except that a force touch can be executed way faster than a long press, no waiting.

      • brian.

        True. I’ve used an apple watch and it is quicker at some points. But don’t just discount long press as being something that takes ages. I’d say the difference would probably be negligible. But for those that know the force touch is there, it would be a little faster.

      • I think the time you use to place you finger then apply the pressure takes the same amount to time to double tap.

    • Senith Deelaka Ranchagoda

      They could simply add another set of interactions.. So new interactions will be
      1. Normal tap
      2. Normal tap and hold
      3. Force touch
      4. Force touch and hold..
      It might sound complicated..
      But will be useful in many apps reducing steps to do a task..

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking. In the concept in this video, there’s really no need for force touch.

  • Why do we need Force Touch just to do a long press on a toggle? Seems kind of pointless.

    • Jason Baroni

      # Hype

    • Senith Deelaka Ranchagoda

      Instead of current 2 ways of interacting with the phone they could as another 2..
      1. Normal Tap
      2. Normal tap and hold
      3. Force touch
      4. Force touch and hold..
      Might sound complicated but will be useful in many apps.. And will reduce amount of steps that requires to do a task..

  • Jordan

    Lol this is actually hilarious, it’s definitely an application of force touch but it isn’t anything that can’t be done without the technology.

  • Nicholas Osborne

    What about the iPad Air?

  • emmanuel fernandez


  • ⠨⠞⠓⠕⠍⠁⠎ ⠨⠺⠪⠇⠅

    The Wallpaper. What is it?

  • Jonathan

    “No that I’ve seen this video…”
    I think you mean “Now” 🙂

    • throttle clutch e brake

      we “no”

      • Jonathan

        know I don’t think that’s what you mean.

      • Jeffrey

        You really don’t no english grammar do you?

      • Jonathan

        I guess I doesn’t. 😀

      • Jeffrey

        Hahah, that’s know problem man

      • Jonathan

        Thank’s. I appreciated its.

      • Jeffrey

        Lol wear so funny 🙂

      • Jonathan

        indead we is.

  • Anonymous

    The video is a bit vague, especially after reading the comments. I’m still for force touch if indeed it is coming. Just because i know apple would have it reasons for the tech. But other comments do disprove force touch being necessary for this action, not to mention the jailbreak sense has been able to create these action with out force touch. I think apple is thinking something else if they are bringing it to iOS.

  • This Guy

    The guy in the video talks as if it’s already a thing, and that he’s showing it off. But it doesn’t even exist.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Not good enough to convince me. Bundle it with gummy bears and i will be all over it!

  • Light

    You can basically make a tweak that lets you do this by tapping and holding the toggle with a vibration for confirmation.

  • aren’t there jailbreaks that already do this? No force touch needed.

  • Johnny Bravo


  • Eddie Hines

    i can do that with a jailbreak already

    • Lucus Bendzsa

      Picture Activator with force touch.

    • Joey_Z

      ForceTouch will make Activator even more powerful

  • Lucus Bendzsa

    I was the biggest opponent of this feature ever since I heard of it. I use this in my watch all the time but my phone!?

    This is the right-click for iPhones. It provides a secondary measure of input.

    I remember when everybody bashed computers because they came with two buttons Laugh Out Loud.

    Also picture this with Activator‼️‼️‼️‼️
    Jailbreak solves this for me.

  • Tj Graves

    so in other words, they’re just gonna rip off another jailbreak tweak is what I’m getting from this. because that’s honestly what they’re doing lol.

    • This video is in no way related to or endorsed by apple. Calm down.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Let’s make the display all the more fragile, because the current iPhone is just a tank! *sarcasm* As Jeff already said, I wouldn’t be surprised if (with just enough force) someone could press clean through the display and their finger comes out the other end of the phone.

    • Abhijeet Gupta

      hahaha.. Apple charging 200 $ to replace the phone., I see apple’s stock pile increasing

    • Chris

      You would first need to push through the glass, internal components, battery and the rear of the case.

      Doubt anyone could apply so much force to achieve that.

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        I was only half serious about that part. But in all seriousness, there are iPhone 6’s and 6 Pluses that have issues with clicking screens (if you tap in certain areas you’ll get a clicking sound), adding any more layers or gaps for this component no matter how minute of a gap it may be, it is just going to open up another can of worms for Apple in terms of device quality/sturdiness.

  • J. Rockwell

    So we jailbreakers already have this in Polus. Jailbreakers win again….and again…..and again.

    • barney phife

      I only add 5 to 6 jailbreak tweaks. Polus is one of them!

      • Tim242

        If you don’t mind me asking. Which one’s?

      • barney phife

        Virtual Home 8 (for the Touch ID)
        SwipeSelection Pro & ShowCase (for the keyboard)
        FolderEnhancer (to make my folders look better)
        Dim (brightness control in low light)
        Polus (Advanced Control Center modification)

        I usually have LastApp on this list, but it has yet to be updated. I try to install as little as possible to keep my iPhone 6+ running smooth.

      • J. Rockwell

        It looks like ShowCase, and Polus are going to be copied by Apple in iOS 9. At Least parts of Polus. Hopefully they integrate SwipeSelection in iOS9. I can’t believe they haven’t yet.

      • From the keynote swipeselection is in ios9

  • David Fabian

    I could see Force Touch eventually replacing the home button to activate the app switcher. There have been rumors of a home button-less iPhone for a while, Force Touch could be part of that effort in some way.

  • Well force touch on a bigger screen doesn’t really seem to make sense. Also if they make it like that they better have some things in place as far as security goes because there’s a major breach right there in the video allowing settings to come up on a lock screen.

  • I already have QuickActivator set up to do this exact function, with a long press to perform additional actions.

  • Himanshu Oberoi

    What is that funny sound while force touch Bluethooth Icon?

    • ericesque

      I believe it’s the phone vibrating on the table.

  • Ryan

    Not even close

  • Force touch would be really useful in games I suppose.

  • Eni

    Apple consumers these days, oh plz apple add new things, as soon as Apple adds smth, oh apple that is unnecessary. come on guys just wait until we see the final product ok 🙂

  • Rusty

    “…Weiner has envisioned…”

    Weiner has spoken. All hail Weiner.

  • throttle clutch e brake

    What’s the real point here. Couldn’t a developer implement “force touch” gestures into the OS already? No need to characterize a simple screen for the real OS processing the function

  • ck125

    Is his name keiner or wiener? Better fix it in the fourth paragraph that starts “Weiner has envisioned using Force Touch to quickly jump to any Settings menu without needing to launch the Settings app and navigate to the right section. The video illustrates how hard-pressing the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi icon in Control Center would immediately take you to the corresponding section within the Settings app.”

  • Micrones

    How the writer of this article assumed that force-touch will be a big deal based on a concept video is quite silly!! A concept video that isnt real!!!

    Force touch is not compelling enough as a feature to justify a new product and most people buying a new MBP aren’t purchasing because of force touch.

    Even though i use apple products mostly, i am concerned for Apple if the only key features coming out of the next iPhone would be: faster processor, better camera, more color options and force touch!!

  • TheDarxide

    It would be interesting if Force Touch could be sensitive enough to read the ridges of your fingerprint, or integrate the technology in multiple finger input… like a 3-finger tap with more pressure on the right, means a forward track skip, while a 3-finger tap with more pressure on the left means a backward track skip.. or the like.
    Maybe a 2-finger gesture for the camera, with a hard pressure on the right for zoom, and a hard pressure on the left for white balance.. etc..

  • Benjamin J Schwartz

    This video represents nothing more than the video maker wasting a couple hours of his life he’ll never get back. Apple wouldn’t use force touch as a marquee feature for something as trivial as quick access to the settings app. The whole reason why people use iPhones is that it just works. If we have to constantly jump into settings then clearly something isn’t working.

  • HamptonWalley

    Guys, you do not get it? Force touch = push sensitivy, so Iphone 6s will be able to measure weights. Just imagine, you bake some marihujana, but you want exactly 1.12gramm, so just put to the screen and iphone will tell how much is that!

    • JonD

      I like your ingenuity, but my understanding is that Force Touch sensors simply measure pressure applied beyond a certain threshold. Meaning no precise weighing (unless it’s “does this weigh enough to impart X amount of force”).

  • Derek Williams

    Showing up a mock-up of exactly one feature isn’t enough to sell me, especially when that features could have been done through other means.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think that increasing the number of input options will be good for iPhone. But this video doesn’t sell me on that.

  • Sleetui

    To re-create the same experience of quickly opening up settings via Control Center toggles, simply purchase Polus and set the “tap and hold” to open whichever setting you want.

    No need for force touch anymore huh?

  • Rak S

    One way I would like to see this implemented, is in the iPhone 7. I’d like to have them use it to do away with the home button. It needlessly takes up space at the bottom of the phone, because it’s so large. Do away with it and integrate a fingerprint sensor into the screen so we have one seamless pane of glass on the front.

  • Polus much?

  • Diego Milano

    You can already do this with a tweak in Cydia.

  • Benedict

    I can imagine iphone 6s users, pressing their LCD so hard, it shows rainbow colors 🙂

  • Chris Coleman

    I think it’s a good idea if we look at the bigger picture. Forcetouch an image or document and up pops a share sheet, force touch a contact and instantly share it or send an sms etc. the list could go on. I think it will over time really clean up iOS once it becomes second nature.

  • WiseBlasian

    Big effing deal.

  • TheDarxide

    I notice a lot of people saying, “Just buy/use this.. on your jailbroken device..” The whole point is for the regular consumer who does NOT jailbreak their iOS devices… and who’s to say that the iPhone 6S will be jailbroken..

  • Jamil Ghanayem

    Whats the difference between force touch and hold to open ?

  • Shaw

    JailBreak Tweak QuickDo has the same ability. Works just perfect,

  • @dongiuj

    What if you’re heavy handed?

  • Lhu

    I’m surprised that such technology doesn’t exist anywhere else under a different name. Like Retina Display, it is just a name for marketing, because we can find the same screen quality at other competitor’s…

  • I really hope that they implement ForceTouch better than just a substitute for tap and hold gestures.

  • DestroyerOfGods

    Honestly, this should’ve been implemented from the beginning.

  • iKhalil

    What about LongCCB? In cydia

  • Travis_ ean

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