This concept video gives us a good idea why Force Touch iPhones will be a big deal

Force Touch iPhone concept Maximilian Kiener 001

Force Touch parts for Apple’s upcoming ‘iPhone 6s’ and ‘iPhone 6s Plus’ phones have recently begun shipping in volume.

We even recently got our glimpse into the implementation of a force sensing layer on a leaked iPhone 6s screen. That being said, some people continue to be puzzled as to what benefits, if any, Force Touch would bring to their iPhone experience.

Maximilian Kiener set out to create a nice mockup video which gives us a good idea how pressing an iPhone’s screen firmly could be a valuable user interface shortcut.

Weiner has envisioned using Force Touch to quickly jump to any Settings menu without needing to launch the Settings app and navigate to the right section. The video illustrates how hard-pressing the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi icon in Control Center would immediately take you to the corresponding section within the Settings app.

“Historically, settings has been one of the domains where Android had a UX lead over iOS,” Kiener said. “To introduce a universal interaction for improving it at this maturity-stage of the OS would be a big deal.”

No that I’ve seen this video, I must admit that I’m sold on Force Touch iPhones.


Source: Maximilian Kiener via Cult of Mac