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Twitter is experimenting with a new “Featured News” tab in its mobile apps, reports BuzzFeed. The tab surfaces trending news items, which the social network hopes will keep users engaged.

“We’re experimenting with a news experience on iOS and Android,” a Twitter spokesperson told the publication. “We are continuing to explore new ways to surface the best content to users.”

Folks with access to the Featured News tab can find it in the middle of their mobile apps’ bottom row of icons. Tapping it brings up a story screen with an image, text and a list of associated tweets.

Featured News items are populated algorithmically, and there’s no word on when or if it will be publicly available. If you want to get an early look at it, you can sign up for the beta program here.

Twitter’s stock hit an all-time low on Monday, as investors question its ability to grow its user base. It would seem that the company is betting big on news aggregation and curation to solve the problem.

Source: BuzzFeed

  • Maybe it’s time to switch to the stock Twitter app. The lack of updates for Tweetbot is starting to get annoying.

    • Anthony

      True they need to update tweetbot more but i hate using the stock twitter app too much pointless ads on my the timeline

  • Cole Mahoney

    How to I sign up for Twitter beta? It says effective until March 2015 🙁

    • LaurenRFrantz

      Start working at home>>CLICK NEXT TAB FOR MORE INFO AND HELP

  • praz

    There is already a tweak for this
    It’s called Twitter news enabler

  • Guy

    Just wish the Twitter App had night mode and show list up front.

  • It’s been like this for a while for Japanese users. It just popped up one day. I don’t particularly care for it (or the official app in general) so I tend to use Tweetbot…

  • Nathan

    People still use the Twitter app? Tweetbot is so much better even though it’s behind on a few updates..