Cydia Redesign

For the second week in a row, we’ve seen an incredible amounts of tweaks being released, with developers clearly reinvigorated by the new iOS 8.3 and iOS 8.4 jailbreaks. No one will complain about that.

Amplify: brings a bunch of features to Spotify ($0.99)

AntiTheft+: adds layers of protection for your iPhone in case you lose it ($1.49)

Asphaleia 2: lets you easily secure apps ($1.99)

Camerability: replaces Reachability blank space with a camera view ($1.49)

camshot: take photos from command line (free)

CustomDia: a tweak with a terrible description and a few features for Cydia (free)

DathBanners 2: colorie the notification banners (free)

DismissProgress: dismiss Cydia installation window (free)

eJuice: an eletronic cigarette calculator and recipe database ($1.99)

FavoriteTweaks: a Cydia tweak for saving your favorite releases (free – review)

Hide NC Lines: hides separation lines in Notification Center (free)

Landia: let’s you use Cydia in landscape mode (free)

Minecraft PE Mods: a bunch of mods for Minecraft PE (free)

Mousai: lets you clean up the new Music app in iOS 8.4 (free)

MusicMod: clean up and customize the new Music app (free)

Nella: lets you customize the Cydia install interface (free – review)

NoMoreSeparators: removes the table separators (free)

NoUpsideDown: prevents your screen from rotating upside down (free)

Protecti+: enhances your privacy on your device ($2.99)

ReGram: adds a button to Instagram to easily repost images from people you follow (free)

SafariSwiper: lets you swipe between Safari tabs (free – review)

Stunden: Android interruptions functions ported to iOS ($0.99)

SwipeAway: dismiss the Cydia search keyboard with a gesture (free)

SwipeForMore: lets you manage Cydia items with just a swipe (free – review)

Traffic Map iWidgets: a traffic map widget for iWidgets (free)

TransparentSB: makes Notification Center, Control Center, and more transparent instead of blurred (free)

TweaksRefresher: refresh Cydia with a pull to refresh gesture (free – review)

Twitter++: brings improved sharing, list access, and media handling to the stock Twitter app (free – review)

WAChatsHeads: it’s ChatHeads for WhatsApp ($1.49)

WAQuickReply: brings quick reply to WhatsApp Messenger (free – review)

WatchNotifications: get Apple Watch-styled Lock screen notifications on your iPhone ($1 – review)

YakAnywhere: vote, comment, and submit to Yik Yak to any school regardless of location (free)

Any favorite from this list? Feel free to share with everybody.

  • RafaelMelo

    WAQuickReply is not free.
    Or am I missing something?

    • Nathan

      Don’t buy it. The developer doesn’t give good support.

  • Watchnotifications is an amazing tweak, brings your notifications to life!

    • Chris Ryan

      i love the look of it, but it was buggy for me…had to delete it

  • Adrian

    Asphalia2 fails terribly at protecting photo album, can easily access photos app via camera app. Asphalia also fails at protecting folders. It’s not even an option. Bioprotect is still the only real option besides applockr.

  • Behrad

    Is there any tweak for share music direct from music app??? 8.4

  • Raudales Mejia

    WAQuickReply is not free.
    Can you make a review of WAChatHeads please?

  • Chris Ryan

    does anyone know if courier has been updated to work with 8.4 ? i can’t believe no other developer is releasing a quick compose tweak

  • Chris Ryan