Cydia Updated

Cydia Installer has been updated again to fix bugs. Actually, it was just updated twice—once to fix bugs, and again to fix a bug brought about by the previous bug fix.

Version 1.1.21 of Cydia installer appeared first, followed shortly by version 1.1.22. Needless to say, you should update to the latest version of Cydia at your earliest convenience. In this post, you’ll find the full change logs for both updates.

Change log for Cydia 1.1.21

  • Users who upgraded to Cydia 1.1.21 reported that all “trivial” APT sources they had added via Cydia (which are the vast majority of third-party sources used by normal users) did not show any packages.

Change log for Cydia 1.1.21

Shared Sources Sometimes Broke

  • Using a URL to share a package from a third-party repository that had a typo could lead to an unremovable source.

Clearing Caches Could Kill Cydia

  • A user reported a situation where they ran out of disk space, iOS cleared their caches, and then Cydia wouldn’t run.

Upgrading Cydia Broke AppleTVs

  • Users of the AppleTV 2 jailbreak who upgraded to Cydia 1.1.19 or .20  would lose access to the core Cydia sources.

There aren’t any new features included with this update, but it’s good to see the stability of Cydia rapidly improve as saurik works hard behind the scenes.

Speaking of new features, what would you like to see saurik add as a stock Cydia feature in a future update?

  • AnoNymouz

    I look at cydia an saw a new update. I thought immediately it was something else to further enhance the cydia experience. But I’ll take this anyday as well.

  • Rondog

    I’m always keeping up with all updates although my iphone has been working great since I first did the jailbreak. All I’ve really had to do is reboot every so often, actually I do it every morning and my phone works fine all day, so no real bad issues with mine, even though some tweaks aren’t updated yet.

  • Bosmat Idan Ben Abou

    When it goes to respring cydia fall without respring also in 1.1.21

    • djluna31

      the same here happen to me

  • Jon20

    Has anyone else experienced what seems to be a crash after the city installer updates? I usually experience it download the entire update and the Restart button shows up at the bottom but then it looks like it immediately crashes and goes to the home screen. Does anybody else experience this upon updating?

    • VITICO

      Happened twice to me… Third time was a charm lol.. No crashes now.

      • Jon20

        I did the one for this morning and it still did it as soon as it downloaded the update. Don’t understand why?

      • VITICO

        No idea. It installed for me on the 3rd try..

      • Niclas

        Just respring it yourself and you’re good to go.

  • Mark Hardin

    If you update to 1.1.21 or 1.1.22 you will lose cydown if you use it. So if you wanna keep cydown don’t upgrade

    • Niclas

      cydown is shit anyway so who cares.

    • He updated Cydown so you actually won’t lose it now.

  • Mark S

    Here comes another taig….

  • Omid Namdar Zangeneh

    I have been upgraded to 1.1.21.
    But my cydia icon had been disapeard on iphone 6 ios 8.3. What should I do???
    Please help me

    • titi

      agha az itunes 12.0.1 estefade kon. va iphonet ro fresh restore kon bad ba akharin vergione taig 2.3.1 jailbreak kon. badesh be backup bargardoon. vali age aln moshkel dashte bashe, oonvaght backupetam moshkel dare pas behtare be backup barnagardooni.
      dar zemn emroz ye noskheye jadide taig yani 2.4.1 oomade ke beta hast
      man jaye shoma basham fresh restore mikonam va te farda sabr mikonam ta noskheye nahaeish biyad, bad jailbreak mikonam;)

  • titi

    and again taig jailbreak tool v2.4.1 beta

  • KrypticNerd

    Cyrus crashes every time install the update and I seem find the update I rejailbroke and it does same thing

  • KrypticNerd

    Yeah cydi

  • KrypticNerd

    Jon20 I’ve experienced the same thing Cydia keeps crashing I’ve tried everything anybody have fix

  • Sani Safian

    look at new cydia it add tweakhub like at the home