iPhone 6s Qualcomm MDM9625M leak 002

A leaked logic board has already offered a valuable insight into some of the many hardware enhancements in Apple’s upcoming ‘iPhone 6s’ and ‘iPhone 6s Plus’ refreshes. Thus far, we have learned about Qualcomm’s new baseband modem which doubles LTE download speeds, a slightly thicker enclosure to accommodate Force Touch sensors and possibly a higher-resolution Retina screen.

9to5Mac has teamed up with semiconductor experts at Chipworks in an effort to identify other chips and components based on images of an alleged iPhone 6s motherboard.

Here are their findings.

Fewer chips and slightly smaller logic board

In its ongoing pursue to engineer thinner and thinner devices, every tenth of a millimeter counts. The smaller the motherboard, the better. According to Chipworks’ analysis, the leaked iPhone 6s logic board has fewer chips than its iPhone 6 counterpart.

“One section of the board that previously had in excess of 10 components has been pared down to 3 main chips,” writes the publication.

iPhone 6s motherboard 9to5Mac leak 002

This noticeable reduction in chips and a slight shrinkage in the motherboard size, coupled with the assumed use of Apple’s next-generation ‘A9’ processor built on a smaller manufacturing processes, should allow for a faster, more power efficient iPhone.

The Cirrus Logic audio chip, Murata’s Wi-Fi module and wireless power amplifiers from RFMD, Triquint, Avago and Skyworks appear unchanged from the previous iPhone generation.

“Although the prototype includes what appear to be similar Bosch and InvenSense accelerometer and gyroscope parts to the iPhone 6, ChipWorks speculates that a tiny new alternative from STMicroelectronics could replace it on the final logic board, having debuted in the Apple Watch,” reads the article.

Improved NFC

The next-generation iPhone will likely incorporate updated NFC hardware in the form of a part labeled ’66VP2′ versus a ’65V10′ component inside the present-generation iPhones, which dates back to 2012. Both modules come from NXP, which also supplies Apple with ‘M7’ and ‘M8’ branded motion coprocessors.

Chipworks speculated the new part could integrate a Secure Element to store encrypted payment tokens which Apple Pay uses. The iPhone 6 uses the Secure Element inside the main ‘A8’ processor to store both a user’s fingerprint profile and mobile payment tokens.

New flash memory

In addition to updated NFC hardware and fewer chips, the leaked logic board offers the strongest indication yet that the next iPhone(s) will incorporate flash memory chips by Toshiba, manufactured on a 19-nanometer production process.

The smaller NAND flash chips versus those inside the current iPhones should allow for performance and lower energy use when loading apps, multitasking, accessing your documents and more.

The bad news: the chip depicted on the photos suggest Apple isn’t planning on getting rid of 16GB iPhones anytime soon. According to Chipworks, this chip has a 16GB capacity. On the other hand, should this particular logic board prove to belong to a prototype or pre-production iPhone 6s model there’s a slight possibility that Apple may opt against shipping a baseline next-generation model with sixteen gigabytes of storage.

On a final note, despite a very slight increase in thickness, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus should be fully compatible with most of the existing accessories on the market.

Based on measurements and purported design drawings from a case maker, the iPhone 6s should be 0.13mm thicker than the iPhone 6 versus a 0.2mm difference between individual iPhone units that Apple’s tolerance for measurement differences allows.

The forthcoming handset should also be 0.16mm taller and 0.13mm wider than its predecessor, likely to accommodate a new display assembly with integrated Force Touch sensors for sensing deep presses on the screen.

Source: 9to5Mac

  • Diego

    o crap,
    still using the 16gb version? Why Apple Why????

    • Jason Baroni

      Money, Diego! MONEY!

      • mrgerbik

        But, but, but Apple dosent overcharge!!!!!!! They charge fairly based on R&D, marketing and manufacturing costs!!!

    • Yea that should be the second most important upgrade. First being the battery, next is base storage.. Sucks if this is true. 32,64,128 is a perfect line up. Maybe they’re just waiting for the 7..

    • Virus

      You’d be surprised how many people use their iphone just for facebook and candy crash they dont need more than that

      • Bugs Bunnay

        I use it to see the time!

      • This. Ive seen tons of people who’ve no notifications on their phones! 16GB for them is overkill!

      • Sukhpal Singh Bajwa

        1up for your username.

      • al7oot

        I totally agree with you I know it’s 2015 but SOME of my friends they are using their iPhone for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, internet and mail only they don’t even play games that much

    • Ryan

      Im still using 16GB only filled 8

      • Manuel Molina

        Stuck on 16, and trying hard not to go pass my 2 Gb left. The struggle is real

      • Dnt’t worry it still exists one you get the higher capacities too..

      • al7oot

        Why you bought it then!

      • Manuel Molina

        Because I didn’t have enough to drop 400 or more unless you plan on buying that for me since you have a smart comment about it.

  • 16GB in 2015? Super disappointing

    • Ryan

      Im still using 16GB and only filled 8, people who need 128GB on a phone r stupid, get a life.

      • Mr Mop

        Ok then

  • Gabriel Anaya

    Apple needs to realize that 16 gigabytes is just too small and drop it already… Replacing it with 32 gigabytes instead would mean a whole lot less people struggling to delete stuff to make more room every other day.

    • Shadowelite123

      It’s a business dude, not a charity. And that decision was for the cloud users.

      • mrgerbik

        Gtfo. Its like youre saying that its okay to overcharge and people dont have the right to complain.
        Please stop apologizing…

      • Shadowelite123

        That’s a strange analogy dude. Let me repeat myself. It’s a business, not a charity. Since you didn’t understand the phrase, it means that the point is about making money just as almost every other business. If you think that some business owner is just going to lose thee own profit to give you something free or at a price you want, then you’re crazy.

      • mrgerbik

        Lmao. I am saying people have the right to complain to try and attempt to reduce an asking price to make to more fair to the purchaser.
        Of course im not saying they should sell at a loss.
        Your argument is a stawman.
        Since you dont understand my ladt post, let me repeat:
        People are allowed to bitch,whine,moan and complain if a price on a product is not fair.
        Is this not true?

      • Shadowelite123

        Lol I don’t know where you’re getting that I said that people don’t have the right to complain or ask to reduce prices. All I said in reply to your original post was that I was trying to say that you need to understand their motives. You need to understand what they are thinking. You think business people think on the same level as any other. While sometimes it may be true, most business people don’t think on the same level as everyone else. The choices they make are move by at least profit, demand, or technology. They simply put the logic of cloud users because there are quite a lot, and they thought about profit. I’m not saying that it was the best idea in the world because in my opinion, it was a straight buy the next tier idea. What I was trying to get at was that they were thinking about profit. They were thinking about how not everyone needs a bunch of storage.

    • Surprisingly 16gb isn’t that small. I’ve 25 apps + 500 pics + 3 albums and I still have 4 GB free on my 16GB. And I consider myself a power user.
      But yes, apple must yield to falling memory prices and get rid of 16GB tier once and for all.

  • Martynet

    64-128-256 please 🙂

  • Donovan

    16 gb or 16 tb *looks into the future*

  • 5723alex .

    No Samsung parts is good news.

  • DevXav

    And again, it was worth waiting to upgrade my 5S 64gb, as I always stick with the “S” line..

    This time i’ll go for iPhone 6s Plus 128gb (or whatever maximum capacity version available).. All that size in my hands baby (thats what she said) 😛

  • Manuel Molina

    Get rid of that piece of crap 16 GB. The plus is 100 dollars more and doesn’t have 32 as an entry options. No one wants to drop 400, bro.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Lol Apple is about profit margins not charity. Even the 5c with 8gb costs $450 wtf lol now thats a ripoff

    • Rowan09

      Umm every company is about profit margins, especially public ones.

      • n0ahcruz3

        Yeah but nothing beats apple when it comes to ripping off their customers with their 8gb crap that costs $450

      • Rowan09

        Can’t agree. People pay for convenience and when an Apple product is defective you get instant service which is not free. My wife’s S6 Edge fingerprint scanner just stopped working and she couldn’t get back into her phone even with her password. It’s been a week now and she still doesn’t have a new phone. Plus the fact iDevices also holds better value is another reason. I wouldn’t mind Apple products or any product being cheaper, but I wouldn’t compare all products as the same. It’s like saying a bag costs $50 and then a Louis Vuitton costs $500+ is the same thing because they are both bags.

      • n0ahcruz3

        Dont get me wrong i use iphone too, but defending an 8gb phone is just not right. This is just apple being greedy. I wouldn’t be surprised if apple would discontinue the 8gb 5c. I know a ripoff when i see one.

      • Rowan09

        I understand but it’s business and the only rule is to make money. People have options get the 8GB, 16GB, 64GB or 128GB. The 8GB is last years model and I get why they don’t want to get rid of the 16GB because of greed which promotes iCloud and the 64Gb.

  • Ryan

    Time for an android.