Springtomize 3 iOS 8.4

One of the most popular and well-regarded tweaks available on Cydia has just been updated. Springtomize 3, under the tutelage of another developer, has been updated to work with the latest Apple firmware. I’ve tested it out personally, and can confirm that it works on iOS 8.4.

Springtomize 3

Springtomize often appears in “best of” lists because of its depth, options, and relative ease of use. You can literally make your iPhone’s Springboard look completely different courtesy of Springtomize 3. Watch our video walkthrough of the tweak in action below for more proof:

If you’re jailbroken, which you can now do on iOS 8.4, then refresh Cydia to find Springtomize 3 1.3.0. It’s seriously one of the greatest tweaks, and I don’t think you’ll regret it.

Are you happy that Springtomize is now available on the latest jailbreakable firmware? Drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts on the update.

  • Fozy

    Finally! All hail Springtomize

  • CyPh3r

    Does this mean Substrate is working with 8.4?

    • Yes

      • Ali

        Resizing icons (at least in the dock) doesn’t play nice with launch animation. Had this problem in previous version too. I thought it was another tweak, but nope, it’s Springtomize.

  • regkilla

    When will the iOS 8.4 ipsw be posted?

    • Blip dude

      Just plug into iTunes, it took me a bit but the update finally came through.

    • adrian

      get it from ipws

      • Mark

        Took me 4 minutes from ipsw

      • alex

        where did u dwnld the ipsw ? mind sharing the link..

  • Giovanni

    does this work on 8.3 cause idont want to restore and then rejailbreak for ios 8.4

    • The changelog says support for 8.3/8.4

    • Yes.

      • Nick Kaminski

        I am jailbroken on 8.3, but am not getting any update on Cydia for Springtomize 3.

  • Blip dude

    Gonna wait for Ayecon and Carla to be officially updated, then I’ll update the iPad Air 2 as that is the Device that I use Springtomize on.

  • Lucus Bendzsa

    I am still going to jailbreak with Pangu!

    • iKhalil

      Did you mean Taig?

  • Ivan Archie

    Hey, where can I find the tweak in cydia? Cause I refreshed and looked up springtomize and still says Ios version not supported

  • Giovanni

    Is there a list of 8.4 compatible tweaks yet or are all 8.3 compatible tweaks compatible with 8.4?

    • Anmol Malhotra

      all 8.3 are compatible with 8.4

      • Giovanni

        Thats awesome im jailbreak to IOS 8.4 now

  • Ashish Lotia

    how do you upgrade from 8.3 to 8.4 jailbreak?

    • Ali

      Update iOS to 8.4, and then jailbreak iOS 8.4

      • Ashish Lotia

        my phone is already jailbroken to 8.3 but i don’t know how to upgrade the jailbreak from 8.3 to 8.4. The only way i know is restore,upgrade to 8.4 and jailbreak again. Is there is a way where i can directly upgrade from 8.3 to 8.4 while its jailbroken without restoring the phone?

      • Ali

        There isn’t.

      • Jeremy

        While your phone is jailbroken on 8.3, connect to iTunes and then just click update. There’s no need to restore your phone just to jailbreak 8.4. After it’s done updating just download the latest TaiG tool and jailbreak and download your tweaks.

    • Seba

      Connect to iTunes and back up your iPhone then restore which will install latest iOS 8.4. Set your iPhone as NEW for now then use TaiG tool to do Jailbreak. After cydia is installed you can restore your iPhone from back up. Good luck 🙂

  • Roderick Lathon

    Is anybody else having trouble getting the battery image to be hidden. That’s not working for me.

    • Panja

      Having the same problem here!
      iOS 8.3 – TaiG v2.13 jailbroken

      Going to install iOS 8.4 – TaiG v2.20 tonight and see if it fixes anything.

    • It’s not working for me either. None of the status bar tweaks are working. I’m going to redownload HideMe8 from Cydia and use it alongside Springtomize until its updated.

      • Panja

        I was using Cloaky on iOS 8.3, I could change statusbar with that tweak without problems…
        Just installed 8.4 so not yet tried any of the tweaks so far. Hopefully tonight.


    Can I simply update to 8.4 in iTunes instead of a full restore before re-jailbreaking?

    • fregata

      no you cant

      • VICKY

        Tried it and it worked.

  • Dale

    Just bought and does work for real on 8.3 Right-on!

  • Noam

    Hey Jeff. any news about Auxo 3?

    • N0body

      How did you able to buy springtomize? it won’t let me in 8.4 🙁

      • Noam

        I’m on 8.3
        Try refresh the sources because it’s said 8.3/8.4 compatibility

    • fregata

      yeah..auxo 3 isnt completely compatible with 8.3

    • Toon

      Did you use Taig or Pangu ?

      • Noam

        I used taiG

    • Blip dude

      LMAO!! You’re gonna be waiting a while for Auxo 3 and anything else A3 Tweaks related. They are not only super slow with keeping tweaks up to date, they don’t even respond to their followers/buyers.

  • M_Hawke

    Yea! Now I will jb to 8.4.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Jeff, can u pls confirm how many 8.3 tweaks r working on 8.4? The video of 50 JB TWEAKS that u made in iOS 8.3, can u make one for iOS 8.4 as well Pls. ThankYou.

  • Toon

    Looks like springtomize3 not fully compatible with new Taig for 8.4

    • adamhuxtable

      Yeah having some issues with the Status Bar icons… and my Cyida repo is showing the version 1.3.0-6

      • Toon

        Yep same here also Apex 2 was working well on 8.3 just bought yesterday and with 8.4 when i want to add an app is goes into safe mode. We have wait couple days or JB with Pangu

  • socrates

    Stopped using Springtomize on my jailbroken devices a little bit ago. It generally seems to create system-wide lag, and reduce my battery life more than other tweaks that can achieve my desired results.

  • Cydia refreshes to Springtomize 1.3.0-6 and it’s working on iOS 8.3

  • C-Ng Maii

    How about iOS 8.3 bro? Does it support with this Springtomize 3?

    • Blip dude

      Why wouldn’t it?? Not to sound like an ass but did you even read the release notes inside Cydia??

  • Vic

    I can’t get barley any apps to work on 8.4. Springt. Deff isn’t working 🙁

  • Kevin Chen

    Does it mess up your icon layout? Cause I’m worried about it. In Safe Mode and Original Mode, Apple iCloud ONLY saves the current layout for Safe Mode, which it very annoying I install apps often and when I do a restore and a b iCloud backup I always have to go back and rearrange all of the 9 pages of icons into specific folders where I can easily find them just like the layout I had with my Jailbroken device.

  • Not working on my device 🙁

  • Faisal

    My name is Jefff

  • Faisal

    Hey Jeff, after turning on iCloud Music Library, half of my songs album art cover are changed to some stupid covers from iTunes, can i revert them back? Thanks

  • Toon

    statusbar settings are not working they are all disabled or all enabled

  • Imran Ar

    Does it have any battery issue?

  • Breaker

    Did anyone having problems using Springtomize 3 on iOS 8.4? I hide the dock background but it still appears, same goes for carrier hiding. When i try to hide ‘carrier’, it hides the clock instead.

  • Toon

    Yes there are some bugs like statusbar does not work