TaiG iOS 8.3 jailbreak

It looks like several reddit users have unearthed the next version of the TaiG jailbreak for iOS 8.3. Several users have posted screenshots of the tool, which is said to fix the Cydia Substrate issues, iTunes issues, etc.

I’ve tested the untether myself, and I can confirm that it works. Cydia Substrate now works, and jailbreak tweaks that are compatible with iOS 8.3 now work.

Note: TaiG has warned users not to use this release, as it is still in testing. Proceed at your own risk.

If you’re already jailbroken, just download the TaiGUntether83x.deb file. Or you can download and use the TaiG v2.1.0 jailbreak tool.

The untether must be installed with a tool like iFile or via SSH. We’ll have a full tutorial shortly. If you’ve yet to jailbreak, you can use the TaiG 2.1 tool instead.

Have you tried the TaiG 2.1 update yet? What has your experience been like with it? Are you happy to have jailbreak tweaks supported by Cydia Substrate back on your device?

  • Nate Mullet


  • Justin Mitaritonna

    I just got home and was hoping to see news of this and bam! Will be jailbreaking as soon as this version drops.

    • Nate Mullet

      I second that

  • Nate Mullet

    I’m glad I waited, but I’m getting restless

  • Alexander Byass

    Can’t wait, this will be excellent! Thanks for the quick update, Jeff!

  • vitalie

    sweet :3 can’t wait 😀 i love this page, always up to date!!!! you guys rock!

  • Andrew Heatherington

    If I jailbroke with taig 2.0 will there be a substrate update via cydia?


    My apologies. The full page didn’t load on my iPhone so I didn’t the see instructions. Thanks Jeff, you’re the man!

  • Matheus Lisboa

    what about the update for those who jailbroke on 2.0?

    • Gabriel Anaya

      Read the article…

      • Austin

        but what do i do with that file

      • Blip dude

        Again, read the article. Use ssh or iFile!! Don’t know how to use either?? Wait for tutorial.

      • Gabriel Anaya

        Open with ifile. Tap on the file and select installer. After that, just reboot.

      • Matheus Lisboa

        I did… But when I posted this it wasn’t updated just yet. The .deb part appeared right after I posted

  • n0m0n

    Does it fix the 20% -1101 issue?

    I have downgraded my iTunes 12.0.1 32bit and I am still stuck at 20%
    I tried going to iTunes version 12.1.0 and still 20%.

    I have tried this on my MAC w/ Parallel Win 10 Tech Preview, A Windows 8 32bit PC, and a Vista (yeah Vista) 64bit PC and I am still at 20%…

    Over the past 20 hours I did get to 60% twice but it froze there, so I started all over again.

    I did update to 8.3 via iTunes originally, is that the problem?
    I didn’t want to restore because I didn’t want to loose the multiple sub folders I created to keep things orderly.

    Ive tried to restore via the “alt” 8.3 ipsw restore file so that I didn’t loose all my sub folders (to stay organized)
    I don’t have any anti virus software running on my virtual machine (iMAC / Parallel) nor on neither PC’s.
    I actually just rebuilt a 32bit Windows 8 machine jus to try to get this to work.
    Still 20%…….

    Any advise?


    • Cory Matlock

      I messed with mine for hours yesterday and finally after removing all Apple files through uninstall, I was able downgrade to iTunes 12.0 on my 8.1 pro 64bit. After going through the process about 6 times on my computer and trying 2 others as well, I finally got an 1102 error and then retried and it worked. Hopefully that helped.

      • n0m0n

        Thank for your feedback I am not going on 28 hours of trying multiple machines multiple OS’s and still 20%.

        I have removed all apple related software so many times I don’t remember how many.

        Glad to hear you got it to work for you.

        Thanks again

      • John Frazar

        Remove all of the other apple things before iTunes. The application support, mobile device support, software update, all of it. Then do iTunes. Then install the older version

      • n0m0n

        Thanks for your response.
        I tried again to delete in the order you shared and then installed 12.0.1.
        Same outcome stuck at 20%.

        Thanks again

    • Damian

      yeah i had the same thing for over a day. It was a terrible jailbreak tool to get around.

      I finally managed to install iTunes 12.0.1 and it was recognized and it worked but with issues now at 60%.

      • n0m0n

        Yeah I have downgraded iTunes multiple times to 12.01 to 12.1.1 back to 12.0.1 and still 20%…


      • Ezaz N. Shikder

        i think you should restore your ios using itunes again bcause last time u mayb
        updated your ios using phone i personally had this problem mine got
        stuck in 60% but after i restored my same 8.3 again via itunes it fixed
        that problem

    • Fikree Kamil

      ive been on 20%, 50% and 60% errors before but now its jailbroken 🙂 what i did was follow every recommendation mentioned in the internet. i.e downgrade itunes, disable find my iphone, disable passcode, turn on airplane mode, everytime it stuck and keep rebooting, i do hard reset (push home and sleep button until it restart) then keep it unlocked at home page. done it few times and it worked.

    • Lucas

      are you using the front panel usb?
      using a back USB port solved my problem.

      • n0m0n

        Thanks for your response. I have my lightning cable plugged into the back of my iMAC (Parallel Windows 10).

        Still locked up at 20% Data Processing and then my device reboots over and over again.

        Thanks again

    • Ali Bhatti

      Try again and turn your wifi off of your iPhone and start jailbreak. it’s the only fix

  • Dan

    Been checking up on idb countless of times today hoping for news like this. Thanks, stay posted. ;D

  • pnh

    Does anyone know if you still have to unpair your watch first?

    • Caleb Edwards

      i had to reset and re-pair my watch.

  • Guilherme

    Thanks Jeff. You’re awesome !

  • Caleb Edwards

    It works, confirming it via Deb file

    • Kvbèè Cöölïn

      Can I just use the 2.1 tool and hook up my already jb phone will it fix?

      • Caleb Edwards

        no, you have to use the Deb file. or back up and restore from backup.

    • John Glenn Balacano

      how to do it via the deb file ? please help 🙁 thanks

    • Aldo Murua

      How can I do it with Deb file ?

      • Caleb Edwards

        Make sure you have TaiGAFC2 from the repo either using Ifunbox or iexplorer download the deb file and place it into /var/root i believe close out of cydia and open ifile on device, click on deb and hit install.

      • KinkyNothing

        Do you know how to SSH into your phone?

  • Kevin McCarthy

    I’m still stuck on 20% with this one

    • Ezaz N. Shikder

      i think you should restore your ios using itunes again bcause last time u updated your ios using phone maybe and also be sure your itunes version is 12.0.1 if not downgrade it i personally had this problem mine got stuck in 60% but after i restore my same 8.3 again via itunes it fixed that problem

  • Julian Gomez

    the deb does´nt work it says thar is blocked

  • Vũ Gia Long

    Can you check if TaiG 2.1 can run on virtual machine ? I downloaded but it said the file can’t open on virtual machine

    • Caleb Edwards

      If i were you i would use 2.0 and then use the Deb file to upgrade.

  • Paul Edmund

    Tweaks that rely on preference loader still don’t work.

    • Caleb Edwards

      i got Phantom for snapchat which uses preference loader to work.

      • Paul Edmund

        Is there settings in the setting app?

      • Caleb Edwards

        Yep, right under vimeo

  • Aldo Murua

    How can I do it with Deb file

    • Gabriel Anaya

      He hasn’t said yet, he said we will make a tutorial shortly.

  • Cory Matlock

    I can’t download either of the system apps that have been said to work to download the .deb file. Anyone have any advice for this rookie jailbreaker?

    • iGadgets__

      I would wait for Jeff’s video if you are a rookie Jailbreaker, just to be safe.

      • Cory Matlock

        Yeah that’s probably my safest bet lol. Thanks!

  • Arthur

    Mode DFU

  • vitalie

    Annnd this isn’t fixing the 20% reboot loop stuckiness. Does work with the latest iTunes but needs that setupdriver install. iPhone 4S on 8.3 if that helps any way :/ i want my JB 🙁

  • waqass

    So, do I need to re-jailbreak? Or maybe should I wait for an update via cydia?

  • المدير

    the file does not work

    • William Melendez

      Read the tutorial above this post. Easy.

      • المدير

        Taig tool does not work not TaiG 8.3 Untether.deb

  • taig 2.1 worked on my iphone 6+, itunes 12.1, win7 32. thanks!

  • Dawn Hall

    Is there a mirror for the 2.1.0 JB? The Taig server is giving a 502 error

    • Pedro Fernandez

      same here

  • Damian

    so what tweak could take advantage of this update? I am guessing almost no tweaks would work for now anyway.

    • Dawn Hall

      Apparently they all work with this update, I can’t verify as I haven’t been able to download the JB.

    • anything which uses preference loader still doesn’t work (auxo3, barrel). substrate i think is fixed (cccontrols works)

      • mrgerbik

        barrel, infinidock, applocker, flipcontrolcenter, cylay and intelliID all seem to be working perfectly for me . No issues (yet).

      • Damian

        yeah thats what i thought. But people are still posting compatible tweaks that require preference loader. I know you could customize the tweaks from iFile preference folders if you know how to find the right preference and if you understand coding. But this method is very cumbersome and it would not help 95% people here.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    any mirror to download taig 2.1? I am having bad gateaway

  • Kok Hong

    Can’t download Taig 2.1.0

  • Brandon D

    i have the link but it won’t let me post it

    • Brandon D

      here’s a SS of the link

      • PlacebopT

        Doesn’t work under virtual machine :s

  • Huntz

    So I waited for the updated version before jailbreaking. Downloaded the v2.1.0 chinese version but I still get the same apple driver error after opening, except in chinese. What am I doing wrong?

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      ty using the .deb file

      • Huntz

        How do I install that if I am not jailbroken?

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        In order to get the jailbreak to work, you must have a windows OS installed on 32 bit and iTunes 12.0 (32 bit). Follow the instructions on Jeff’s video as to how to download it and install it.

      • Huntz

        Right but I thought 2.1.0 eliminated the need for that or am I mistaken?

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        I don’t think so, its just updated for Cydia’s tweaks to work on the jailbroken devices. You still need to do the same routine. Heres some advice, when jailbreaking, sign out of your iTunes and app store apple id, and just hit jailbreak, no need to restore or reset passwords (Touch ID). I did that and it still worked just fine

      • Huntz

        Hmm cause this was in that reddit post: “It apperiently fixes the 20% and 60% problems and the new version of itunes adapter driver thing. It has compatable mobile substrate.”

        So you’re saying the only way to JB is to run a 32 bit itunes on a 32bit version of Windows?

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        Yes, so far. It can be easily done by running it virtually and using Windows XP or 10. Once its all installed, then just connect via USB, run the program and (uncheck bottom box) hit jailbreak. If you wait like a few more days to a week, I’m sure they’ll make a mac version.

      • Huntz

        I got it working finally by downgrading itunes. Do I need to install that .deb file or will the updated install have that fix? Also I found the 3k assistant in cydia install list when I for sure unchecked the box before jailbreaking…Are all tweaks compatible now or is that speadsheet that’s floating around the only compatible list?

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        If you jailbreak with the current version of TaigG, then there is no need to install the .deb file. That file is only if you’ve jailbroken before the update and you don’t want to re-jailbreak. A lot of tweaks do work with 8.3 but not everything.. Yet. Give the developers a good couple months and 90% of the tweaks will become compatible.

      • Huntz

        Gotcha. Thanks.

      • Mark Hardin

        I downloaded 2.1 and its giving me something about itunes with a x in red. I cant read what it says cause 2.1 is in chinese

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        you may need to uninstall and reinstall iTunes and all the apple services with it. Make sure you install iTunes 12.0 32 bit

      • Willyohyo

        What happens if you jailbroke and jumped the gun and installed the deb and are now stuck in safe mode :/ any way to undo it?

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        Back up via iCloud, go in DFU mode, restore your device with 8.3. Then after, restore your iCloud settings, don’t make a password and sign out of iTunes and app store through settings. Jailbreak with TaiG 2.0, with 32 bit windows and iTunes 12.0. After jailbreak finishes, install file in Cydia, then transfer the .deb file to your iPhone, install and enjoy!

  • Macy Palacio

    cannot download taig tool 2.1 🙁

    any mirror links??

    • Huntz

      Try right clicking+save link as.

    • Brandon D

      it wont let me post a link, i just posted a ss of the link that mine downloaded from…here it is again

      • rokr9

        Thanks man!! Your link in the SS worked for me. Cheers 🙂

      • Brandon D

        no prob 🙂 working perfectly for me..i wasn’t jailbroken before..I just disabled touch id, icloud, turned off the apple watch, and put in airplane mode. after it was done i turned my watch back on, works perfectly. touch id/icloud is back on…reboots just fine

      • rokr9

        That’s great. I’m downgrading now from public beta to 8.3. Gonna JB soon.

      • Mondo

        Man, the SS didn’t work for me. This sucks, I keep getting the 502 Error from the download links as well as the SS 🙁

  • SimonDoesiOS

    can you pls fix the download link for TaiG v 2.1.0

  • Grolubao

    All preference based tweaks are still broken 🙁

  • Traydin

    my iphone goes after install the deb file in emergency mode… ;(

  • sunfire7

    Guys link does not work because there is a v2.1.1 already, just change the original link to TaiGJBreak_EN_2110

    • Shawn

      I can confirm this is true

  • marg

    If i jailbreak with TaiG 2.1 after a fresh restore and update (via itunes), do i still need to downgrade itunes?

  • PlacebopT

    Any1 has a mirror for TaiG v2.1.0?

    TaiGUntether83x.deb file is working just fine (used on iPhone 6). But I would like to download the tool as well since I still have 2 iPad’s to jailbreak 🙂

    • Brandon D

      i posted a SS of the exact address to download it a few hours ago here, it wouldn’t let me actually post the link. that’ll get you the tool.

  • GzyOnline

    “502 Bad Gateway” .. trying to get TaiG 2.1 tool..
    edit: it’s not even up on their site or @taig_jailbreak .. guess i should wait for it to post to their site at least…
    edit 2: or maybe it’s like last time when the tool was released then pulled for further updates.. lol.. 😛 i <3 my jb community 😀

  • sunfire7

    guys download the 2.1.1 version
    just change the original link

  • Abhijeet Gupta

    health app not working after installing the deb file..

  • David Hvilivitzki

    2.1.1 still doesn’t see a newer version of iTunes … sadly.

  • f96lrs

    Deb worked fine

  • k33nz

    Get the following error message ” Sorry, this application cannot run under a virtual machine” any workarounds? I’m on a Mac..

  • Ron G

    I just installed the deb. file via ifile and it worked well for me. Winterboard, Zepplin and a few other tweaks are working for me. No issues so far *crosses fingers*

  • Mondo

    Who has a mirror to download? I keep getting a 502 Bad Gateway error!

  • Huntz

    Jailbroken my fresh device using v2.1.0. Some tweaks work but lots on that compatibility list do not. Like multiconmover, barrel, etc.

    • Roland Wondrak

      i had for hours the same Problem first time it hangs at 20% after i made a restore ios8.3 it works after some tries, but everytime the same. After the JB is running my System Settings are blank means only withe no text ! And when i pull down the screen the notification center my iphone 6 plus hangs complete! Without System Settings and Notification Center the JB is useless for me 🙁

  • Saulo Benigno

    I’m unable to download 🙁 “502 Bad Gateway” anybody got luck?

  • Pablo

    Will they fix the iTunes 12.1 issue?