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Apple denies claims made by some artists that it’s threatening to remove their songs from iTunes if they don’t sign up for Apple Music, reports Rolling Stone. A company spokesperson told the outlet that music “will not be taken off” as a result of license negotiations.

The controversy arose earlier this week when Anton Newcombe of psychedelic rock group Brian Jonestown Massacre took to Twitter to complain about Apple and its bullying tactics. “I said what if I say no, and they said we’ll take your music off itunes. hard ball?”

Newcombe claims that Apple asked his band to let them stream their music for 3 months royalty-free—likely to cover the free 3 month trial they’re offering users. “The biggest company on earth wants to use my work to make money for 3 months and pay me nothing.”

Apple’s public denial of Newcombe’s claim hasn’t silenced the musician. He’s spent the last 72 hours retweeting articles and user responses regarding his tweet storm, which is getting significant coverage from a number of music industry publications around the world.

The animosity here isn’t anything we haven’t seen before. Royalties have long been a major point of contention between artists and streaming music companies, evidenced by a long list of Pandora lawsuits and Taylor Swift’s high profile dispute with Spotify last November.

Apple Music launches at the end of the month. Following the free 3-month trial period, users will have to pay $10 per month (or $15 for a family plan). Apple will give content owners a 71.5% cut of the subscription revenue in the US, and slightly more than that abroad.

Source: Rolling Stone

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    forgot a space with asa, should be as a

  • Dany Quirion

    Actually its foxconn paying workers 1$ a day jerk

    • Not really the point.

    • diabols

      yeaaaah buddy! you show him!

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  • Xin Chan

    It’s no harm for Apple to pull his song off from iTunes. There won’t be any impact to Apple’s revenue. But to the artist, well, it may be painful, IMO

    • Skoven

      Who gives a shit about Apple in this case?
      It’s called blackmail

  • Bugs Bunnay

    just like with any public statement – you lie to them just to get them off your ass.

  • Skoven

    Would absolutely not come as an surprise if Apple is blackmailing artists!
    Just look how they dictate final sales-prices around the world! If a company doesn’t follow Apples rules here, they will simply be denied to sell their products – which is illegal. But i guess Apple has become so good at evading the law, that they can comfortably do this, without getting into trouble.