OS X Yosemite Continuity

Soon, it looks like your iPhone won’t need Wi-Fi to use Apple’s awesome Continuity feature. As noted by the Verge, the iOS 9 beta seeded to developers earlier this week includes support for the feature over a cellular connection.

For those not familiar with it, Continuity was introduced in iOS 8 and it allows you to answer calls and messages on your Mac or iPad as long as they are on the same network as your iPhone. In iOS 9, that’s no longer a requirement.

Developers running iOS 9 say that T-Mobile is already supporting Continuity over cellular, but we haven’t heard anything on the other carriers. That’s likely to change, however, when the beta goes public next month, or by the fall.

This may not seem like a big deal, but imagine leaving your iPhone at home and still being able to receive important phone calls and text messages. With iOS 9, a compatible carrier and a Mac or iPad, you’ll never be out of reach.

Source: the Verge

  • Rem

    They should let you use spotlight to dial numbers from anywhere. Can’t believe one has thought of this.

    • James G

      Most numbers are automatically hyperlinked to enable calling.

    • M.

      I think Flashlight lets you do that

  • raulortiz318

    That is awesome news.

  • AnoNymouz

    This is would be great!

  • Tommy Gumbs

    I really only use the feature for Safari. Im not even sure what else it works with other than email.

    I do hope that this does not mean my other devices will ring when I get a phone call. I have been in class or meetings too many times and my phone rings, and as I mute the call, my iPad or computer starts ringing.

  • Sounds like it will now new going through Apple’s servers…definite no no for me; don’t need nor want documents I start on my Tablet going to anyone else’s HDD just to edit it on my Laptop. Thankfully, my Laptop and Tablet is 1 device, so continuity is a given…