Early today, along with iOS 9 and watchOS, Apple released an updated version of OS X to developers. Titled El Capitan, the new system has a flagship wallpaper.

Apple fans have come to expect these new flashy images on an annual basis and scramble to find copies. Thankfully, with a few connected and design-savvy friends, we strive to offer the images to everyone, regardless of having a developer account. Step inside for your goodies.

OS X El Capitan wallpaper

[updated 6/9/15 11:34 PDT] The actual image was finally extracted from the OS X El Capitan beta. We were able to locate it via Reddit user geepolkgee. Click here to download the full size OS X extracted version at 5120 x 3200.

The following image was extracted from the Apple website and optimized for desktop computers with a resolution of 2880 x 1800. Handy work was provided by @Axinen, who operates his own site.

El Capitan wallpaper splash axinene

Download: Desktop (2880 x 1800) | iPad | iPhone

El Capitan wallpaper splash with logo axinen

Download: Desktop (2880 x 1800) | iPad | iPhone

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Earlier today, we released an inspired version of the iOS 9 wallpaper. You will find the corresponding link below.

AR72014_2015-Jun-08 WWDC iOS 9 Wallpaper splash

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Finally, WWDC wallpapers were released this weekend as part of the Wallpapers of the Week series.


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To maintain contact or submit your own findings, please connect with me on Twitter @jim_gresham! I’m always on the lookout for great finds.

Splash images via placeit.net

  • Niko

    So, why did they call it El Capitan?

    • Marcus

      The trend that Apple is going through with OS X right now is naming operating systems off of locations in California, which is where they are headquartered.
      – Mavericks
      – Yosemite
      – El Capitan

    • Jamie Tilden

      It was mentioned in the key note. El Capitan is the famous rock formation you see in all Apple’s pics of Yosemite. It’s just one part of Yosemite Valley, sort of like El Capitan is sort of an incremental update. It’s not an entirely new place to take the OS just like El Capitan is not a new place. It’s Yosemite 2.0 especially.

      • Niko

        It makes sense now, Thanks!

    • Eric Mason

      They are building on Yosemite and El Capitan is a rock formation within Yosemite National Park…

    • Niko

      Okay, thanks for all the answers, I was a bit confused about the name, but it makes sense now.

  • Jamie Tilden

    Pretty clever how the sun highlights just El Capitan in Yosemite just like OS X 10.11 highlights and improves on the features in OS X 10.10. Anyways, here’s my favourite Yosemite pic:

  • test_11

    I’m non developer and finally installed OS X El Capitan on my imac very smooth! So i find it wallpaper named “El Capitan.jpg” is size 14.3MB on my imac but wont me put on picture on iDB. Image must size is 2MB?? -.-

    • nbijker

      Post it on flickr or something like that, and post the link here.

    • Eric Mason

      I downloaded a copy and I got the message “Could not write installation information to disk.” “Contact AppleCare.”


      • derr

        It still doesn’t work for me, I have the same problem as you have… when you say flashdrive you mean the one in the computer ?

    • moodymors

      which file did you download? how did you install it?

  • edouardbirman

    hey guys, if you want to try iOS 9 and get your UDID registered,contact me at edouard94300@hotmail.fr

  • Javier Quesada Anaya

    Horatio Nelson is OS X 10.11.

  • Dante Arellano

    Whata stupid name for os x

  • I really dig the iOS 9 wallpaper.

  • Eric Mason

    Yes. It must be installed from a flash/thumb drive. Worked for me.

  • Burton S

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