Official OS X El Capitan wallpaper for iPhone, iPad, desktop


Early today, along with iOS 9 and watchOS, Apple released an updated version of OS X to developers. Titled El Capitan, the new system has a flagship wallpaper.

Apple fans have come to expect these new flashy images on an annual basis and scramble to find copies. Thankfully, with a few connected and design-savvy friends, we strive to offer the images to everyone, regardless of having a developer account. Step inside for your goodies.

OS X El Capitan wallpaper

[updated 6/9/15 11:34 PDT] The actual image was finally extracted from the OS X El Capitan beta. We were able to locate it via Reddit user geepolkgee. Click here to download the full size OS X extracted version at 5120 x 3200.

The following image was extracted from the Apple website and optimized for desktop computers with a resolution of 2880 x 1800. Handy work was provided by @Axinen, who operates his own site.

El Capitan wallpaper splash axinene

Download: Desktop (2880 x 1800) | iPad | iPhone

El Capitan wallpaper splash with logo axinen

Download: Desktop (2880 x 1800) | iPad | iPhone

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