Apple Music

Apple rounded up its WWDC 2015 keynote with a ‘one more thing’ announcement for Apple Music. The service will incorporate streaming music, 24/7 radio stations, and a new ‘Connect’ feature that will allow musicians to connect with their fans.

For those excited to try out the service, Apple says that it will be available on June 30th. As run-up reports predicted, it’ll come with a 3-month free trial and cost $9.99 per month after that. There will also be a family plan for multiple users, for $14.99 per month.

Here are some of the more important bullet points on Apple Music availability:

  • $9.99 per month for individuals
  • $14.99 for families (up to 6 users)
  • 3-month free trial
  • Launching with iOS 8.4 on June 30
  • In over 100 countries by the fall
  • Will be available for Mac, iOS, Android and Windows

What do you think, will you be trying out Apple Music?


    I guess that’s when 8.4 drops..

    • Hi

      Hope for a jailbreak then *crosses fingers and toes*

  • Trevor Salmon

    The family deal is great! That is one thing that sucks about Spotify. Trying to share one account with my wife doesn’t work very well. I’m excited to try it out apple Music.

    • lemonhead

      yeah, I don’t know how I feel about not being able to listen to my music offline, while paying for subscription…

      • Plistumichu

        That’s the concept, no downloads for offline listening as in Spotify right?

      • lemonhead

        as far as I understood, yes…

        subscription = free streaming, no offline use

        actually that’s gonna be a dealbreaker for me

      • Dean Johnson

        You can listen offline. It’s on apple’s website, under “music” and then under “membership”

      • Phil Randle

        Just saw that, & that’s the one thing I was hoping for, it looks phenomenal, I was an Rdio user, but this looks unbeatable. Family package is dirt cheap too, and it’ll be hard to beat the integration for  Hardware users, changing and picking tracks via Siri will be awesome.

      • lemonhead

        yeah i don’t know what “offline” here really means..

        That’s also on their site:
        “With an Apple Music membership, your entire library lives in iCloud. We compare every track in your collection to the Apple Music library to see if we have a copy. If we do, you can automatically listen to it straight from the cloud. “

      • Kristen

        That basically sounds like iTunes Match….right? I wonder if they will do away with Match in favor of incorporating it into Music.

      • lemonhead

        hmm i don’t know, it might be restricted to a number of tracks to be offline available, or a time period, or a numbers of GB music…

        heck it could mean anything really, even unlimited access to everything

      • 空白

        I would think so. I was just thinking that. Why would you pay for both right?

      • Formul

        there is quite clearly offline usage in their list of features for paying subscribers

    • Josh

      thats why there is spotify family, i pay 20$ month for 3 people…..

      • omgitsobaid

        I’vegot the same issue

    • Nikki Holland

      Spotify Premium has a family plan

  • Sebastian Diaz

    No jailbreak today? 🙁

  • avd98

    iOS 8.4 availability?

    • Brandon D

      June 30th

  • That_Fruitarian

    I don’t use spotify. Can someone with knowledge tell us the major difference/similarities between the two?

  • Matheus Lisboa

    I will try it… but some stuff on it kill my buzz. I leave in brazil and when you put the price in brazilian reais it’s WAAAAAY pricier than spotify (like 2x more expensive) and it doesn’t seem to have offline features (which was expected, since the itunes store would have no point anymore if it had) so I’d have to use itunes match to have the sort of liberty I have with spotify today and still wouldn’t be nearly the same. I don’t think I’ll stick to it, personally, but who knows…

    • SkyFall

      It has offline features

  • Dean Johnson

    For anyone wondering, you can save your music offline if you have the paid subscription:

    • Kristen

      So I wonder how this is going to impact the iTunes Match subscription? If I’m understanding and you can save music for offline listening and you have access to all of the music available on iTunes, then what would be the point of iTunes match?

      • Cristian Meneses

        From the website of Apple Music you can read

        Does Apple Music work with iTunes Match?
        Yes. Apple Music and iTunes Match are independent but complementary.

        Still can’t figure how these services will work together

  • p1noyako

    SAMSUNG MUSIC coming soon. lol

    • Mr Mop

      They already have Milk Music

  • omgitsobaid

    I’m a beats music user.. Will i have to subscribe to Apple Music seperately or will my account just switch?

    • p1noyako

      Ask Apple support

  • Gerardo Camino

    Will Apple Music be available outside the US on June 30?

  • Mutu

    I’ve been waiting for this.. I think it will be a succes.

  • Mr. Right

    Sounds like no one knows about torrents here… 9.99 a month!

    • Mutu

      Why bother with the torrent and sync. It’s 10$. Per month. We all spend more than 10$ a month on bullshits we dont really need.
      You get to have your music nice and tidy, offline playing and stuff.

      • Alejandro Delgado

        ever seen this thing called 320kps? you can torrent music in any imaginable quality too…

      • 空白

        Exactly. There is no reason to not pay for music anymore other than being a dick.

      • NotTodayThx

        so, people that pay for a little listen to a obscenely rich companies record collection are clever and torrenteers who don’t “pay the lay”
        are dicks?
        omg, so many people that need the “RED PILL”
        oh, actually, the Chinese have written the massacre at tiannamen square out of the history books, and soon you will be a “dick” if you’re not stuck in the Matrix and know it was a real event.

        i recommended you stream a track by “Hopsin” called “Fly”, then grab a torrent for the album.

  • Sergio

    What happens to iTunes Match?

    • XZavier

      Nothing I’m guessing because it’s a different thing and not the same thing as streaming music. Just makes it easier to download music you own that is on your cd’s to your iPhone.

      • Sergio

        But it also offers commercial free radio stations and you can build custom stations based off of gener, artist, songs etc. Just wondering.

  • Daniyal Gauba

    Will they have a discount for students? Spotify offers half off for students.

  • ready1take1

    I just hope this is more successful than ping and lasts for more than 2 years.

  • 空白

    What is considered family? Will I be able to let my g/f use my account for instance?

    • Edgar Chacon

      A family is up to six people for $15 a month. each person gets their own account

  • throttle clutch e brake

    Does this replace the stock music app with those stations?

  • gserraes ッ

    It depends if the service is available for Dominican Republic, so far, free account of spotify serves very well, and since spotify came to this country, never need to purchase from iTunes Music store again. Also, paid spotify account here cost 5.99, vs 9.99 of United States, it is to be seeing what prices Apple Music brings here.

  • Nesly Lacroix

    Here are the reasons why I won’t subscribe to Apple Music:
    1. No social features. Music is inherently social. If you are on Apple Music, you will not be able to share with your friends.
    2. No 320 kbps stream. The stream quality will be at 256 kbps. Ironically, Beats Music which it replaces streams at 320 kbps.
    3. I currently use Spotify, and there’s not a feature in Apple Music that will pull me away from Spotify.
    4. I am jailbroken, and when Apple Music is released, I won’t even be able to try it. Unless a jailbreak is available for 8.4.