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Apple has apparently decided to postpone the announcement of a new Apple TV at WWDC next week, according to The New York Times. In a sweeping report on what to expect from the annual developer’s conference, the publication says the highly anticipated refresh of Apple’s set-top box is no longer in the cards for Monday’s keynote.

In March, the well-connected John Paczowski of BuzzFeed reported that Apple would unveil a slimmer, more powerful Apple TV with a native App Store at this year’s WWDC. And since then, subsequent reports have reinforced the story, with the Times claiming that the new device would feature a redesigned remote with a built-in touchpad.

Today’s report from the Times says that as recently as mid-May, Apple was still planning on unveiling the new TV hardware, along with an improved remote control and a tool kit for developers to make native big-screen apps. But the company has decided to postpone those plans partly because the product is not quite “ready for prime time.”

Additionally, Apple has been struggling to reach deals with content providers for its subscription TV service, which it hoped would help differentiate its set-top box from other offerings. Echoing a recent Recode report, the Times says that major pain points in the negotiations have included disagreements on price, streaming rights and technology.

It sounds like everything else we are expecting is still on track, though. The Times states that Apple is still planning to announce several refinements for iOS and OS X, a new tool kit that will allow developers to create native Watch apps, and a revamped streaming music service. Apple’s WWDC keynote starts at 10am PST on Monday, June 8.

Source: NYT

  • pauleebe

    Well that sucks, guess Apple isn’t taking my money yet

  • Amac25

    I understand taking the time to get products right, but why not go ahead and show it along with the pay TV and get people hyped to get more channel companies to come on board??

    • murdoc2k

      Cause it’s not ready. If the content is still under negotiation, who knows how long it will take before they can finalize?

      Apple made a good call not promising a product they cannot deliver prematurely.

      • Amac25

        The new iOS and OS X won’t be ready or public distribution but they will still show previews of them at wwdc. I know apple wants to keep products hidden until they want to show them but hopefully we will get some “leaks” just like we’ve heard about the new remote that is going to be with the new Apple TV.

      • John Wickham

        There is a reason to show prerelease software at the developers conference; it’s for developers. And we can’t develop for new features if we don’t know what they are!

  • Andrew

    Wow. What a surprise. /s

    Called this. It’s the same thing year after year.