Apple Store Front Splash Image Surfing

This past week, Apple released a new store front image highlighting the Apple Watch and its ability to work harmoniously with the existing ecosystem. With an established set of avid Wallpapers of the Week readers, I received several messages on Twitter @jim_gresham, asking if I was able to grab the walls.

I was sent the original extraction by our buddy Jason Zigrino, but the image was too small to utilize for a photo quality wallpaper. As luck would have it, another designer you are familiar with was able to make a few modifications and give you a photo quality download. 


Below are two modified versions of the extracted image by @AR72014, who was featured last week as well. The two final images were pulled and also modified from the iPhone photo gallery that is currently featured on Apple’s website


Download: iPhone

AR72014_2015-May-21 2

Download: iPad


Download: left; right


As always, I encourage you to catch up with me via Twitter, if you have some great images or would like us to work on some! The images above were requested and answered. We hope you continue to enjoy the section, but it is only made possible by readers like you!

  • Admin001

    Love the last one one the left. 🙂

    EDIT: the tree one.

  • okhoo

    Thanks so much!!!

  • leart

    some “retro” stuff

  • Chang in Charge

    For the Mad Max fans.

  • Jason Baroni

    Daredevil’s because we all deserve it.

  • socrates

    I prefer the stock wallpaper to the first two. I’d rather not have unknown individuals on my wallpaper.

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    My current wallpaper

    • Arthur Aizikovich

      where did oyu get this?

  • mp

    A little help please. With reduce motion on and the tweak nowallpaperzoomannimation, I still can’t get the ipad pic to fit the same on my ioaf nor any photo from blowing out. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

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  • Majd Dagash

    Help please !!

    First wallpaper (beach) for macbook !!!

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    same wallpaper for Mac?