Nature wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

AR72014 Nature wallpapers splash

Every week, we aim to bring you fresh wallpapers for those beloved iOS devices. In an effort to provide quality images, the Wallpapers of the Week section is populated from walls we find scattered across the Internet, stumbled upon through Twitter, or submitted to me directly.

The majority of today’s selection is from quality work by @AR72014. He is always posting great stuff to his Twitter timeline, from original work to modifications of different content. Step inside for some of his latest.

Nature AR7 wallpapers

You can find a constant stream of AR7 work via Twitter, but I also suggest downloading his wallpaper app. In the app, there is a repository of his current and archived work, which can be directly downloaded for your specific device.

Below are three images that are considered modded. The original artwork was sourced by AR7 from different spots, then tailored for iPhone.


NASA mod: iPhone 6 Plus


Asus Fonepad 7 mod: iPhone 6 Plus


Wave mod: iPhone 6

Additional nature wallpapers

Just to make sure you have a few more to grow on, the following images were sourced directly from the Internet and are not affiliated with AR7.


Mountains download: iPad; iPhone

Alpine areas at the Leaota Mountain range

Sunset download: iPad; iPhone


Bamboo download: iPad; iPhone


The wallpaper section is made possible by you, the readers! With your help, the images maintain a high quality and consistency. Finding just the right wallpaper, week after week can be challenging. Make sure to connect with me via Twitter @jim_gresham, for a consistent flow of shared images and to submit your own findings!

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