Apple Watch standalone bands

Standalone bands for the Apple Watch are now available across select brick-and-mortar Apple Stores in the United States, the United Kingdom and possibly elsewhere, according to latest reports.

As reported by Twitter user AppleRadar, an Apple Store in Miami is now carrying the Classic Buckle and the Sport Band in multiple colors, with additional bands likely arriving soon.

Some Twitter users have reported band availability at the Highland Village Apple Store in Houston, Texas.

These standalone bands allow for further customization as owners of the Apple Watch can now swap their bundled band with another one of their choosing, at a price.

An internal memo sent to Apple Retail, a copy of which was obtained by 9to5Mac, has notified employees that retail stores will begin stocking standalone bands later this week in “limited” quantities, starting with the fluoroelastomer Sport Band in multiple colors.

“In the coming days, Apple will begin advertising the availability of Sport Bands in its stores, according to the memo,“ reads the report. No word on availability of the Milanese Loop or the Link Bracelet.

Apple Online Store Milanese Loop

Select Apple Watch bands are also available through the Apple Online Store.

Most ship in 1-2 weeks, with the exception of the Milanese Loop, which is listed with a 7-8 week delivery. The Sport Band is $49, the Classic Buckle, Milanese Loop and Leather Loop are $149 each, the Modern Buckle is $249 and the Link Bracelet is $449.

Initially, standalone bands will be reportedly available as replacements for worn-out bands from the various store Apple Watch try-on stations, with the remaining units sold to customers in search of a different band than the one which came pre-bundled with their Apple Watch.

Source: Twitter, MacRumors

  • Maxim∑

    great, now I can connect it to my wrist hairs.

    • Jamessmooth

      I’ve tried on most of the bands, and I can say BY FAR the most uncomfortable was the link bracelet. Tugged on my wrist hairs and I immediately took it off. SO uncomfortable.

      • James G

        That’s exactly what convinced me to not bother with the Space Black Stainless Steel model. The link bracelet immediately pulled my hair. Knowing that these link bracelets are $449 stand-alone I knew that’s what I was going to be paying for in the $1099 price.

        I settled on Stainless Steel w/ black leather loop and feel better with $400 still in my pocket and hair on my wrist.

      • James G

        I just wish they’d offer a Space Black face without the link bracelet.

      • Gary le

        Luckily for asian people we have less/no hair on our arms lol

  • Giacomo Castellucci

    man, these prices are higher than stoners on 420

    • Yea, some of the bands will cost more than the watch itself pretty crazy.

      • It’s probably best to wait for third-party bands which are sure to come out at some point in time…

    • Gerardo Castro

      Downvoting because I feel you tried to hard to push this joke

  • mp

    Quote: ‘Initially, standalone bands will be reportedly available as replacements for worn-out bands from the various store Apple try on stations’ unquote.
    I’m not sure if this says a lot about the quality of the rubber straps etc, or putting on a watch appears to be a tough ask, or both.
    My guess is these lighter bands are becoming very visibly soiled and I’m still flumaxed the black rubber strap isn’t a standard option on the silver aluminium sport. I’ve vented enough on my latter point.

    • raulortiz318

      +1 for using the word “flummoxed.”

      Not having the black band/silver aluminum makes no sense!

      • mp

        Oops thanks for correction, how did that pass quality control.

        A sceptic would say that it will boost black band sales which I predict will be the most popular colour purchased. Fortunately I’m a questioner. 🙂

  • Jamessmooth

    Damn Milanese Loop… Mine says delivers 22 Jun – 29 Jun. Ordered it last month.

  • port87

    Can I now buy a watch from the store?

    • mp

      You can buy a strap instead. 🙂

  • Gerardo Castro

    Houston, Texas mentioned in the article… obligatory “H-Town” comment incoming:


  • Gary le

    Last paragraph worries me about “worn out bands.” So wich bands wear out fastest that are replaced? I have flouroelastomer and ss link.

    • mp

      Experience tells us that rubber wears out quickly with repeated use even with/without fluids added. Just sayin’