Apple Watch Manufacturing 004

Quanta Computer, which assembles the Apple Watch, has been plagued with poor yield rates resulting in capacity problems that have led to limited shipments of the device. As a result, Apple has been struggling to meet orders and has been unable to roll out the device to additional markets to this date.

But production woes are now a thing of the past as Quanta vice chairman CC Leung confirmed solving production bottlenecks, according to a report Friday by DigiTimes, a somewhat reliable Taiwanese trade publication.

Although he didn’t mention Apple and its product by name, it’s pretty clear that he was referring to the Apple Watch and the Cupertino firm, its biggest client.

The Apple Watch is no longer a challenge to Quanta in both technology and quality, sources claim, an indication that availability of the wrist-worn device should soon improve.

Although Quanta hired additional workers from other manufacturers to assemble Apple’s device, labor shortages during the Lunar New Year holidays have resulted in limited device shipments during the first quarter.

According to Leung, the Apple Watch is “unlike the smartwatches” it produced before in that it “has a lot of functions in it”.

Thankfully, Quanta now has “sufficient capacity to manufacture all the orders,” reads the report, adding that the contract fabricator should see “a giant contribution” from its wearable device business in the second quarter.

Apple is reportedly satisfied with Qanta’s Apple Watch assembly work.

In another sign that availability of the wrist-worn device is improving, first shipments of the Space Black stainless steel Apple Watches have now started arriving.

Source: DigiTimes

  • M2

    Mine is expected in July. Sport space grey black band.

    • Gregg

      Mine too. So much for “available in June”…

      • M2

        when did you order?

    • L J

      Same version but mine says June 22

    • samyg

      Ordering now shows a 6-7 week wait.

  • M2

    Maybe they will show up a couple weeks earlier.

  • Hussain Alsanona

    Mine between 13-27 May and still waiting!

  • Stefano

    Mine isnt coming till gen 2

  • Orderd 7 am April 25. Still waiting for “your order has shipped”.But at least I’m in the window.

  • M2

    Mine just updated this morning from in July to June 23-July 3. I guess that’s a good sign.

    • Gregg

      Awesome! I checked too and it says “available in 5-6 weeks”, shipping June 26 to July 6!!! 42mm space grey with black sport band. Maybe a miracle will happen and they will push it out sooner?

      • M2

        Apple probably under promises with shipping because if they say one thing and the product comes later there will be “shipgate” stories. I bet most come around a week before the shipment range quoted.