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Apple seeded iOS 8.4 beta 3 to developers this morning. The build number is 12H4098c, and it can be downloaded over-the-air by folks running beta 2, or via Apple’s developer portal. Additionally, Apple has released iOS 8.4 beta 2 to testers part in the public beta program.

The release comes two weeks after iOS 8.4 beta 2 posted, and roughly a month after the original. The timing is also interesting because Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference, where it is expected to introduce the next major version of iOS (iOS 9) is just 3 weeks away.

Thus far we’ve seen only a handful of changes in the new firmware, including a redesigned Music app with a streamlined UI, long-awaited Up Next queuing feature and more. We’re installing the iOS 8.4 beta 3 now, and will be sure to report back if we find any major additions.

8.4 music 3new Music app iOS 8.4

Here are the 8.4 beta 3 release notes:

  • App Extensions – App extensions need an arm64 slice to run on 64-bit devices. If you try to run the armv7 slice on a 64-bit device it won’t work.
    Apps need to have an arm64 slice if the bundle contains a framework that both the app and the app extension link against.
    iTunes Store
    Fixed in Beta 3
    Featured iTunes Radio stations may have duplicate entries.
    When viewed in landscape mode on iPad, Buy buttons in Top Charts may appear partially obscured.
  • Music – Using Siri to control iTunes Radio does not work in this beta.
    Home Sharing and Genius Mixes are not currently available.
    AirPlay streaming may not work.
    There may be stability issues when using Up Next or iTunes Radio.
    It’s not possible to start a station from a song or artist.
    Station sharing for iTunes Radio is not available.
    The iTunes Radio tab may unexpectedly appear within Search, even if iTunes Radio is not available in your country.
    Deleting an empty playlist may cause the Music app to quit unexpectedly.
    The Music app may forget its place when you go to the Home screen and come back.
    If your device loses and regains a network connection (including turning Airplane Mode on and off), playback may stop working. If songs repeatedly fail to play, please force the Music app to quit.
    It’s not possible to add all songs in a compilation to a playlist at once.
    Closing full screen music video playback while the device is in landscape may cause the app to display incorrectly.
    Ads in iTunes Radio may display on top of Up Next.
    If your library has no playlists, the add playlist button may not appear.
    The downloaded icon is not displayed in Songs view on the iPad when you select “Make Available Offline.”
  • Siri – Using Siri on an Apple Watch to request playback of a song will fail.
    Workaround: Request playback of Artists or Albums instead of a specific song.
  • UIKit – When linking against iOS 8.3 or later, any code that relies on layout information (such as the frame) of a UIButton subview when the button is not in the window hierarchy will need to send layoutIfNeeded to the button before retrieving layout information (such as button.titleLabel.frame) to ensure that the layout values are up to date.
  • Videos – It may not be possible to dismiss the captions dialog on iPhone 6 Plus.
    The download progress bar may not update while content is downloading.
    Signing out of an iTunes account and signing into another may result in incorrect content appearing in the library.
    Content stored in iCloud may not appear in your library after signing in.
  • WatchKit – A bug where continuous background location updates fail to update has been resolved. If your Watch app relies on continuous background location updates to function, it is recommended that you update your WatchKit extension deployment target to iOS 8.3 and submit your app with Xcode 6.3. Creating an animated image using the UIImage method animatedImageWithImages:duration: and then playing the animation using startAnimating ignores the duration and plays back as fast as possible.

If you come across something you don’t see mentioned here, be sure to let us know either down in the comments, or via email at

  • Cristian B


  • Newgunnerr

    Please GM, hurry up! We want that 8.4 JB..

    • Dany Quirion

      you want*

      • Niclas

        we want*

  • FwgKnight

    Is iTools and iFunBox, etc viewing still disabled on the 8.4 Betas?

    • Rodney Coleman


    • Hmm is that why I can’t get my iFunBox to not detect my 8.2?

  • Rodney Coleman

    Sweet updating now

  • blobmasterer

    how exactly do you get into the public beta program?

    • Dri

      you need an invite from apple. if you were an beta tester of yosemite at the beginning you get an invite

      • Imad Ghandour

        I am and I didn’t get an invite

      • Dri

        I didn’t get one either. I think the only selected those ho reported plenty of bugs. That’s what I’ve read somewhere.

      • Imad Ghandour

        Yeah thats probably it, oh well Ill just have to stick with my own ways of installing the firmware

      • Mozaik

        You need to mobile config file , search for it on Google.

      • Imad Ghandour

        What do you mean by the mobile config file, to enter the public testing program?

      • Mozaik

        Its like a profile or signature which allows you to join to apple beta program

  • Truc

    Mac OS X receive an update for 10.10.4 too.
    Animation is much smoother than the previous version.
    No need to put the ugly “Increase Contrast” anymore.
    Don’t know if it’s only me who feels so :S

  • iPodDroid

    Again, can I just download the iPSW and install it in my device? Or do I need my UDID?

    • Imad Ghandour

      There is a workaround. Instead of restoring the iPhone to iOS 8.4. Restore it to 8.3, activate your iPhone (i.e. finish setting it up and everything until you reach the home screen) then option-click for mac users (or for windows users alt-click) “update” NOT “restore”, and choose the iOS 8.4 beta firmware. Your phone will update with no hiccups or issues, you’ll end up on a slide to upgrade screen. Follow the second setup process which will present no problems then just restore your data from backup. Until now, May 11 2015, this trick has worked for me with every firmware since OTA was introduced in iOS 5. This is how I installed this firmware on my iDevice so no worries I tried this. And from then on you can update it to the next beta through OTA from the device itself no need to hassle with your computer, it will even end up updating to the official stable iOS 8.4 when released. Good Luck. Oh and in case your wondering nope you dont need your UDID registered ^.^ happy installing.

      • iPodDroid

        Thanks for the info! Really appreciate it

      • Imad Ghandour

        No problem man anytime

      • Chris Gilmore

        I second this method. Been using it for all iOS 8 betas. Started with the first and now I just OTA’d from beta 2 to 3 with no complications. And no, UDID is not registered.

      • Imad Ghandour

        Dude it kinda seems like iOS 8 beta 3 introduces new bugs instead of taking them away am I right or is the change-log posted about the bugs that are eradicated.

      • Mee

        Where can you get the IPSW to start if you haven’t been invited into the Public Beta Testers???

      • Imad Ghandour

        Bro you can get it from anywhere google, torrent it, but make sure it pertains to your iPhone or iPad since it will not restore. You can google the ispw’s name or look at other older ispw(s) to make sure if it pertains to the specific iDevice or not…

      • Chocolope Jailbreakush

        If anyone didn’t know of this method you should never come back to this site again. Methods been used since iOS 7 c’mon now people.

  • Barry Vallon

    I keep going to iOS 8.4 and then back to iOS 8.3 because I can’t deal with the bugs lol. This new beta seems to have way too many bugs! No thanks. I’ll wait for that GM lol.

    • Lance Baker

      I haven’t encountered any.

    • Andy Copeland

      That’s kinda the definition of a beta…

      • Barry Vallon

        No shit? Lol.

  • Tyler Smith

    Installing on my iPad now…

    • f96lrs

      Bats 3 is only for devs not public

      • Tyler Smith

        I mean the latest public beta

  • Linton Findlay

    hopeing for a easier icon for when icloud items arnt downloaded in music, went missing since 8,4!

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    I’ll just go ahead and say it, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but I really dislike what Apple did with on iOS 8.4b. What’s so “streamlined” about this? Just more distractions and unnecessary clutter! Now it just looks like Spotify or the YouTube app. A miniplayer? WHY? What good does it do? On a 4″ – 5.5″ display? I understand the use of this redesign for an iPad or something significantly larger than a 5.5″ display to take advantage of the much larger screen real estate. The is just fine the way it is (I’m sure I’m not alone in this), clean simple lists. I hope that there’ll be a jailbreak tweak to revert to the old/current (iOS<8.4)

  • daniel rivera

    Lyrics are back on the public beta 2, although the formatting is all wrong.

  • That’s one helluva changelog, or rather, a may-not-work-log

  • Dave Small

    Yep, I can verify that multi-touch books, those normally only readable on iPads and Macs are now readable in the iBooks app that comes with this beta release. Even the charts are different, showing multi-touch as well as ePub-style books.
    Sadly, due to the dimensions of my iPhone 5s screen, iBooks shows some grey space either side of the pages on iBooks Author-authored books but some very nice zooming allows the books to be read with ease.

  • Daniel Beecham


    • Rogério Toledo Jr.

      yes, you only need to download the ipsw e restore your device

  • Rogério Toledo Jr.

    Do you are a dev member ?

  • How do I get into the Public Beta. Im already signed up for the Public beta of Yosemite. Do I need my Mac to be on OS X 10.10.4? or am I just not seeing this right?

  • 29un

    I think ios phone app,messages, notes, reminder, photos and many other stock apps feel very dated and needs redesign…and please give us a dark theme.