Fantastical 2 for Mac full screen

Developer Flexibits has updated its popular calendar, reminders and to-do alternative, Fantastical 2 for Mac, with more than a dozen new features, enhancements and bug fixes. The app now includes a new-look birthday event interface and has added a pending invitations section to view all incoming invitations in one place.

You can now drag text from other apps to quickly create an event and drag items from OmniFocus, which also creates a related event.

A new shortcut allows you to easily create a recurring event just by dragging in Fantastical’s Week view while holding down the Option key on your keyboard. Another handy shortcut: Option-click an alert notification to dismiss all other pending notifications from Fantastical.

And one more: click and hold the Snooze button to change your default snooze duration. You can choose a different snooze interval while holding the Option key.

Should you want, you can now disable alerts for calendars that aren’t editable. The app at last supports copying more than one invitee in the event details and they’ve added a new feature which lets you set an event’s free or busy status.

Fantastical 2.0.4 for Mac changelog:

  • Added pending invitations section to view all incoming invitations
  • Added new appearance for birthday events
  • Option-dragging in the week view now quickly creates an event that repeats multiple days at the same time
  • Added option to set an event’s free or busy status
  • Added support for dragging items from OmniFocus into Fantastical to create an event
  • Added support for dragging text from other apps into Fantastical to create an event
  • Alerts for calendars that aren’t editable can now be disabled
  • Default snooze duration can now be changed by clicking and holding on the Snooze button and selecting a different snooze interval while holding the option key
  • Multiple invitees in the event details can now be copied
  • Option-clicking an alert notification will now dismiss all other alert notifications
  • Opening .ics files with canceled meetings will now cancel existing meetings if necessary
  • Fixed crash on launch that could occur when loading subscriptions with invalid data
  • Fixed an issue where hours in the day view would sometimes not line up correctly after exiting full screen
  • Fixed an issue where clicking in event details wouldn’t work correctly with Force Touch trackpads
  • Various fixes and improvements

The 11.7-megabyte app requires OS X 10.10 or later.

This update is free to existing users.

Fantastical for Mac recently received a major visual makeover for OS X Yosemite Macs, adding native full-screen mode with a detachable menu bar (pictured below), iCloud Reminders, time zone support, light/dark theme, birthday reminders, a more powerful natural language parser and much more.

Fantastical 2 for OS X Mac screenshot 012

I was fairly impressed with the 2.0 update and wrote in my review that the app is now much more streamlined than before and finally feels like a proper replacement for Apple’s stock Calendar and Reminders apps.

Fantastical 2 is $39.99 in the Mac App Store.

The iPhone and iPad editions of Fantastical are $4.99 and $9.99, respectively.

  • basilis

    It is a really nice app, but so stupidly overpriced that no one really pays attention. Furthermore they made an offer to previous version, so that many people including me were fooledto buy it, and then version 2 was introduced with a promise of never updating v1 again. Such a dishonest developer does not dererve my 40$.
    I will pAss. I even changed my ios app, deleted fantastical because they disgust me.

    • Kr00

      They did the same with their iOS app. Version 2 was a new purchase, not an update from version 1. And their iPad app is 3 times the price of the iPhone app. They get the bastard award for developers.

  • Chang in Charge

    Who the **** has $40 to spend on a calendar app even Fantastical is not that good. They buggin’ with this price I’ll stick to the old one until this gets a price drop.

  • Dan

    It’s a good app, bought it back when I had an iphone. It’s ridiculously priced for Mac though.

  • legioner

    As an Fantastical 1 owner i will never buy their products again. I can buy another windows licence for that price. There are another alternatives on the market.

  • Eddie Melendez

    A developer who make a app then make a new one but don’t gave their customers the opportunity to upgrade just gave a price for everyone like a new app! They don’t care about customers just care about money! To Hell with Fantastical and his developers!

  • Overpriced as hell! I really don’t get this argument of “we’re a small team of 2 people bla bla bla…”. Doesn’t justfies overpricing a software that’s normally shouldn’t cost more than 20 (AT BEST).