Beats Music (teaser 003)

Apple’s new music service could include multiple ways to listen for free, Recode reported on Friday. Citing sources familiar with the project, the site says that while the service won’t include a typical ‘free version,’ Apple is hoping to offer a lengthy trial period and free song samples.

The trial period could range anywhere from one to three months, depending on the outcome of Apple’s current negotiations with record labels, which would give users a lengthy look at the service. It may also allow music owners to upload a sampling of songs that others could listen to.

More specifically, Recode says users may be able to upload song samples that others could could listen to without subscribing to the service. “Several sources describe this feature as something akin to SoundCloud, the music streaming service that describes itself as the “YouTube for audio.”

Additionally, Apple plans to offer a new version of iTunes Radio that would feature stations programmed by humans instead of computers. The company has hired plenty of talent that in recent months that could help in that regard, including BBC Radio 1’s DJ Zane Lower earlier this year.

Apple is expected to unveil the revamped Beats Music service at its Worldwide Developers Conference next month. Some reports have speculated that the service won’t be ready to launch in June because Apple is still in talks with labels over licensing deals, but the consensus is it’s still on.

Source: Recode

  • Smegmatron

    Hope is not geo blocked. It sucked that i couldnt use BEats bexause i was outside the US

    • Bernd Krell

      That’s not really an issue. I am in Thailand and used it. Just create a U.S. iTunes AppStore account and order some iTunes Cards. But of course this is a bit annoying. I switched to Deezer around 2-3 weeks ago. It’s available in many countries and with the latest update of the iPhone app, it is extremely good now.

    • Obaid Yasin

      i use beats music everyday… it’s been like 8-9 months i guess… and i live in India soo yea

  • Rob Bricknell

    still not got apple radio, so no chance of getting this in the UK

  • White Michael Jackson

    Idk what Beats has to offer that rhapsody, spotify, and other services do.