BBC Radio 1 announces popular Zane Lowe leaving for Apple


BBC Radio 1 has announced that its popular DJ, Zane Lowe, is leaving the radio giant for a job at Apple in March.

There’s no word on what position Lowe is taking at the Cupertino-based company, but it would make sense he would take a job with iTunes Radio or Beats Music. 

During his time on BBC Radio 1, the New Zealand-born DJ became well-known for championing emerging talent and many acts have made their breakthrough after having one of their tracks named as “hottest record in the world” on Zane’s show, the BBC describes.

Could Lowe be headed for a job to help curate new music for iTunes Radio or Beats Music? The company has been rumored to rollout a new iTunes subscription service later this year that could be perfect for Lowe’s human curation.

Source: BBC