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In standard Wallpapers of the Week fashion, we try to maintain modern relevance. That means, keeping in touch with the big pop culture items of our time. One of the biggest comic book franchises released their newest installment of the Avengers series, Age of Ultron.

We are still in opening weekend, so a total box office number is currently unknown. However, it will certainly be a hit with lines waiting to get a ticket. What better way to get excited than deck your iOS devices with Avengers wallpaper? Step inside for an assortment of treasures. 


The fallowing were sourced from Papers.co, via @PapersCompany.


Download: iPad; iPhone


Download: iPad; iPhone


Download: iPad; iPhone


Download: iPad; iPhone


Download: iPad; iPhone


Download: iPad; iPhone


Download: iPad; iPhone


Download: iPad; iPhone

The following images were sourced from DesignBolts.com, @designbolts.


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Download: iPhone 6


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The Wallpapers of the Week section is a mash up of images I source from around the Internet and submissions from avid iDB readers and designers. If you have a set of wallpapers, or ideas about genres you would like to see, it is a simple tweet away. Please, connect with me via @jim_gresham with your wallpapers and ideas!

I assume most of you already have a health supply of Avengers wallpapers somewhere on your hard drive. Help the community and share them below!

splash image courtesy of placeit.net

  • Okhoo

    Does anyone have any solos of Nick Fury or Hawk-Eye?

    • MrJohnBlaze


      • okhoo


  • Feivl

    I don’t see, why this would belong here on this Tech-Blog. Too much product placement. Tech-related gadgets kind of make sense. But movies? And then you call it “Wallpaper of the week”. What comes next? McDonalds? Come on.

    • Amac25

      They do a different theme every week. If you don’t like it then don’t click it but a lot of is actually like that they do this once a week on Suday, the slowest news day for any tech blogs

      • Zen Kaojarern

        I personally don’t mind. But I do understand people saying that way. There’s been quite a lot of shift in the contents over that past few years.

  • veda99

    can we have wallpapers for apple watch? jk 😉

  • Mohammad Faris

    What’s next Micky Mouse?
    Give us the real apple watch wallpapers not like recent posts, I mean they all look kind of same.


    I wish they had vision wallpapers. He was that dude back in the day.

  • MrJohnBlaze

    Download an app called wallpapers from the App Store then search avengers they got like 40 plus wallpapers

  • George

    Really bad movie

    • Andrew Roth

      Infinite downvotes on you.

  • Thomas Gehman

    Can’t believe Hawkeye dies

    • Andrew Roth

      Well keep not being able to believe because he doesn’t…

      • Thomas Gehman

        I know dude, trying to throw people off the scent of the actual death 😉

  • James

    what about the vision ?