Assistant+ App

If you’re a big fan of Siri, or even if you’re a bit down on the virtual assistant, listen up. Assistant+ can significantly enhance Siri and its capabilities by allowing it to interface directly with Activator.

Activator, the jailbreak tweak that allows you to assign a variety of actions to assorted gestures, is incredibly deep on its own. But when given the ability to invoke the many Activator events with Siri, things really get interesting.

Imagine activating a car mode by saying “Siri engage car mode”. All of the sudden, your Bluetooth connection comes on, Wi-Fi goes off, the volume is boosted, and Spotify is launched. That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the things that you can do with Assistant+.

Once installed, you’ll find an app icon for Assistant+ on the iPhone’s Home screen. From this app, you can customize Activator listeners, set up custom replies, and view installed plugins. Yes, Activator+ supports plugins, so the possibilities here are pretty much endless.

Assistant+ App Icon

Assistant+ comes bundled with one plugin, and that is the custom replies feature mentioned previously. Custom replies allow you to make Siri reply to specified phrases with your own custom response. For example, I could create a custom reply  for when ever I say “Who is Sebastien”. The custom reply could be “Sebastien runs iDownloadBlog”. Of course, the possibilities here can get much more complex, interesting, and humorous.

The meat and potatoes of Assistant+ is the Activator listeners section. Activator listeners allow you to set up specific voice triggers that will cause Siri to launch a single Activator event or a group of events.

When setting up a listener, you’ll need to give it a name and a trigger. Once you do, open Activator’s preferences, and find the name of the listener. You can then assign one or more events to that listener.


Now it’s just a matter of invoking Siri and speaking the listener’s trigger. This will cause Siri to execute the Activator event. As you might imagine, the sky is the limit when it comes to using Assistant+’s listeners feature.

I set up a listener called night mode with a trigger named engage night mode. I then ventured into Activator’s preferences, found the listener, and assigned it with events that I would want to happen at night time before bed. For example, I enabled Do Not Disturb, turned down the brightness, disabled Bluetooth, and Locked the screen. Now I could perform all of these actions at once just by invoking Siri and telling her to engage night mode.

Assistant+ 2

Needless to say, Assistant+ is one of the more promising tweaks that we’ve seen this year. The idea isn’t new, as we’ve seen tweaks like AssistantExtensions do similar things in the past. But having enhanced Siri functionality on iOS 8 is a new thing, and I think it should be recognized by the community.

What do you think about Assistant+? You can download it for $1.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Sound off in the comments with your thoughts and experiences.

  • Jonathan

    It’s sorta interesting. I think of a tweak in my mind that I wish I had, and so far every time, within at most a month, the tweak is developed.

    Now I can use Siri for home automation thanks to this tweak. 😀

    • AAP

      I saw this app in Cydia on Sunday, immediately purchased it, and the first thing I did was to use it for home automation. I set up custom listeners / replies to run http commands (using Activate Command or Activate Link) for each of the modes (think lighting scenes) I have in my Smartthings hub. I also set up a few for controlling Sonos via http (using a node server running on home computer). It all works perfectly!

      This app (especially in combination with Activate Command / Activate Link) is truly amazing.

      • Jonathan

        Nice setup.
        I’ve got an Arduino Uno and some relay switches in the basement hooked up to some wiring. We’re currently (okay, over the past few months… not at this moment) installing lights throughout the house. So as of right now, I control the hallway lights and the front sidewalk lights (more to come as lighting is put up). I have an old iPad turn the sidewalk lights on at a scheduled time with Activator and Activate Command.

        Aside of Assistant+, I have volume down then up to turn on the hall lights, and the opposite to turn them off. To turn on the sidewalk lights, I double tap the clock to turn them on, and swipe down on the clock to turn them off.

      • Reilitas

        That sounds awesome what you’ve got going!

      • Jonathan

        Thank you. =)

        If you’re wondering, not much has changed since last year. The only difference is a redesigned website interface and I used IFTTT instead of an old iPad. It works flawlessly.

  • Chang in Charge

    So sad I can only use this for a week or two then watch comes and bye bye jailbreak.

    • coLin

      One thing would be nice to use the watch to control home animation and stuff!

  • Diego

    Let’s wait for amazing assignments that people can creat.
    This sleepytime I already enjoy a lot.
    Hope find anothers soon.

  • Diego

    Hey Jeff, I don’t have this option on the Activator: 0% Media Volume, and the Screen Brightner 1% too.
    How do you get this?

    • You have to use the Custom Actions feature (upper right-hand corner).

      • Diego

        Oh, thanks, didn’t know that.

  • Guest

    i want to try to use assistant+ to run apps.. but cant.. such as activate the waze application when i say car mode. how?

  • Pablo Arroyo

    It works in another languages than English?

  • Willyumyum Stuart

    So Do we all remember AssistantExtensions? where it beefed up siri with chatbox and other cool features? can it piggy back off this?