OtterBox Defender for iPhone 6

I have a friend that always drops his iPhone. He has cracked his screen so many times that he finally decided to invest in the thickest, most durable case he could find.

He settled on the OtterBox Defender because it is one tough case. It has three layers for serious protection. Plus, it comes with a handy belt holster so you can don’t have to try to fit it in your pocket.

The case features a high-impact polycarbonate shell, an exterior slipcover to absorb impact and an interior foam liner to protect your iPhone 6 from scratches. It also includes a built-in screen protector, which protects from dirt and scratches.

All ports are covered with removable plugs to keep out the dust and debris. The buttons are covered by the case, which is specially designed with exterior buttons so you can still access the controls you need.

The Home button is covered with a special membrane that protects from dust particles while still allowing you to use Touch ID. I should point out here that the technology for Touch ID membranes is still poor. While it will work for you, it won’t work perfectly every time.

The included belt holster clip allows you to clip your iPhone 6 to your waist instead of having to keep it in your pocket. Which is particularly useful with the current trend of “skinny jeans.” The holster and clip layer is easily removable if you are not the type to wear your iPhone on the outside.

Obviously, this case is not for everyone. It significantly increases the size and weight of the iPhone 6. Plus, thanks to the added protection for ports, it isn’t exactly convenient. However, if you are the active outdoors type, you won’t mind some minor inconveniences in exchange for solid protection.

The case comes in a variety of colors, including black, white, blue, pink, purple, gray, and even a couple of specially designed patterns and outdoorsy photos.

The OtterBox Defender for iPhone 6 can be purchased on Amazon for $38. There is also a version for the iPhone 6 Plus for about the same price.

What do you think of this rugged monster? Let us know in the comments below.

  • leart

    Damn if use itunes in my country shop, it looks like this. If i use itunes in usa shop, my payment method is not valid … Pffff just wanted to purchase a ringtone

    • leart
    • Josh

      Purchase a ringtone from iTunes U? Right. Trying to show off iOS 6?

      • leart

        don’t get your point, i have 3 – ios 6 devices, just one ios 7, wanted to show that is not ios related

      • leart

        Just changed to store to the usa one and the iTunes went back to the normal interface , but obviously my payment method is not valid

      • leart

        That is not iTunes U man, that is how is see the stock iTunes if I use my country store 🙂

    • Dan

      Use Zedge, it’s free. And/or upgrade the OS.

      • leart

        I know I used sedge since Nokia e series, 10 years ago, that stupid ringtone was not there..
        Is not ios related, iTunes where normally ringtones are sold, changes whole interface when I use it with AppStore loaded to my country, this to be able to use my debit card.. Very discriminating

      • Dan

        Gotcha. You could try to make the ringtone yourself as well (if you can find the audio) . I used to do it with iTunes when I had my iPhone. Anyway, good luck!

      • leart

        Is not related to old ios

  • deepdvd

    “I have a friend…” LOL

  • Smart move to protect a costly, non-performing and less returning asset.

  • Nathan

    I’ve always loved OtterBox cases. The iPad air 2 one is amazing.

  • Der Faust

    i have used the iPhone 6 plus defender case since it was available :)…. i use the defender cases on all my gear…. (i wish they made them for mac books)…. one thing i did though was remove the plastic screen protector from the case and installed an alpha glass screen protector instead…. the combination of the alpha glass and the defender is great! :)…

    im a teacher and a father of a 6-year old little dude :)…. the defender cases have save my devices from multiple drops on concrete…. 🙂