If you use desktop file managers such as PhoneView, iFunBox, iTools, iExplorer and others to browse app folders on your non-jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you have another reason to stay away from the latest iOS 8.3 update as it prevents those programs from functioning properly.

As first reported by Joe Rossignol of MacRumors, developers of these apps have confirmed that iOS 8.3 imposes additional restrictions on sandbox access.

In iFunbox, trying to access an app folder on an iOS device running iOS 8.3 produces a message saying “App Sandbox access is restricted by Apple to ones with iTunes File Sharing enabled since iOS 8.3”. This change does not affect jailbroken devices which can access app sandboxes as usual via OpenSSH for complete filesystem privileges and command line access.

The change breaks current versions of such file transfer utilities as iFunBox, iTools, iExplorer, iBackupBot and PhoneView, for both OS X and Windows.

“Now we totally lost the control of Apps on our own devices,” iFunbox developer said on Facebook. Developers are currently assessing the situation and will try to restore this functionality by way of a workaround solution, if possible.

“Before there is a solution, iFunbox will fail to open data directory of any app if the device is not jailbroken,” they noted. The latest version 2.95 of iFunbox was released over the weekend, allowing users to browse app directories of only iTunes File Sharing-enabled apps like VLC.

Accessing the documents folder on iOS 8.3 of apps that don’t have iTunes File Sharing implemented is no longer possible, at least for the time being.

The developer of another file-transfer tool called iExplorer confirmed that all iOS transfer utilities seem to be experiencing blocked access in iOS 8.3. “Apple has definitely changed something with the way apps can be accessed in iOS,” they said.

It’s worth repeating that jailbreakers should not install iOS 8.3 as it’s already killed the most recent TaiG tool and has patched another exploit used in the team’s hack.

Also, downgrading to an earlier firmware may soon become a thing of the past after Apple stops signing iOS 8.2 in the near future

Currently, iOS 8.2 is still being signed.

Source: MacRumors

  • RarestName

    You mean we can’t access the documents folder of applications without being jailbroken?

  • :o

    I’m on 8.1.3 and staying there.

    • Digitalfeind

      I am staying on 8.1 as long as I can. I should have kept my 5s on 7.1.2. but I wanted Swype and now I do not even use it.

      • :o

        iPhone 5 for me. I was on iOS 6 jailbroken which was perfect to be honest but all the new apps kept being ios7+ so I had to upgrade even though i resisted for so long.

      • leart

        Iphone 5 on ios 6, jailbroken, 1 gb ram, probably the best phone experience ever, i enjoyed even my 4s with 512 ram on 6.0.1 for 1.5 year till the time I messed up trying to use the semi restore 🙂

  • M L

    A lot of us might have no choice but to upgrade to 8.2 or above if we are getting apple watches. 🙁

    • Jake Platt

      Yep, and I’m extremely annoyed about that. I am keen on the watch and have a pre order in place. I was hoping that the jaikbreak would be out by the time the watch is released, but the chances of that look very slim now. I’m desperately hoping there’s a way jaikbreakers can develop a way to pair the watch with devices lower than 8.2

      • M L

        Someone would have to find a way to get the apple watch app extracted from 8.2-8.3 then onto the 8.13 or below. That is also assuming no other internal things were changed in the 8.3 update to make the watch work correctly.
        Well beyond my skills 🙂

      • Jake Platt

        Someone on reddit with claimed experience told me that they were pretty sure it wouldn’t be possible to just extract the watch app because the watch functions were too deeply embedded into the whole OS. Hoping he’s wrong!

      • M L

        I figured as much. So need to wait till a jailbreak 🙁

      • Rowan09

        I believe he may be right. Simply extracting the app would leave you with half an experience since the whole OS is baked to work with the watch. They release a jailbreak, but I believe they are waiting on the watch being released along with revisions of the OS with every new hardware release.

  • Fajr Lodhi

    This was bound to happen 😛
    Just Apple being Apple!

  • raymond

    Of course jailbroken devices are not affected. None of them are on 8.3.

    • Elias Chao

      Even if there were a 8.3 jailbreak, this won’t affect to those with Jailbrek, because of this:

      “This change does not affect jailbroken devices which can access app sandboxes as usual via OpenSSH for complete filesystem privileges and command line access.”

  • Gabriel Anaya

    I’m pretty positive that they’ll release a jailbreak for 8.3 instead of 8.2
    Just doesn’t make sense to release for a firmware that’s no longer going to be signed for and significantly less stable than 8.3, and when an 8.3 jailbreak will take some amount of more work which will be worth it.

  • James G

    That sucks. I used that feature to backup/restore app data. Hopefully a workaround will surface.

  • Wolfer

    Ok??? Im in ios 8.3 ipad air 2, and last night I used ifunbox to transfer some pics from my ipad to my computer…. And can see to my apps, but for the apps I used iexplorer

  • Juan Sanchez Ruiz

    So there is no way to clean app cache and data? i used PhoneClean but now it only cleans 312kb and my iphone is 16gb , i think i will downgrade to 8.2, or is it any way to clean it?

  • basilis

    save implies to goodreader USB unfortunately…

  • Sarah Sabbagh

    so how can I get access to these folders?

    • Renan Cabral

      by your iphone using ifile or openssh

  • Justine Vargas

    Feel like our main source on accessing to apps has been TAMPERED. Thanks a lot, iOS 8.3, ****s everything we need.

    • John

      Try again, in English?

      Nothing has been tampered with…. It’s the way the operating system is.
      Jeeeeesus, over reacting much?

  • Nate McKelvie

    I was wrong in my first comment, Explorer works fine FOR PHOTOS. All other app directories are still blocked, but they believe they will find a workaround, which i am sure someone will figure out soon enough. There is currently a work around for copying that data only.

    “We are currently investigating how the iOS 8.3 update blocked access to the Apps directory, and we are looking into ways around it. All iDevice transfer utilities seem to be experiencing this exact same blocked access in iOS 8.3, so it’s not just a bug with iExplorer or iBrowse. Apple has definitely changed something with the way apps can be accessed in iOS.

    In the meantime, as a workaround, to transfer app files from your iPhone or iPad to your computer, you can go to the Backups section instead since iTunes backs up both the Documents and Library subfolders of an app and click on the Backup Explorer section. Then, just find the app in the list of folders (every app will be listed as their bundle ID in a reverse domain format (com.developer.AppName)), and you can simply drag/drop any files to your computer or right-click and choose Export to folder.

    This issue only affects the Apps section of iExplorer or iBrowse for iOS 8.3 devices. All other sections should be fully accessible. “

    • Abdullah KH

      i can’t drop/drog any files FROM my computer !!!

  • Marcus

    iExplorer was updated to bypass this restriction several hours ago. So if you need something for file transferring you should use iExplorer.

  • Tommmy

    Wow. How about restricting people to make phone calls to phones which are not iPhones? I think Apple’s gonna like this idea.

  • Bob Powell

    There is a workaround – a long winded tedious work around – where you can add/edit app files that are in a device backup on your computer, then restore your device after the edit with the newly edited backup. You need something like iBackupBot (other editors are available, I imagine) to get around the proprietary database that Apple uses – and to move the files in and out of the backup – but it removes that whole sandbox issue. Tried it yesterday with a Candycrush Soda update – ooh don’t you judge me – and it worked fine.

  • chris

    I heard that TaiG is working for Apple? could it be true??

  • iPhoneWINS

    hahahaha well atlas we have new gay emojis to enjoy…

    • GzyOnline

      hehehe… ;-D

  • mcleaver

    Is this linked to the fact that I can no longer attach photos from the photo stream to e.g. Telegram?

  • Your Mother

    this is why I love Android., lol. no need jailbreak just so I can use my phone the way I want to use it.

  • Juan Carlos Flores Palacios

    F**k apple, too much security on ti and they can´t put a password when you try to shut down your iphone to avoid shutting down when lost it.

  • Is there any way to backup game data in iOS 8.3 jail broken


    Even though my iPhone is jailbroken and still getting the same error. Why?