Gold MacBook Apple Store shipping times 3-4 weeks

It’s not just the Apple Watch, Apple’s one-port $1,299 twelve-inch MacBook with a Retina screen is seeing limited availability across online and brick-and-mortar Apple Stores, with shipping times for gold models in both 256 and 512GB flavors now having slipped to 3-4 weeks. And across many international markets at availability of the new machine has already slipped to 4-6 weeks.

Worse, the sexy new notebook appears to be limited to online purchases in many locations around the world at launch. Indeed, as some users have reported on Twitter, customizing your MacBook may prompt the Online Apple Store to put up a “This customized Mac takes a bit longer to build” message.

At post time, all Silver and Space Grey MacBook models were available to ship in 3-4 days in the United States. Customizing the laptop — regardless of your chosen model, finish or storage — immediately extends shipping quotes to 3-4 weeks.

MacRumors was able to independently confirm with an Apple support representative that many Apple Stores won’t be carrying stock of the twelve-inch notebook on launch day.

“At this point and time the MacBook is only available to ship for store or online purchases,” an Apple support representative wrote. Many Apple Stores in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom lack in-store stock and display models of the machine.

Gold MacBook shipping times 4-6 weeks

And in many European countries like Germany, Italy and other markets around the world, the Online Apple Store is now citing a shipping estimate of 4-6 weeks across all twelve-inch MacBook models, custom-built or not.

Source: Apple Online Store, Twitter, MacRumors

  • dbtwothree

    I went ahead and bought the new MacBook Pro Retina and I couldn’t be happier. Is it thicker and heavier?- sure. Is it as sleek and sexy?- I guess not. But the processing power and speed, performance and updates are everything I wanted. Force touch, the new keyboard mechanism, beefed-up internals and enhanced battery life are all well worth sacrificing the aesthetics.

    • iPhoneWINS

      yes i have that machine and it is damn perfect all machined below it are just compromises… MBP is what you really want

    • Jeffrey

      One question, are the buttons of the keyboard as ‘low’ as the Macbook? Or is it just the mechanism that has been changed in the new Macbook Pro Retina?

  • Andrew

    After ordering the gold new MacBook with upgraded specs along with my Apple Watch Edition Yellow Gold/Gold band, Im going to have to wait until June/July to sync all these together with my gold Iphone 6 Plus. And by that time my iPhone will seem cheap and outdated. The troubles of trying to be on the Kardashian status…..

    • iPhoneWINS

      ahahahahhahahahha apple got all y’all ball kin a tight grip ….

      i stopped chasing the apple pipe a long time ago now i watch a patiently wait for the devices to meet me needs wants and expectations then i buy

    • Rowan09

      Are you hiring?

  • Felix

    I got my MacBook 🙂

    • jake kneller

      How do you like your new MacBook I really like how light and slim they are and they look great but I’m not sure if it really has enough power

    • @sexyhamthing

      That’s an iphone 4, right? i dont keep up with apple rubbish… but jeez that laptop is tiny! Maybe if it were a tad wider they could fit something decent inside ;4