Touch ID Setup

A growing number of users are complaining about the inability to use Touch ID fingerprint scanning to authorize purchases in the App Store after updating to iOS 8.3.

As reported on Twitter, Reddit and detailed in a thread on Apple’s Support Communities forums, iOS 8.3 appears to be asking for an Apple ID password for each and every purchase made in the App Store.

This is regardless of whether or not the option to use Touch ID in the App Store is enabled in Settings. What gives?

The issue seems to be pretty widespread and not dependent upon your carrier, update method (OTA or iTunes) or the model of your Touch ID-enabled device.

I myself was able to reproduce it on my iPhone 6 Plus. It seems to be a bug that affects only iPhones and iPads outfitted with Touch ID and running iOS 8.3.

German blogs (Google Translate) and (Google Translate) also reported this hiccup earlier this morning.

Turning off Touch ID for App Store purchases in Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and re-enabling the feature does not solve the problem.

It’s unknown whether this is in any way related to a new feature in iOS 8.3 that lets you download free content from the iTunes Store, iBooks Store and App Store without having to enter your Apple ID password.

iOS 8.3 Beta iTunes and App Store Password settings

For what it’s worth, disabling Touch ID for App Store purchases, then telling iOS to ask for your Apple ID  password for each purchase and turning Touch ID back on still shows the incorrect behavior — that is, you’re still asked for a password instead of the Touch ID for App Store purchases each time.

It’s clearly a bug that should be fixed in iOS 8.3.1.

Are you suffering from this issue after updating to iOS 8.3, too? If so, do share your experience and any possible remedy with fellow readers down in the comments.

Source: Twitter, RedditApple Support Communities

  • Chris

    Yes, it’s a bug and needs to be fixed, seems like calling it a “major” bug though is taking things a bit far considering you only need to type your password in once and again if you close the App Store and reopen it later on and so on.

    • Antzboogie

      It’s a major bug because it’s a major feature. Apple just let us roll back to which ever firmware we want already.

      • Chris

        Touch ID is an integrated technology, it’s API allows it to be used by different applications but it’s NOT required in order to download apps on the App Store.

        If it was the only way to authenticate yourself on your iDevice and you couldn’t, then yes it would be a “major” bug, but because you can still use your password like in the previous versions of iOS it’s just a minor bug.

  • singhay559

    Apple is apparently doing it on purpose. Another reason for you to update if 8.3 jb is out.

    • iPhoneWINS

      yup every damn version has a huge bug that requires an update that also kills the jailbreak

      • Niclas

        What jailbreak?

    • JoshuaHulgan

      Paranoid much?

  • ville hyvonen

    i lost speaker when calling can someone test also.

  • thunderqus

    Yes, this happened to me as well, I thought maybe its first time after restart but now after reading this , I am sure its a bug, with Apple at least you can be rest assured that update will come in mare few days, now imagine this as a bug from Google in Android 5.0 release.

  • andyr354

    The password settings button isn’t even there for me

    • Christopher

      log out and login again, it’ll appear

      • andyr354

        Thanks, that worked.

  • Antzboogie

    I thought Apple had more beta testers on this update. Happy I’m Jailbroken and running 8.1.2 🙂 Apple just let us be able to load any firmware on our phones please already like damn.

    • iPhoneWINS

      this i agree with but will never happen

      • iPhoneWINS

        we need hackers to work on a way to make that happen

      • Michel M.

        You’d swear they do it on purpose

  • ericesque

    I can confirm. It’s definitely not working for me. Then again, I have an iPhone 5. :/

  • iPhoneWINS

    lol.. here comes 8.3.1… apples damn constant bugs are making jailbreaks fewer and further between than anything else

  • NP92

    Jailbreak comes, tweak Will fix the issue, and Apples plan did Fail.. Agian.

    • kron1k 

      Like autocorrect did to you….

      • NP92

        Ok badboy16 🙂

      • kron1k 

        Ummmmm ok 16 is pretty close

  • kron1k 

    “It seems to be a bug that affects only iPhones and iPads outfitted with Touch ID and running iOS 8.3.”

    Good observation….

  • Mohammed Thowseef

    Touch ID does not appear when downloading apps from the App Store it asks to type the password for every download annoying

  • Vignesh Rajan

    I’ve got an iPhone 4s. I experienced WiFi issues after updating to 8.3.

    • network21

      I’ve got an ipad 2 and daughter has mini ipad 2 – neither of us have wifi since the minute the damn upgrade completed. I’ve tried everything – nothing works. Never had a problem at all until we downloaded 8.3. Arrrrgghhh. Apple better do something and fast!

  • Dready

    Ios 8.3 has a bug that drains battery faster Than ios 8.2

    • 9to5Slavery

      What bug

    • John

      What bloody bug and how could you work this expert observation out only hours after you’ve downloaded 8.3?

  • Rares


  • Ncp

    On my iPad air it (8.3) has enabled restrictions which I can’t switch off because it doesn’t recognize my code, same for reset settings.
    It’s done the same to my kids iPad mini.

  • Eddie Hines

    i dont see password settings in my itunes store settings. i am running 8.3

  • George V

    Yeah I got the bug too iPhone 6 plus. How is it that these bugs do not show up on their test device?

  • Sumit Agnihotri

    my touch id is not working while i m purchasing apps from app store every time it wants my password. shit man .!!!

  • justme

    I figure out a new feature on appstore iOS8.3 that ask to save your password for when you purchase FREE apps. this not happened before.

    • John

      Yeah, that’s been mentioned before but it is new in iOS 8.3

  • James G

    Crap, I am experiencing this. It didn’t happen in Beta 4 of iOS 8.3!

    I thought maybe it was because my phone had restart, but I just tried it again and it’s asking for my password.

  • Gary LE

    I turned the fingerprint off for app store purchases then back on and went to try downloading a free app then it asks me if i want to store my pw for only free apps so i dont need to enter it again

  • Quang

    what’s wrong with Apple software quality control these days?

  • White Michael Jackson

    Thank goodness i didnt update “Jailbreak”

  • Nate Peterson

    I am not experiencing this problem

  • Mustang5Oh

    I turned off App Store and iTunes under Touch ID then re enabled it and it fixed the issue on my 6+.

  • Matt

    Touch ID & Passcode > Toggle iTunes and App Store. Toggle on and off atleast two times. There it works now.
    -Matt Zhu

  • It looks like I’m in the clear, as I just used my iPhone 6 on iOS 8.3 to “Get” a game from the App Store and was greeted with the familiar Touch ID prompt, which worked perfectly fine. Sorry to anyone that’s having this issue, I hope it will be fixed promptly.

  • Guest

    now Touch ID start working i just did this changes then touch id start working
    for App Purchases what ever its free or paid app..

  • Sumit Agnihotri

    now Touch ID start working i just did some changes in Password setting then touch id start working
    for App Purchases what ever its free or paid app..

  • dbolander

    Calm down everyone, the problem is already fixed.

  • goddessofmusic

    I noticed this problem this week. Glad to know it’s widespread, because that means it will be fixed soon – I hope.

    • Christopher Lim

      U R Late…. ==|||

      • Mark Thomason

        People were complaining about this ten months ago and it is still happening now. Thats not a quick fix in my view.