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Following the initial wave of major Apple Watch reviews which hit the web earlier this morning, we’re now being treated to first unboxing videos, starting with one posted by French website Metronews which depicts unboxing of the 42mm stainless steel Apple Watch model with Milanese Loop. We also have another one from Japan, with more to come throughout the day.

The video suggests that the images of the Apple Watch packaging we posted yesterday evening were in fact the real deal.

Here’s the unboxing vid.

And another Watch unboxing, via Chinese website Gadget Guy.

As you could imagine, the Watch packaging looks a lot like a jewelry case, which isn’t surprising given that watches in general are being positioned as pieces of jewelry for your wrist.

The square box has a rounded rectangle which contains the Watch itself on its side. When you first open the box, the band is already connected to the Watch, a nice little touch we’ve come to expect from Apple.

The inductive charger, Apple stickers and the user manual are included in the box. Mashable’s Lance Ulanoff has published a nice unboxing stop-motion video on Vine which gives us a glimpse at the link bracelet functionality.

Mashable’s full Watch review can be found here.

If you stumble upon another unboxing video, ping us in comments and we’ll update the post with relevant content.

Source: Metronews (Google Translate)

  • Chocolate Norris

    Awesome, definitely getting that One, can’t wait!

  • hkgsulphate

    you guys think Rolex should now be afraid of Apple?

    • :/

      No…. Rolex make timeless watches that hold value. Apple doesn’t do that.

      • mike

        “Timeless watches”

        Pun intended?

      • How would even know that? Every Apple product released held some of its value. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it wont hold value..

      • mrgerbik

        Apple products ‘hold value’ because they only slightly lower prices over time.
        Also value dosent just mean monetary – an ipod 1 is not as useful today as it was when it first came out.

      • Which is why I’m saying how would you know of its value and its not even out yet. The Watch will always hold time. An IPod will Always play music.

      • mrgerbik

        An ipod will always play mp4/aac/mp3 music sure, but will it play the newest fancy format, play newer games at reasonable speed and connect/sync with newer (or even older updated) devices?
        Does a Rolex still tell time? Yes and always yes (unless u break it).

        There lies the difference – the Rolex will always do what it was intended to do (and do it well) – regardless of the evolution of tech.

      • What you cant see that a basic time piece should not be compared to any smart watch. Made in different times for different purposes. You are comparing Pen and paper to an Touch screen drawing board. Should the paper be expensive just because of the brands name?? To each their own.

      • mrgerbik

        We’re not arguing on the devices purpose. We are arguing on how well each object holds its value over time.
        Your argument is moot.

      • Except you are assuming it’ll have no value because of its intended functionality.

      • mrgerbik

        Please stop moving the goalposts.
        Were talking value over time.

        The Rolex will most likely hold its value.
        The Watch probably wont.

      • 1. No goalposts
        2. We aren’t talking.
        3. Rolex holds value because people still think its worth it to spend that much on something that only tells time.
        4. The watch will hold its value just as the Rolex. Unfortunately neither of us can prove or deny that.

      • mrgerbik

        Check back in 5 years and show me your Gen 1 Watch … Compare it to any Rolex

      • If its good enough to be cloned before its release I’m positive it’ll be worth something in any amount of years, at least to someone. It still comes down to who you’re asking either way.

      • mrgerbik

        Sure itll be worth something. Just that tomorrows value in comparison to todays will be far less then any Rolex or ‘real’ luxury watch’s perceived value.

    • Chang in Charge

      I think the Apple Watch will actually boost the non-smartwatch Watch Industry. To some degree the value of those kind of watches is higher now. idk I could be completely wrong but i think it makes them more classic and more valuable. Or Apple could be leading the destruction of the watch industry.

  • Arturo Polanco

    amazing, love it!!!! ill get the the apple watch sport with black band 42n

  • Wilfred Lim

    its actually a hong kong web media not japan

    • Bugs Bunnay

      I don’t understand Korean!

  • Jailbrkr21

    I think i will wait for 2nd gen. Let any issues that show up on the 1st gen be fixed, should get a better battery, probably fully waterproof, more features etc etc.

    • Fanboy 

      And then when the 2nd Gen comes out, you should just wait for the 3rd Gen because it will be better than the 2nd. And then when the 3rd Gen comes out wait for the 4th Gen because that will also be better than the previous Gen and so on…………. I dont understand the logic of people like you lol

      • Jailbrkr21

        well your argument doesn’t make sense. There will be flaws in the 1st gen watch, the same with every 1st gen product. once they have been ironed out I will buy the 2nd one. I don’t want to spend so much money on something that has a poor battery life. I’m in the UK, we pay quite a lot more for our apple products and we pay 20% tax too. Why would I risk wasting money of something that I might not like. I will wait for it to get better, let any issues be fixed and then read what people are saying about how well it works etc etc.

      • Fanboy 

        There is flaws in every product, so in that case you’ll never be getting one because no product comes without flaws. An entire day of use (more for the bigger model and dependent on your use) is not “bad battery life” when you realize that the any other Smartwatch on the market last about the same with others coming it at 1.5 – 2 days maximum. There are tons of reviews coming out on it already btw, feel free to go look them up they’re looking pretty good 🙂

      • Jailbrkr21

        I would like it to track sleep and the 1st gen can not do that, It in not waterproof either and until reviews come out without ‘normal’ everyday use we will not know exactly what the battery life will be like. Apple usually give accurate battery life stats (iPad, iPhone etc) so its not looking to bad but time (pun not intended) will tell. Yes every product has flaws but the 1st gen will have more and that the reason I probably will wait, If might be a case of the first reviews that include everyday usage are good and if that is the case I might get one. I know I want one but I don’t want to spend so much on something that I don’t think would be worth the money. I own every iPhone (other than the 5c) , and a load of other apple stuff so to say I will never own one (watch) is totally way off the mark.

      • Jailbrkr21

        Here are some thoughts by some big players.

      • iBanks

        And 4 years from now we will be laughing at these thoughts just as we do today based on the “experts” thoughts of the orig iPhone and iPad. Apple will succeed and the “experts” will have these products they are negatively speaking about.

      • mrgerbik

        Yes it is “bad battery life”

      • Gary LE

        I think i would have to agree with u. Even minor software glitch is a flaw.

      • iBanks


  • mrgerbik

    If i paid more then $300 for this thing i would have major buyers regret.

  • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

    Milanese loop looks really sexy!

  • Urname

    That’s a Cantonese website from Hong Kong. Not Japan. Please get your Asian right.

  • Midou35000

    In the world of tech, NEVER BUY THE FIRST Gen of anything.

    • Well no someone has to. What would be the purpose of making a company making a second gen if no one buys the first gen.. What you said makes no sense for anything.

      • Midou35000

        Let me tell you something. What you said make sense but apple has thousand of testers for there devices, they dont listen to us, they listen to there testers.
        And if you still don’t agree, there is always idiots that will buy that thing and test and blablabla

      • You seem like you’d be smart enough to know that they don’t only listen to the testers.

    • Ralph Castro

      i bought the first pebble and im pretty happy with it

    • Bugs Bunnay

      I still love my Atari!

  • Gary LE

    No one is asking where/how they get they hands on it so fast?